Arsenal’s opponents confirmed for Europa League quarter-final

Arsenal found out their opponents for the Europa League this afternoon, and the real competition starts now.

The Gunners earned their place in the next round of the competition with a 3-2 aggregate victory over Olympiacos, and will be hoping to reach the final of the competition for the second time in three seasons.

Our noisy neighbours Tottenham were the talk of the round however, after they threw away a 2-0 lead in the last 45 minutes of normal time to go to extra-time, before being eliminate by Orsic’s third goal on the night for Dynamo Zagreb.

Man United secured their place in the next round despite coming up against a strong AC Milan side, winning the tie 2-1 on aggregate, meaning that there will be just two English sides in the final eight, matching the two of Spain in Unai Emery’s Villareal and Granada.

Slavia Prague, Ajax and Roma completed the draw.

Full draw as follows as found on UEFA’s official website:

Granada v Man United
Arsenal v Slavia Prague
Ajax v Roma
Dinamo Zagreb v Villareal

For the semi-final:

Winner of Match 1 v 3 Winner of Match
Winner of Match 4 v 2 Winner of Match

Could the draw have been any better for Arsenal?


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  1. Woooooohoooo….God bless u Clichy…

    Slavia praha here we come….hope Granada do the woman utd over….and dinamo repeat the magic on Villarreal…ajax and Roma can annihilate themselves…..the dream goes on

  2. If Arsenal get rid of Slavia… It will be either Villarreal or Dinamo Zagreb in the semis… We’re in the finals lads!!! We’re going to the finals!!

    Don’t get carried away, we’re going to the finals only if we win the games ahead of us now

    1. Eddie am with u on this one….we are going to the final lads…

      Get some away goals at the first leg of the semis and do whatever they like in the return leg at the Emirates as they usually do…but whichever way finals looks spot on…

      Can I dare to dream…arteta first season fa cup, 2nd season Europa league, 3rd season champions league, 4th season EPL ….may all my wishes come true

    2. im so scared. we have a real chance this season. I hope this is the one we finally get our hands on some European silverware again.

        1. Yes I was at the final when we last won this competition in 1971 when it was called the Inter cities Fairs Cup.

  3. I would have preferred Roma cuz these Slavia guyz upsetting Leicester & Spurs is not a fluke.

  4. We should even remember they came from Champions league and was unfortunate to drop to Europa lge.

  5. Dont take anything for granted in this draw no matter how good it looks on paper for our route to a European Trophy.

    Let’s do the job in Prague then if we get Villareal isnt set were in the final as they are tricky and I’m sure Emery wants a bit of revenge.

    If we do get to the final the it could well be an all english final to which I dont want… roma or ajax final would be better!!

    Or could go to crap and it’s a Villareal v Ajax final. Dont get carried away especially the way this team has performed this season. This is favourable at best that’s all. They will be thinking the same about us. Heads in the game

  6. We may meet man untd in the final stage.we have had the uper hand upon them for the last two years

  7. The way Manchester United are playing at the moment, I don’t want them in the finals. Yes, they do perform like us at times. Good today and average in the next game but I think over all they are consistent than arsenal hence their second place in the league.

    Well for now we have to be bothered with slavia first then whoever we meet in the semi if we progress…if we wanna be the best you need to win the best afterall..

  8. We need to step it up big time. Even against Prague. Olympiakos we struggled against honestly. throughout both legs. The outside the box shots are what made the tie way easier than it actually seemed. C’mon Arsenal, we have a chance, but we have to start playing our best football these final months!

  9. In my own view.Man utd and Villarreal in the Final,that’s how I see it….And i Man Utd might be the winner


    who saw us being eliminated by the greek team last season, so early in the competition, let raise watch the chicken grow into a hen before discussion the egg……cos with arsenal….you never can predict.

    so its Slavia first…before any other game……pride do go before shame.


    1. Talking final is necessary and should be the mentality as arsenal fans…Europa used to be a league easily won by top clubs with ambition, Chelsea and manutd had won it in recent times so arsenal shouldn’t expect any less…

      Yes Europa is quite tricky but we shouldn’t allow our current situation influence where we see our great club…
      We are bigger than the other teams except man utd and ajax which we
      have somehow avoided till final…

      we are not spurs level and have never been…

  11. 2021 Europa league Final: ARSENAL VS AJAX.
    Champions League here we come through the emergency door.

  12. Aaaahh… gone are the days all these European minors will receive 5 to 6 goals in the hands of Arsenal in the group stages of UCL. The midfield of Fabregas, Rociki, Xleb and Song. Van Persie in the front.

  13. The only way this could have gone any better is if Granada and Villarreal had been drawn in place of each other.

  14. This is a total steal so far, Olympiacos, now prague even tho they got Spurs’ scalp who acted as already qualified, should had…

    Then Villareal should be next. We know Emery CL habits, he wants to go all thr way, missed in final with us.

    We do have a better squad. Looks like an english final unless Ajax or Roma change squad quality’s ogic…

    They have option to CL in EL, not us.

    They win, we must finish 5 which it is unreachable unless everyone loses 4 games above us while we not droping a point…10 games left, it is an impossible equation.

    Evrn Europa will be such a fight, relying on oponents bad results…..

    Therefore, our only chance and real one to make it to CL is wining beating Prague, most likely vilareal, and Man U in final.

    Considering Prague then Villareal; as last opponent before final; we are already in there, unless we think that before playing both gamed as beasts.

    Then, we simply have no choice, win thie..

    We are beyond fortunate with Prague & Villareal before final.

    Man U has a more difficult task with Ajzx and co…

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