Arsenal’s pathetic performances on and off the pitch continue

Arsenal’s pathetic performances on and off the pitch continue. by Konstantin Mitov

As we head into playing Ostersund in the cold, we were gifted the news that Lacazette is injured. Amazing really, how the guy who played on Saturday suddenly needs a knee surgery which was kind of known before? I mean seriously people, what is this medical team?

Sports athletes should at least have the joy to work with some of the best professionals in the medical department, unless you are at Arsenal I guess. The Europa league is the last chance we have at getting to the champions league and knowing that we would need to have our main striker for that competition out, we still wait on his operation?

This shows once again how little people at Arsenal know about running a football club. We may have addressed the transfers, but the coaching staff, the med staff, the academy? When was the last time we had a really good player come up our own ranks? Jack is probably the only one.

And listening how our academy coach dismissed Harry Kane, because he was a bit chubby is just the icing on the joke cake. We didn’t measure his work rate, attitude, technical ability nor the fact that we could’ve addressed the weight issue. Messi was treated with care from Barcelona since the moment he joined their academy.

The point is we lack real observation of things at Arsenal. Usually it depends on once personal opinion (usually Wenger’s) rather than deep analysis, statistical data and so on. It’s the same reason Arsene is here. We only view the financial part, completely ignoring performances, results, fans and everything else.

And speaking of fans, the same people who cast off Lacazette for missing a chance against Spurs suddenly realised “oh snap, we don’t have a striker for the EL”. The only competition that might bring us CL again, although lets be real here, we’re never winning the EL – with or without Lacazette.

Oh and if you think we’ll just rip apart Ostersund, don’t be surprised if we play the kids and we lose and then our master of excuses will surely need little to complain about. Once the old geezer goes, we’ll start talking about football. Until then, we are wasting our time trying to explain Math with a crystal ball.

By the way, Ancelotti was at Wembley, and reports say, he’ll replace Pochetinno at Spurs. This would truly be embarrassing!



  1. If the weather at the Ostersund match is cold and slippery, Arsenal players could have the mental problem again. It’s true that Arsenal have wrongly underestimated Kane when he was younger, but Wilshere is not the only very good homegrown, as there is Maitland-Niles.

    Maybe Ancelotti was invited to see Arsenal by the board? I just hope Wenger’s replacement would bring more entertaining style of play and Ancelotti failed recently at Munich.

    1. Another silly article by Konstantin in which fiction is presented as fact and speculation is substituted for evidence. The following academy players have played for the first team this season: Bellerin,Wilshere, Iwobi, Nelson, Nketiah, Maitland Niles, Willock. As regards Lacazette, if his knee only swelled up after the NLD, how is that the fault of the medical team? Perhaps Konstantin is a doctor and has the knowledge, not merely to heal injuries, but to predict them as well. If so, he should offer his services to the team immediately.

  2. I think that would be very harsh on Pochetinno if he were to be replaced. He’s done a fantastic job at Tottenham. I’d gladly welcome either Anchellotti or Pochetinno to replace Wenger.

    Our squad (With the additions of Laca, Auba, and Miki) could be good enough to challenge for the title with a tactically astute manager, and should definitely be able to with a few more key additions (GK, CB, an DM – As everybody in the entire world except Wenger seems to realise)

    1. would prefer poch….he plays entertaining football and manage limited budget…unlike ancelloti who is very defensive and manage moneybags

  3. Konstantine,
    Got an answer to all your problems mate.
    Go and” support” another team.
    With your incredible knowledge regarding all things medical, I am surprised you haven’t got letters indicating that after your name.
    Also, why don’t you apply to join the board of a premier league club, because Arsenal have obviously slipped up letting you get through their net.
    As for Liam Brady (you know the one I mean, that international player who graced Highbury etc) explaining why Kane didn’t make it when he was 8 years old,( I’m surprised you didn’t blame Arsene Wenger) how dare he give you a truthfull explanation.
    You really should be applying your superior knowledge elsewhere. Can I suggest Spuds, as I have a sneaking feeling that’s where you support must lay after what this joke of a article implies.
    Come on Admin, is this really a serious article for debate?
    Don’t think so, that means Jon Fox will soon be agreeing with every single word and arguing that if we had a CDM IT WOULDN’T HAVE HAPPENED.

