Arsenal’s Ozil critics should look at these Silva stats

When Arsenal signed Mesut Ozil from Real Madrid last summer, it was enough to convince Jose Mourinho to pull the plug on the deal that was in place for us to loan Demba Ba from Chelsea. His former manager from Real Madrid called Ozil the best number 10 in the world, but these days people are saying he is not even the best number 10 at Arsenal.

The German playmaker is not getting to play their this season anyway and has been pretty ineffective so far on either flank, but has he really been that bad since becoming a Gunner? Arsene Wenger has defended his star again and suggested that Ozil is unfairly being made a scapegoat, while his critics blithely ignore the fact that he has not really come back fully from the World Cup yet.

And when you see these stats in a Mirror report, comparing Ozil to Juan Mata over the last 12 months, it suggests that all the criticism of him is unfair. They show that the Man City maestro has been the better of the three, with factors like goals, assists and chances created taken into account, but Ozil is not far behind at all. And don’t forget that Silva has all the power of Man City allowing him the freedom to play.

Then you add in the fact that Silva did not set the English football world alight in his first year, before settling in and winning rave reviews. So maybe we should have a little more patience with our own midfield maestro. And maybe Wenger should bring him in off the wing and then Ozil could start to really give Silva a run for his money. What do you think?

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    1. I think thats the problem. No one knows for sure why Ozil is being played on the wing. Wenger has not given his justification on him being played there. its that we are only coming up with some explanation which can be true or false. Wenger should come out and explain his reason officially. atleast then we can assume/justify some things

    2. Boring comment read Wenger’s quotes about Ozil playing of the left and getting freedom to move same as at Real Madrid and Germany.
      This play him in the right position is nonsense he’s just out of form that’s all moving him 15-20 yards to the right of where he currently plays makes no difference he currently has that freedom anyway.

      1. Those quotes show Wenger’s stupidity or naivety our squad is nowhere near Germany’s squad who can carry Ozil performing poorly on the left because they have top quality and at Real Madrid the left belongs to CR7 so it’s nonsense to say Ozil operated from there!

        1. Maybe they have bin carrying Ozil for ages and he actually is t that good maybe!?!?!?
          Either way I understand what Wenger’s saying no one is played rigidly in our team all have freedom to move especially our attackers.

  1. Ozil is one step ahead of silva already,
    Try this:
    OX Mesut Alexis
    Jack/rambo flamini
    And I am sure you will appreciate what he will do there, for those who doubt it I have an evidence here.
    Ozil’s best time on the pitch throughout the world cup was in the final, when loew have to take someone off and play schulle on the wing, then ozil moved to the centre. He looked lively if anyone can remember. So I say #FreeOzil #PlayOzilAt10

    1. NO PLAY OZIL AT LW so when we buy a proper dm ,OZIL will be one of the no10s who can play winger n fouls9 after all just in case we miss out on PEDRO/REUS THE ONLY PLAYERS WHO CAN PLAY LW THE WAY DI MARIA nSANCHEZ DOES, I mean run in behind two three players score regular most important press the opposition track back counter attack ,shout shout shout ans pass pass pass

  2. ARSENAL could not win an trophy with Cesc after 2005 , with Cazorla n ramsy before OZIL arrived ,I know 2 things win , loss or draw there is no ‘I’ in team and every font 4 at Arsenal should learn to play across the front am/lw/rw/fouls9 .SO, I SUPPORT what wenger is giving his players freedom to roam , p.s RAMSY IS BECOMING OF AGE .

    1. All our attackers have the freedom to roam and interchange people are acting like Ozil is told to hug the left touchline and not move except up and down.
      He has the freedom our manager has said that Ozil is just woefully out of form.

      1. Whilst attacking however in the big games where we do alot of defending and dont keep the ball for too long hes always wide you just have to look at his heat maps against everton, city and dortmund compared to leicster and besikstas. Also when we win the ball on the counter hes always left and doesnt have the engine to get up and down the pitch.
        Just like Arshavin Ozil doesnt have the stamina to play wide in the premier league, wenger should drop him or play him centrally and give up this obsession with trying to play like brazil 1970 which has lead to us getting demolished in big games.

