Arsenal’s performance gives Piers Morgan an opportunity to vent again

Piers Morgan must have been waiting for Arsenal to lose to Crystal Palace last night so that he can have something to rant about and they delivered it to him.

The English TV host has never been a fan of Mikel Arteta and has constantly criticised the Spanish manager, even when everything seems to go right.

The Gunners spent many weeks in the top four and still have a good chance of finishing this campaign in a Champions League spot.

However, the loss to Palace is a setback to the club and the manner of the defeat will not delight any Arsenal fan.

Palace was in control of the game for most of the fixture and they forced Arsenal to make some silly mistakes.

Morgan watched as the Gunners were outsmarted at some intervals and he tweeted: “Vieira’s Palace giving us a lesson in aggression, desire & physicality. Least surprising revelation of the Millennium.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Morgan will almost never support Mikel Arteta as our manager and we need to forget about his constant criticisms now.

We have done well in the last few months and our rebuild is taking shape because of the manager in charge.

This Arsenal team lacks quality players, yet the former midfielder is using the options at his disposal to make a statement.

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  1. Why not vent?
    Yesterday’s performance was absolutely awful.
    It was a game that had we tried to win would have given us an important breathing space.
    As it is we are now set to lose our left back for the rest of the season and the player we purchased for right back has spent more time on the treatment table than he has earning his salary.
    I don’t have much confidence at the moment. We need a good performance against Brighton…

  2. We were given a serious reality check. The race for top four is on and to be honest, I fear Tottenham. Not because it’s Tottenham but because of the manager they have (Conte). Let’s see how the season plays out. But if we don’t get top four, then the gaffer does not deserve the new contract. I still feel we should have done everything to get Conte, although there’s no need crying over spilled milk.

    1. The race is on. That much is true. However, there is much overreaction and a lack of candour in many comments.
      Spurs are have a reasonably strong team and a world class player in Kane. If he was not in that team Spurs would not be in the conversation.

    2. And Spurs fixture list a bit easier. Let’s just pray A Villa can do us a favor this weekend.

      But most importantly, we MUST turn up against Brighton!!!

  3. CONTE isn’t gonna be here for the long term, that’s the problem,
    I think Arteta made a mistake with our summer signings, it should have been a mixture of strength, skill and pace but then it was majorly skill in the midfield, now we have only Partey shielding the defense,
    If we had Renato alongside Partey and Oedegaard, I feel we would have been much better,

    The way I see it, once we make summer signings and we revert to 4-3-3, Smith-Rowe should be incorporated in the midfield while odegaard should be a 2nd half sub,

    We need all the strength and pace we can get, Odegaard is great but lack strength and it’s really affecting us.

    Let’s hope Brighton game favors us.

  4. Vent? Fair play to him, I’ve got nothing left to vent and if we make top 4😂, you won’t see me again on here because I can’t seeing it happening, which will please a lot of fans on here.

  5. The “pressure” we currently face has little to do with the fact that Spurs leapfrogged us in the standings, as that particular predicament could have been easily remedied with a result on the pitch yesterday, it’s the “pressure” that invariably comes when a team you’re in direct competition with performs in such a dominant fashion, like the Spurs on Sunday, then when it came time for us to respond in kind we were totally outclassed, managerially-speaking, by a former legend who’s had considerably less time and investment at a middling club…long have I discussed the meritorious importance of the “eye test” and as such what I witnessed by the Spurs was a tad disconcerting, from a race for European positions standpoint…that said, what I witnessed yesterday might have been even more troubling, as far too many times our manager has failed to get things tactically right when it mattered most…not only did I observe the Spurs world class manager make crucial tactical adjustments at half, but I likewise saw him make the kind of “foot on the neck” substitutions in the second-half that would enable them to secure a decisive 5-1 victory, which are the kind of in-game maneuverings that we’ve rarely, if ever, witnessed by our skipper…now this might not be the end of the world if it weren’t for the fact that we’re basically a one-trick pony with limited skills in front of goal and the bench of a second tier club, so a little tactical nous could be of the upmost importance moving forward…this race will likely be decided by the finest of margins, where things like goal differential just might factor into the equation, so we simply can’t afford to endure too many more of these amateur hour managerial displays

    1. Wonder how we can have the same amount of points as Spurs with a very young team and a manager, who apparently is totally useless?