    1. I don’t think you love arsenal enough, u can rather move on with Wenger, we want our old arsenal back . players and management who are willing to play for the badge which I think we don’t have atm. coyg

    2. Ken 1945, You still don’t have the guts to argue with me directly, rather than making your common snide comments indirectly through some one else’s post. I think you may be in love with Arsene Wenger; as he can do no wrong in your eyes and I note that though you have accused me of sarcasm , you are a master of it yourself. Then there is the haughty and arrogant way you assume ownership of what you consider it means to be an Arsenal fan , by telling Konstantin to” Go and “support” another team.” I suggest to your wilfully deaf ears that actively trying to remove the cancerous manager and regime, harming our club , IS supporting. Whereas blindly and stupidly excusing the constant incompetance of those running and managing it is ACTIVELY HARMING IT! There is no fool like an old fool and whereas you live in the past, happily and repelling vital change, I – though also long in years – live firmly in the present age and look forward to a better still future, even though a silly and wilfully blind, but mercifully small, minority like you do all they can to keep us suffering. Well, you will lose as we shall all see in May and that gladdens my heart and I rather think there are countless more Gooners who agree with me than think like you. Thank God! Finally, the days of automatic respect for those in charge have long gone. Modern people KNOW that respect has to be earned and to keep being earned.

      1. Jon Fox,
        It was YOU who asked ME not to communicate directly with you in a recent post and I have gladly obliged.
        Not because I am afraid to do so, but because I want to debate with gooners who can put their points forward without abusing others who they disagree with.What childish dribble you come up with..”I am in love with Arsene Wenger” want me to debate with that kind of moronic statement?
        What is all this Peter Pan stuff about you living in the present while I live in the past?
        “Modern people know that respect has to be earned”…Is that something new then? I was taught that as a child and I try to do that in my posts on here. But when you keep repeating things that you cannot substantiate and call people names, you must expect other to react in a similar manner. You have called me a dinasour and I have reacted by calling you Neanderthal man. Butthen I am accused of being sarcastic by you. PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN A GREENHOUSE SHOULDN’T THROW BRICKS.
        You obviously don’t read what I say, but let’s try again: Wenger has made some awful mistakes, he has also made some great decisions over the years. Only last year, we beat Man.City in the semi-final and Chelsea (champions) in the final. But of course that is ignored by you, but it is a FACT.
        Phils previous point about not building on our cup successes was a really valid point and has made me realise that we should have done just that and we havent. I believe he is correct and accept it. My only point to Phil (hope he reads this) is that to build on success you have to be in that position in the first place. So, I still think Wenger should be acknowledged for his successes as well as being castigated for his failures.
        Finally, as has been noted by others, Konstantine’s posts are always negative. My suggestion to him was to get over this by suporting another club. Childish? Yes I guess it was, but surely the man cannot claim to be a “supporter” when he just sees problems from the owner down to the youth coach? He must be a desperate man indeed. I suggest his posting name should be Konstantwhiner, but again I am rising to the bait.
        Wenger will go and some will be pleased and some will be sad, but to describe him as a”cancerous growth” sums up why I do not want to debate directly with you. Your comments are appalling, sick and frankly abhorrent. Take a leaf out of Wengers book and treat EVERYONE WITH RESPECT, even if they haven’t earned it and you don’t agree with will make you a nicer person.

        1. Thanks Ken for writing facts, while we want the best for our club, unnecessary criticism and negetive comments don’t resolve problems. Those wanting Ancheloti must be reminded that he was sacked from Bayern having one of the world’s best squad.

  4. Maybe Ancelotti is replacing Conte?
    Potch is wanted by Real Madrid but he won’t be going there just yet!
    Konstantin really does write a load of old tosh and I won’t be reading his stuff again, makes my blood boil, part of the click-bait clan…..

