Arsenal’s Ox finally ready to pull his weight next season?

It has been yet another season of frustration and disappointment at both club and international level for the Arsenal and England star Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and there has even been a lot of debate among Arsenal fans about whether he will ever fully deliver on the early potential he showed at Southampton and in flashes as a Gunner.

It all started so well for the Ox last season, with him scoring the only goal of the Community Shield against Chelsea to give Arsenal the trophy and Arsene Wenger his first win over Jose Mourinho. But once again his season was then blighted by niggling injury problems and poor form and he added just one more goal to his tally, which is now just 14 goals from 149 Arsenal games.

This Euro 2016 is the second tournament in a row that the youngster has missed and unless he is performing regularly for his club that is unlikely to change. So with the emergence of young Alex Iwobi and with the likes of Jack Wilshere and Theo Walcott competing for places, Chamberlain must be aware that the coming season is a massive one for him and his future at the club.

ox on weights

At least he should be fit and ready to go though, as a Daily Mail report reveals that the 22-year old is taking time out of his summer holiday in LA to hit the weights and get into peak shape before joining up with Arsenal for pre-season training. Will this season be the one in which the Ox finally pulls his weight for Arsenal?


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  1. davidnz says:

    Start him in ten EPL games
    in a row and find out.

    1. karansagar says:

      I really hope he does well, but we have decent options for wings in Oxlade, Walcott and Campbell. But they are all inconsistent. We should give them all 1 more year and see which 1 survives. And then we also have the option of Iwobi, but whether he can cope up with a whole season under his belt, we don’t know yet. Hence we should should sign Lacazette, so if our wingers are doing well then he can play at ST and if they are not doing well then he can play at RW and Giroud can play up top.

  2. Sam, need a striker says:

    Keep Ox for one more season …
    Sell Walcott, Debuchy, Campbell, and Giroud (yes Giroud)…
    Release Mert …
    Sign two strikers …
    One LWF/RWF …
    One CB …
    Ready to go …
    But above all, never to renew Wenger contract … He will come short this window as usual …

    1. jensenvk says:

      Why should we sell Campbell? The kid is gold and I hope he’ll get more chances next season. Mertesacker is good to have as a backup and he is effective against teams that lunge long balls up the pitch and into the box.

      Giroud only plays well when under pressure so we need another good striker that can really challange him for the spot.

      1. Sam, need a striker says:

        Sell Campbell because he should go where he can get the chances he deserved … Chambers as a backup and let Mert go …
        The very frustrating striker, Giroud, had his chances already …

      2. Jansen says:

        @jensenvk Is there a point in keeping Campbell? Wenger clearly doesn’t rate him. Last season Campbell was one of our bright spots IMO, yet for reasons unknown Wenger would not play him when he was fit and ready and others injured. Why not cash in on a good player and hope Wenger will use the cash for a player he will actually utilize.

        For me Mert is too old and too slow. Better to find a quality CD. IMO neither Gabriel nor Mert and the type of starting CD we need next to Kos if we want to win anything.

    2. Gunnerphyte says:

      Players like theo and ox as well as giroud make excellent squad players that can be utilized as covers. Its not a good idea to sell them, rather get a good striker and a winger and we are set to go

      1. Sam, need a striker says:

        140 k/w as a squad players !!
        Bare Ox, they are all deadwoods in my opinion … It is only because of Wenger they are still Arsenal players …

  3. Uzi Ozil says:

    Nah….I wouldn’t sell Giroud. Keep him and get another striker. A top one at that and one that offers something different from Him.. ..

    1. Sam, need a striker says:

      What did we get out of Giroud … Sign two strikers and let them compete with each other maybe one will turn out to be a world class that we need …
      No big team is going to sign Giroud or Walcott …

  4. muda says:

    Brits and injury, still a better love story than twilight.

  5. SoOpa AeoN says:

    seriously, does the word “ENGLISH” have something to do with the development of these players?……….

    [They are all Average or below]

  6. tissiam says:

    im no professional trainer but the ox should give up the weights and concentrate on cardio and other stuff,hitting the weights all the time can,t be good when it comes to flexibility….do you agree??

  7. twinny says:

    Walcott should be sold for Christ’s sake! What’s he still waiting for? To compete? Never! Worldcup pls just gooooooo! To my opinion, I don’t see him withstanding the competition of Iwobi and cambell and the Ox if fit. Especially Cambell, this guy is just too good for Arsenal and he should remain. May God open the eyes of Wenger to see the potentials of Cambell so he could be utilized effectively.

  8. jonnhirons says:

    Nope, hope Campbell gets the chances this year

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