Arsenal’s Official Top Ten Goals from 2016/17 – Pick your top three

Well Arsenal’s season may not have ended quite the way we all wanted it to, but there have been some great moments to remember. The day we demolished Chelsea at the Emirates. The Cup Final win over the same opponents, not to mention the semifinal victory over Man City when no-one gave us a chance.

There were some brilliant goals from Ozil and Alexis, and what about Xhaka’s screamer of a first goal for the Gunners? Koscielny’s birthday scissor-kick maybe, or possibly Giroud’s impossible scorpion kick!

Here is the top ten goals as chosen by Arsenal’s official Youtube Channel. Enjoy watching them and then try to decide which were your top three….



  1. WengerBooi says:

    Giroud scorpion kick

  2. muff d... says:

    that flick then the scorpion – giroud all day
    that goal had me punch a baby elephant – lift it by its trunk and throw it like a shotput
    whoever gave me this job at london zoo really should have checked references

  3. Pablo Picasso says:

    1. Scorpion kick
    2. Ozil’s ice cold nerves goal

  4. John Legend says:

    I tell you, I don’t know which to choose. There are some emotional goals there(the two from the FA Cup especially). There are some sweet goals there.
    -If it is the most important, it has to be Ramsey’s at the final
    -If it is the best, it has to be Ozil’s against Ludogorets
    -If it is the best worked out, it has to be Walcott’s against Chelsea

  5. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    1) Giroud. Great move from defence to attack finished off with a delicious lamppost back-heel volley in off the bar. ?
    ? Scorpion kick? ?? nah, it was more like a Donkey kicking out with his back leg. Let’s not kid ourselves here. ?

    2) Xhaka. Boooom!! Says it all.?

    3) Walcott. Great build up play with a tidy finish.

    Credit for Koss the boss, showed great determination with his overhead kick goal.
    Credit for Ozil’s goal against ludicrous ?.. Great footwork, ball control and finish.

    I hate this part, but ?? Credit to Ramsey for scoring the winner in the FA cup final…. Thanks to Giroud, of course ??

  6. WengerBooi says:

    Ozil’s goal vs Ludogorets must be one of his best and it shows his quality. He really worked on his finishing and i hope we’ll see him at his best this coming season.

  7. ALemma says:

    My best goals in order are 1) Giroud scorpion goal 2) Ozil Ludogorets goal and 3) Xhaka wonder shooting goal

  8. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    Nice try Admin ?? the bigger kids didn’t buy this Article ?
    Now then, what’s for dessert? ?

  9. WengerBooi says:

    dang.. whats up with all the downvotes? are Arsenal fans really this sour?

    1. Sarsfield says:

      yes, yes they are. they’re contempt for not winning a title in over a decade causes them to express themselves through emotion rather than reasoning… that emotion mainly being directed at Wenger to the point where they can’t even celebrate beautiful play or trophies…

  10. RAA1395 says:

    Top goals……really liked the video. In all our anger and disappointments, we tend to overlook that arsenal is capable of such great stuff.
    Just a note: wallcot goal against Chelsea is all arsenal…..all all arsenal.

  11. Subi says:

    Looks like Flamini is dodging the ball so Giroud and Arsenal can score

  12. dan muuo says:

    walkot goal

  13. Godswill says:

    Give it to Giroud scorpion kick as 1
    Ramsey fa final 2
    Ozil in CL as 3
    That’s how I liked the goals but all 10 were fantastic.

  14. KaTs says:

    Özil against Ludogorets
    Xhaka against Hull
    Giroud against Crystal Palace
    Koscielny against Southhampton

  15. Visibles says:

    Haha, You understimate the man mate.
    and I’m pretty sure as far as he’s concerned only a “small section” of fans are dissatisfied with him. -His words

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