    1. totally agree….

      injuries pathetic?

      players are human too

      maybe in Fifia18 , you can use the cheatcode and have players that never burn out and get injured

      but not in real life

      Sanchez has to run 8km home but not in Fifa18

  5. Klopp has done an awesome job with Liverpool. They are leading Porto away 3-0

    Also, Ponch has done really well with Spuds. He has bought top players for most of the positions. He has created a well balanced team.
    Fans, former players, journalists and pundits have all told Wenger to do the same but year after year he refuses to get a top defensive midfielder. He just replaced RVP this season by getting Lacazette and Aubameyang.
    Being 6th place, out of CL, out of FA Cup is the reason we got Lacca and Auba and Mikha. He finally felt the pressure on his £9 million a year job.
    But i certainly don’t see him getting a defensive midfielder in the summer. He didn’t try to get Kante who went to Chelsea and helped them win the PL. He didn’t try to get Matic from Chelsea who went to Utd. He didn’t try to get Wanyama who went to Spuds. He didn’t try to get Carvahlo, Goretzka, Matuidi, Schneiderlin, Gueye, etc.
    He doesn’t believe in spending big on defensive midfielders because “Attacking is in our DNA”
    Im not sure why he got Xhaka for £35 mil. We need better Scouts? Poor advice? Wenger has no idea? Getting rid of Coquelin without an upgrade or like for like replacement just shows how little he thinks of that position.

  6. If we are reading between the lines correctly,Wenger will not be the manager of our beloved club next season.He has failed to take the club forward and even the gin totting buffoons of our Board are unable to allow the mediocrity to continue.
    Let’s remember it was Wenger who INSISTED on total control of the club.He controlled EVERYTHING and there surely can’t be any arguments from anyone that his time will SURELY come to an end this summer.
    He has papered over the cracks with the Cup Wins but we are not going to make any impression on the 5 clubs above us with him in charge.
    If he stays we will be in exactly the same position we now find ourselves this time next year.
    The Board will act and he will be gone.This will happen.

    1. He should of been gone years ago Phil but I really hope your right and he’s sacked at the end of the season it pains me to see how far we’ve fallen I can’t take much more of Wenger I’ve lost all respect for the man

    2. I am almost certain he will be sacked, probably in MAY or even before when it is mathematically impossible for us to make top four, which will be well before May starts, IMO, and when we are knocked out of both remaining cups. Thankfully you and I at least can clearly read the signs happening within the club and thankfully beyond Old Fossils control. I cannot describe in mere words how THRILLED I will be the moment he is sacked.

      1. AFC have many small issues and they add up to create a big issue.

        One of the issues has been poor transfer windows, heck even this year which was one of our best years in transfers since Gazidis arrived (forget that though huh?), we still didn’t spend that much in the end, making most the money back in sales.

        TV money has been banked along with many other sources of money, banked.

        That is Gazidis, not Wenger.

        I have been calling for YEARS for Gazidis to stop doing the transfers and finally it looks like he is recognising his own failing in the transfer market by hiring people like Sven and Raul, people who knows about football that he can ask which isn’t Wenger.

        Real AFC supporters know that the A doesn’t mean Arsene and they do not have to make that joke as they see how restricted Wengers powers really are, restricted to knowledge and being the guy to turn to for answers. That power is being removed. It was never the power of Silent Stan, Silent Stan has that power. It wasn’t the power of the CEO as the CEO had that power.

        If you would take a moment to consider what the squad will be like after years of Gazidis signings compared to years of David Dein signings, the quality of the squad.

        Forget manager for a moment… The quality of the squad.

        It has dropped.

        So while the manager has been getting worse (in my opinion) I do feel that has been magnified by the CEO giving the manager a poor team to work with.

        Only people who point the finger at Wenger without question are the idiots who read the daily rags and believe them to be gospel.

        I can point to plenty of incidents that really happened that supports my theory.

        Wenger blamers have to shout louder and harder to convince people…

    3. “Let’s remember it was Wenger who INSISTED on total control of the club.”

      I personally do not believe this and I do believe this so called belief is part of what is wrong with AFC fans.