    2. Say all you want about the manager, he’s doing the best with what he’s got. That result actually flattered Palace. Apart from harrying us into mistakes, they didn’t play well at all. Tottenham are in form, but it’s not he end of the world. The manager has done better than most. The overreaction is unwarranted.

  6. “We need to forget about his constant criticisms now.

    Yet here you are doing a piece on the Bertie 😩

  7. Amazing, 2 defeats in our last 10 PL games and Bertie Morgan and his ilk pop out just like puss from a boil.

  8. I must have missed that time you posted it… I was probably at a game 😁.
    If you can give it out then be prepared to receive it back sonny Jim.

  9. Nah, I’m no surrender monkey. It’ll take more than what you’ve got to offer to get the better of me cellar dweller.

    1. first you slag off women, then you set your deranged sights on the good people of France, with your “surrender monkey” quip, methinks you might want to call it quits before you get rightfully “cancelled”….of course, I hope that’s not the case, as I would miss not having such any easy target on my radar…Bist du irre Hair Dryer??

  10. nice selective editing…thanks for leaving me a few crumbs…btw this DB was the one who started flinging the unprovoked insults, but I doubt that matters (or so it would seem)…my “shoe fits” comment was directed towards the fact that PM was justified in his criticism, at least when it came to the match in question…the abject hypocrisy of the editing “process” never ceases to amaze

    1. And your disrespect to to me and my readers never ceases to amaze me. You were BANNED two weeks “for no apparent reason” (your words) and you will continue to be banned. JustArsenal is not your personal playground, although you obviously enjoy being the school bully.
      Go away….

      1. I feel strongly about your punishment for the TRVL Pat ,someone who as been on here along time and reading through the comments he gave his points and hair dryer poked him
        And you went all Pete tong on him .
        If you’re talking of bullying posters maybe you should look somewhere else because TRVL isn’t that person .
        You have already lost the older posters in PHil ,Ken HH and now sue posters who I have come to know over the years and have been replaced by sniffling kids who cannot get the points across without looking like 2 year old children .
        But I guess that is what your happy with and at the end of the day it’s you’re website .

        1. You can say what you like as in; herr drier started the argument, or another poster started the argument, or Angus, or whoever, but who is the common denominator?
          I am roundly sick of getting up every morning having to delete a string of insults and after hundreds of warnings he continually pushed me to the limit.

          I have now passed that limit and will not have all my other readers open up the comments to see Arsenal fans insulting each other any longer.

  11. I think the mistake Arteta made during January was the lack of depth in our squad. We urgently needed reinforcements but didn’t get any.

    I know we tried for Vlahovic, and I know MA said if the player profile doesn’t fit for the long term, we’re not interested.

    But any player is better than no player at all. Any player can make the slightest difference when we have the most important race for top 4 we’ve had in ages.

    Our paper thin squad has been now exposed. Spurs got Kulusevski and Bentancur and I have to say they’ve been excellent for them.

    If we miss out on top 4, one of the reasons is surely Spurs getting reinforcements in January and Arteta not getting any.

    1. Hind sight is a great thing.
      We can go back in time to January and if we could then I suppose we would still be in the FA Cup. Possibly 3rd now and added a few more ayers.
      A miserable Monday night performance.
      It’s done now and we move on.
      We are in a dog fight for 4th and who would have predicted that at the start of the season.
      Still confident we will take 4th if not 3rd
      Keep the faith
      we will issue you
      Please don’t go 😄
      Onwards and upwards

      1. Its not hindsight though.. Me among many others, said the same thing already in December..

        Common consensus after January was its a huge gamble to play on with paper thin squad and can easily backfire. It is a situation many saw and warned about.

        1. This much is true. However, we cannot do anything now about the squad.
          Arteta needs to come with some new plans.

  12. We will wait and see the end of this top 4…I hope top 8 is not loading now….I hope Arteta ego will not self destruct now.

  13. “Piers Morgan must have been waiting for Arsenal to lose to Crystal Palace last night so that he can have something to rant about and they delivered it to him.”
    One thing for sure,he was not the only one,many on JA were hoping for the same thing!I will not name and shame them,they know who they are.

  14. We have lost and its gone, let’s move on with it and support them on Saturday against Brighton…. One thing is certain, Spurs will have their bad day(s) and moments and I am very sure that they can’t win all their remaining matches likewise us….. COYG…..

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