    2. You guys are just funny, absolutely ain’t got a clue. I have been asking every single Gooner to back up this Arguement about how Ozil is the reason we won the 2 trophies we won.. Give me some evidence.. All this nonsense about before Ozil arrived Cesc, Ramsey, Cazorla and Jack had won us nothing, but by magic Ozil arrived and we won the FA CUP and CHARITY SHIELD..

      Do you realise that in the Final Ozil was a liability as always? He did fxck all for 105 minutes, the Cazorla, Ramsey, Wilsheres that youu keep bashing upped their games and won us those cups.. Ozil was nowhere to be seen for the whole FA final, he was not their for the Charity shield, Ramsey and Cazorla the players you are not giving credit won us those games with the help of Wilshere and the rest..

      Stop this Ozil won us the cups.. Talk about giving credit to someone who does not deserve it while down talking the guys that deserve it.. Any ways that’s the Ozils fan boys for you..

  3. When Wenger used Ramsey and wilshere on the wing he said it helps players deal with tight spaces so when they play in the center it would be easy for them…maybe he wants to form ozil I to EPL material so let’s wait and see what happenes but Wenger will definitely put ozil in the middle when he’s ready

    1. Yeah! Wenger has not planned for Ozil to play on the wing obviously. He will raise his confidence first and develop him and then put him in the middle for his worldwide known magic.

  4. Wenger still thinking he can play all N10s together and he is calling that “ambition”. After reading that article on I am convinced that Wenger must leave Arsenal. Our problems are not the players we have; Our main problem is Wenger philosophy. he’s still thinking Ozil is good on the flanks… I don’t understand very well english so can’t describe you my desappointment!!! I’m afraid of Arsenal future with Wenger as a coach

  5. You all keep keep making up excuses for wenger is trying to make ozil a better player by playing him out of position? Lol

    1. playing on the wings teaches you the basic of tracking back and defending and it also provides space to pick out a perfect pass, the middle is always crowded, and no matter where you play how the fcuk can it affect your passing so badly

  6. High flyinh Villa is not going to be easy at all.
    In the away game we won 2-1, but it wasn’t convincing at all. We need to stand out at Villa Park to win handsomely.

  7. Maybe Wenger thinks all our attackers can interchange meaning they look like they start in a certain position but are allowed to move around and not be rigid!!!!???

  8. I can only say ozil was not his intention to buy at all. Last season wilshere was injured so ozil is just a temporary replacement for wilshere. Now he emphasis on wilshere as no 10 so the rest have to support him but he can’t put ozil on the bench so he put him on the wing. He is trying to kill the player so people think he is a flop. Wenger is making his statement, hey world glass doesn’t mean good, see my french cheap is better.

  9. At the moment our midfield still don’t know how to play with each others cos of the new formation. If Wenger still insist on this formation, we only can hope they gel quickly.

  10. My heart do hope arsenal win today but with the form that villa has now and the state we are now, a draw will be a good result.

  11. It seems a lot of people haven’t realized it by now. Ok I will tell you. Remember a player called arshavin?? Wenger destroyed him at the expense of ramsey. Always left arshavin and when played,played out of position to accomodate ramsey. Am not saying it didn’t pay off but for a big club there is always competition. If a player is not perfoming play the player on form rather playing him even at the expense of other players. And this is what is happining now. Ozil and wilshere. He is trying to accomodate wilshere at the expense of ozil. And let’s be honest ozil as a lw means we are 10 on the pitch because he offers nothing from lw. Form wise I think is wise to drop ramsey whom I don’t know what with him recently. Not that he is bad but wilshere has been performing better. So I say put flamini wilshere ozil and chambo/campbell there. Or else we have another arshavin in ozil waiting. I have a positive feeling about todays game. Coyg

  12. Some how if they is one coach I now who loves the 4141 formation its PEP so maybe wenger is preparing them not to fail PEP’S system how ever I always said since I was 14 year I want wenger to be our couch for 20 years , his 3year contract was perfect .from they onwards for me I could care less who comes in and does what ever klope ,loew, pep,jonkerbeckamp or Arteta to take over

  13. “The German playmaker is not getting to play their”…Bulshit. It is ‘there’ and not ‘their’. And u claim to be a writer.
    Comparing Ozil to Silva and bringing in Mata without proper introduction and saying he plays for Man City.
    Do you even re-read your work before posting it?

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