      So many have been happily to blindly blame Wenger when he is not the owner, he is not the one in charge of the bank account, he is not the one making bids on players he never wanted.

      Did Wenger ever want ElNeny? Debate over if he is good enough or not happens regularly but look at how he was signed. Wenger wanted Xhaka, Wenger had spoken to Xhaka and AFC buy ElNeny.
      Wenger wanted Lacazette and instead of paying the asking price the AFC board buy Perez who has never been given full trust from the manager, maybe Wenger was never happy with what he seen in training?

      We ended up buying Wengers target still but AFC have wasted money in the meantime on players who are not good enough. We still have them, they are still taking a wage and not being good enough to help us compete for the EPL.

      Even Welbroke wasn’t wanted as a signing, Wenger openly admitted that he only wanted Welbroke on loan and who thinks after the 1st season he had with us that the loan would have been made perm?

      Gazidis has been the issue for quite a while, he was not getting the right type of players for the manager and that made it harder for the manager, not saying Wenger is good enough, just pointing out the obvious… Well I thought it was obvious.

      Gazidis is making up for it and I am eager to see the changes.

      No human being is perfect and so I will give Gazidis a chance to change my mind…

      I say all this not in defense of Wenger but in hope that AFC supporters will start SUPPORTING and stop being moaning little brats about everything. Remember that nothing is perfect. Even with a new manager, there will be issues that go above the manager, if fans fail to recognise this then the fans will be moaning year after year, no matter which manager is leading the team.

  7. I was just watching the Gazidis interview on why Arsene was given a new 2 year deal and almost threw up in my mouth he says although there is some outstanding candidates out there who would love to work at Arsenal but when we measured things up there’s no one better than Arsene. I’m thinking he done that interview in a coffee shop in Amsterdam deary me with clowns like him running the club the future is bleak! He also says Arsene is world class and you don’t fire world class, he also says the objective of the club is to challenge for the title deep into the season and Arsene is the man to lead us. That interview was in may we’re in February and the title challenge didn’t even materialize into September! How Gazidis can even show his face after that is beyond me.. the season has been an embarrassment we aren’t challenging for any major honours with Wenger and even the AKBs know it they just won’t accept it! I watched Liverpool tonight and they were devastating that’s what a young ambitious coach can bring that performance should waken our club up we’re nothing short of atrocious in Europe and that’s down to the manager it really is an embarrassment that we have a pensioner managing this team! We’ve become that bad we’re actually not even confident of despatching Swedish minnows.. Wenger must have some serious dirt on the board and silent Stan to still have a 9 million a year job it’s clear to everyone the objectives that Gazidis speaks about aren’t being met so why isn’t he being made accountable? If Arsene Wenger is still our manager next season we are in deep trouble and you all know it!

    1. Yesterday I read that the board will meet to decide whether to offer him another extension…. another 2 years!!! Surely not…………

      1. I read that as well Sue and it wouldn’t surprise me if he is offered a new deal it seems failure is the new success ?

        1. Get real and open your eyes. The signs point strongly to his sacking by May. He would hav eto win the Europa to have a chance to stay and that , with “Bomber” Welbeck as main striker is NOT going to happen, in reality land.

          1. open urs jon more than two decades here
            old board with no bottle

            he makes the club money – we play in European competition

            no signs are pointing anywhere-get real

            1. Nonsense, Muff. You are talking about the past but all things change eventually. This will be the second year running we have failed to make top four. Last year was only missed on goal difference; this year we are miles away in points and even from all our main rivals, not just one or even two of them. This money mad club know it will be hugely more difficult to attract commercial deals without the CL, which will be for the foreseeable future too, IF he stays. THERE IS LITTLE REAL MONEY TO BE MADE IN EUROPA by comparison. Top new players insist on playing in the CL AS YOU MUST REALISE. Sven and Raul were both brought in against Wengers wishes and have already made their mark. The signs are obvious, unless you are too wilfully blind – in Wenger fashion – to see them. I am not blind and can clearly see them, SO THEREFORE FIRMLY DISAGREE WITH YOU.

