‘Arsenal’s Ozil is World Class but over-rated’, Can he be both???

Stan Collymore described Arsenal star Mesut Ozil as World Class, before claiming he is not a match-winner, but can he be both?

The former Nottingham Forest and Liverpool striker was live on BBC Radio 5 Live yesterday for Arsenal’s 3PM kick-off against Middlesbrough, and picked out Ozil for some constructive criticism.

The former footballer claimed that Ozil was amongst the best in the world, but lacks the ability to turn the game on its head, and win the game through his own brilliance alone.

Collymore said: “I think he is a world class talent, but does he have the personality in games like today to puff his chest out, Maradona style and say I’m going to win the game alone. I don’t think he does.”

He was of course talking after a disappointing 0-0 draw with Middlesbrough, in which our opponents raised their game to a level they had yet to produce in the Premier League this term, and it is easy to criticise someone after an unconventional result.

To claim that a player is World Class without having the ability to win the game single-handed, is simply untrue, but if he is simply stating that Ozil is not the type of player to dribble around every player before scoring the goal, well that simply isn’t our midfield maestro.

Ozil is yet to bag himself an assist in the league this term, although the change in system due to the move of Alexis Sanchez to centre-forward, has allowed him to get further forward and has returned with some delicious goals, and plenty of them.

Do you agree that Mesut Ozil is World Class, and has the ability to take the game by the scruff of the neck?

Pat J

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  1. Off topic, it seems as if So’Ton have started well and we might remain top for someime if they manage to hold off the M.City, One mistake by city and a heal from Soton. I feel like this age is our own game on behalf of soton

  2. He is a WC player in my Arsenal coloured glasses
    However if he improves his goal scoring there should be no doubt of his quality
    His quality of scoring during his hattrick was like a striker
    He needs to score more goals
    But I genuinely believe he is WC

    Last season Moyes said “the jury is still out on Ozil”
    I wonder if he still thinks that lol

    1. I love Ozil btw
      When he first came here I had my doubts
      However, last season’s performance completely won me over
      I think before that it annoyed me when Ozil played on the left but now he is in his best position in the centre and is flourishing

      Please sign a new contract
      I will be devastated if he left

      1. Ozil could possibly only score one more goal, he scored 6 goals with seven shots. Collymore has cauliflower for brain cells. M Owen it used to be said he has no football brain, like it was said for Theo. That explains why Owen feels the need to have a pop at someone who’s gifted with football intelligence, he’d be the MENSA of football.

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