              1. You are blind, you know nothing Jon Snow.
                You talk a load of nonsense.
                I think you might need to go into an old persons home soon, clearly showing signs of dementia.

                I swear, if a bull could type then that bull would be typing the same kinda BS about the red flag as you do about Wenger.

                To highlight my point, the commercial deals that you mentioned, AFC have been losing them with UCL football because the CEO allowed contracts to run out.

                Contracts to run out… Thought people like you blamed Wenger for allowing player contracts to run out? The CEO has been allowing this to happen in multiple areas but idiots like you will point at Wenger mindlessly and think that if one individual was removed then AFC would be great again. BAHHH!

                AFC has more work than getting a new manager, I know this and I will support the club and hope that we improve in all areas, not just the manager.

                If you are an AFC supporter then SUPPORT THE CLUB.
                If you are nothing but a moaning old git then FO to a old persons home.

                1. Ok lads can we tone down the abuse between each other. We are all supposedly Arsenal supporters.
                  You don’t have to agree but you don-t have to insult each other either… please?

                  1. Do you think it is not insulting to ARSENAL SUPPORTERS to read bullshit like what K has put up?

                    Is it not insulting to put all the blame on Wengers shoulders considering how much he has done for AFC over the years?

                    Is it not less insulting to be truthful?

          2. Gazidis signed Welbroke when Wenger only wanted a loan at most.

            If Wenger can win anything with Welbroke leading the line then maybe he is a good enough manager…

            I am looking towards Sarri and Enrique, wiping the drool up at the fantasies of style of football we could play… but heck, if Wenger can win stuff with Welbroke…

  8. So Cech, Koscielny & Wilshere haven’t travelled. So much for fielding our normal team as we don’t have a game at the weekend…….

  9. Its simply embarrassing having to tolerate people making fun of our team. We can only live from our past. Which was not so glorious by the way; but we managed to show the world the elegance of football. I just cant understand why we have to go through this nonsense. Everyone who saw arsenal the last decade thought we would remain top 5 in the world forever. Wenger has aged and become stubborn and cinical. He has no idea of the game as it is played now. This is known to other players who dont want to sign for arsenal despite the money we offer. They know they will be exposed in a mediocre team with no courage to deal with adversity. I dont understand why he wont resign. Why doesnt he get sacked? How can someone be so selfcentered?. Why doesnt he see that he is affecting the careers of his own players. Doesnt he need to rest? Will he continue until he dies?. Someone give me an explanation to these questions pls because it is so painful to see arsenal these days

  10. Bummer about Laca. I don’t feel confident in any match anymore although we should get through to the next round of the Europa League.

  11. the obvious fact is that the club began to stagnate in football terms a decade ago after the CL semi against man utd and has been in outright retreat over the last 3 years … some fans were calling for wenger to leave in 2011-12 as it was clear he could not cope with a more competitive environment others have been more tolerant, hanging on to fa cup glory and hoping that he would somehow self correct his weak and erratic management style but most now realise that is not possible and that the club will deteriorate further under his management so also want him gone, that has left a hard core of wenger loyalists who are either fixated with the past (selecting episodic good and bad times to justify wengers decade long failure) or too frightened of the future to contemplate a change (with selective reference to failed managerial changes by way of justification) or both, to conclude, through a mixture of panglossian fatalism and corporate philosophising, how lucky we are to have such an honourable and educated man in charge … along with their confused references to club loyalty and addiction to computer games these are troubled souls who need our sympathy and concerned medical advice … SO JUST F OFF STOCK UP ON CANNED SOUP AND GO SUPPORT ASTON VILLA ON FIFA !8

  12. What you all got to realise and remember is that Konstantin has it in his little, tiny mind that he has a personal vendetta against Arsenal per se. Doesn’t matter who the manager or the board is at the time……….he just feels that he/konstantin is the oracle and is all things Arsenal.

    He loves it when Arsenal FC hit a snag or two and can attribute everything on the manager. He love’s Arsenal’s failures because in his world in vindicates all his idiotic writings on this forum.

    Konstantin is not an Arsenal supporter by any stretch of the imagination but just another one of those quasi fans that seeks to embellish his own reputation by bringing the club into disrepute !

      1. Oh, so you two are speaking for the 10’s of thousands of other gooners across the globe? May be, but you just don’t understand Konstantin, he represents thoughts of millions of other gooners around the globe. He speaks reality, the real mess we are in by deciding to stick with the pensioner beyond his retirement date. But your love for him makes you blind to see how the club has fallen, all the 5 teams above us, they are rightfully supposed to be where they are. We could be 6th or 7th, we’ll know this by May. So you keep thinking like Elneny that we can still win the league, but for us who’ve been awake for a decade now, we know exactly how every season is a replica of the last one (with not even a Mickey Mouse cup we are famously frequently winning)

        1. They was talking about AFC.
          You appear to be focused on Wenger.

          Glad you mentioned ElNeny, that was a GAZIDIS signing.
          Wenger spoke to Xhaka 6 months earlier as he wanted Xhaka, Gazidis decided AFC couldn’t afford that so he bought ElNeny. 6 months later Wenger still wanted Xhaka and pushed to get him, we got him and he flopped.

          The ‘Mickey Mouse’ cup is the league cup, not the FA cup, this was because we always played our kids in that cup (years ago) and Wenger never really went for it like he went for the FA cup.

          Talking about being blind… and you have the gaul to accuse others of being blind. STFU.

  13. I agree with with many posters on JustArsenal and disagree with others; however what I wish for is that we all regard each other with respect despite differences of opinion.
    Yes Liam Brady, one of the best footballers to wear an Arsenal shirt and the head of the academy at the time, has admitted that Harry Kane was one, who at age 8 “fell through the cracks”.
    All clubs make such mistakes, particularly with potential players so young. Just look at Mourinho’s rejects of much older, more developed players.

    1. Some people are forgetting how Kane himself has said that being rejected by AFC made him work hard. Bit cubby… his hard work since has lost that chubbiness.

  14. Konstantinos wants our team to improve, and the club all round. What is wrong with that. Also, the AKB brigade surely see that AW cannot go on forever, who can? Answer – no one that any of else have ever known or will know. So, what we need if we are to compete again is an ambitious board, not bean counters, tactically astute managers who get the sack, yes the sack if they do not succeed, and some better than second and third rate players. We all watched top teams on ztV this week. Arsenal are slow and boring by contrast. Finally, Ozil is world class, but what world class player ever won anything in his own?

    1. Every fan has a right to feel bad about the state of things but it’s only cowards and disloyal fans that criticise without proffering realistic solutions. Real fans criticise constructively.
      Wenger out brigade believe that once Wenger is sacked, all will be well with Arsenal. That is an illusion because Wenger is just the manager. He is not the board or the players. No present manager is perfect. Pep could not win Champions league with Bayern despite the players at his disposal. He also went TROPHYLESS in his first season in EPL.
      Mourinho was sacked twice at Chelsea and once at Madrid for poor performance despite both Clubs financial muscle.
      Klopp was sacked at Dortmund after nearly going on relegation with the team.
      Pochettino who is highly thought of is yet to win a trophy in his whole managerial career. He is credited with building the present Spurs team. However, while he may have made the players perform better, he did not assemble the team as it is an open secret that the chairman, Daniel Levy buys the players. Kane was given his premier league debut by Tim Sherwood not Poch.
      Zidane will likely be sacked this season at Madrid if they fail to make the champions league final despite winning it twice in a row.
      Unemployed Ancelotti whom most fans are hoping will replace Wenger, was sacked at Bayern following bad results despite the quality of players at his disposal.
      Arsenal’s problems are multifaceted, and would not be solved by a knee jerk reaction, but by systematic changes in club policy, playing personnel and coaching/ administrative staff.

      1. Nice post Abel.
        I do not think AFC is miles away from competing at the top again.
        Some small improvements in key areas and we will compete at the top again, I do truly believe that.

    2. Why do the people who want Wenger gone try to turn this into a AOB Vs AKB?

      We are all AFC supporters!

      Focus on the club more.

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