Arsenal’s plans for Saliba revealed as he continues to shine in France

William Saliba’s transfer to Arsenal has become a curious situation with Mikel Arteta insisting that the Frenchman is still not ready for first-team football at the Emirates.

The Gunners signed him from Saint Etienne in 2019 and allowed him to play for the Ligue 1 club for the 2019/2020 season on loan.

He returned to the Emirates last year, but Arteta refused to include him in his plans for the last season.

After spending the first half of the campaign playing mainly for the club’s reserves, he was loaned out to Nice for the second half of last season.

He was in fine form at the French club and was hoping to have convinced Arteta to give him a chance at the club.

The Spanish manager still didn’t think he was ready and he was sent out on loan to Marseille in the last transfer window.

He has been one of the best players at the club that also has Matteo Guendouzi on loan.

A fan asked football London’s Chris Wheatley about the defender’s future in a Q&A session and he revealed Arsenal’s plan for him.

He responded: “I haven’t heard anything about Saliba asking to be sold.

“The plan would be for him to come back to Arsenal next summer and a decision will be made on whether he’s offered a new contract or not. Expecting talks to begin towards the end of his loan spell at Marseille.”

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  1. Personally I don’t in visage Saliba ever lining up for us again(with Arteta here ) ,3 years being sent on loan will only have damaged the relationship between him and the club ,Arteta as handling him badly (not for the first time either).
    The age thing is just an excuse ,we have seen lokonga come in and get starts but saliba who’s a year older is deemed to young and your telling me he’s not an upgrade on Mari or holding .
    Very badly handled .
    2 ways this plays out

    1-he as a great season in France (already is ) and we are able to get back somewhere near the transfer money we paid out for him .
    2- Arteta is gone sooner rather than later and the new manager gives a clean slate and he forgives the club for messing his career around .
    I just hope it’s option 2

    1. Me too.

      If Arteta perceives Saliba as one isnt even worth a chance, then I can no longer trust his judgement. I did before, not anymore.

    2. DK- Imaging exactly how Saliba must feel about how he is being treated by Arteta.
      For two seasons he has been shipped out on loan because Legohead says he is not ready. (Was Kolasinac, a LB, “ready” to be a CB away at Citeh? ). How do you know if a player is suitable for EPL standards. Especially young inexperienced ones.
      Dan Bullard had last season at Blackpool and excelled. Talking to a couple of mates he is doing very very well at Milwall this season. So why was Daliba twice sent back to a totally inferior league when he should have been monitored over here. He would have experienced the culture and language. He would have learnt the intensity of the English games, especially at Championship level, and we would soon have known he had what is needed to play on our league. Instead he is allowed to play in his comfort zone. Ridiculous decision from Arteta and totally inexcusable.
      And I’m with your second answer. Arteta will get himself sacked sooner rather than later as the list of mistakes keep rising in numbers and the costs to the club this novice continues to make are calculated

      1. Specifically he was loaned because we felt he needed to play every week at his age (20). Had he come back he would of likely played 2 games already but be on the bench now Gabriel/White are fit which is less than ideal. Both parties have stated they are very happy with this arrangement. Everything else you said is made up conjecture with no basis in reality. You want him in the championship, he wanted to be a france as a frenchman who lost his mother not long ago and strangely wants to stay close to family, shocker.

    3. To be honest the real reason why William Saliba’s transfer to Arsenal has become a curious situation there is a clause in his contract from when he kick a football in the first team Arsenal will have to pay the full price upfront 30m which is due to expire probably the end of this season. This is what I have been told.

  2. Arteta is egoistic. In my view, indeed many Arsenal supporters’ view, Saliba and Guendozi are great players. They being sent on endless loan spells is personal vendetta on the part of Arteta. It has nothing to do with footballing capability or age.

    1. You have all these opinions do you watch him play if you think Guendouzi is a good Player well that says it all

  3. Funny how Chris Wheatley hasn’t heard anything purportedly constitutes Arsenal’s plan.

    It really does not matter what Arsenal’s plan is since Saliba will hold all the cards next summer. If he wants out, they will need to sell him. If Arteta is still the manager he will want out and the feeling will be mutual. Nothing Saliba does this season is going to change Arteta’s opinion of him.

  4. Arteta has to be honest to get the supporters to forgive him over the Saliba fiasco. It’s clear Arteta carries some grudges and projections. Brendan Rogers turned Saliba’s understudy, Wesley Fofana, into a fine, fine player. The Skulking Arteta let his disturbing emotions dictate Saliba’s future. In fact we spent £50 million on a CB, White, when we could have got a game changing midfield maestro. I really wish William Saliba a big career at Arsenal.

  5. I Wonder If Arteta, wants to get rid of some of the other defenders 1st, Chambers, Holding, Kol, Cedric.

    Once these have gone bring back Saliba ??

    Maybe its a numbers thing, he seriously can’t be ignoring Saliba’s performances in France…..??

  6. Arteta has to honest to Arsenal’s fans world wide. The club bought Saliba at $30million and has made no use of such an expensive player then continue pursuing other players of Saliba caliber.
    Arteta started William Saliba followed by Guenduzi and he’s benching Alex Lacazete which is good at all. As a leader he shouldn’t dwelled on vendetta he’d with a particular player

  7. He could not be worse than Holding, Kolacrapic, Mari Soares, Chambers ,El Nanny ? Right now we need everyone on the same page full commitment , 100% ALL IN. As an Arsenal fan we all know this is not happening on a consistent basis, obviously Ebeneezer Kroenke and son could care less even though they are putting some bucks up this year, they let this rot and decay happen keeping garbage around for too long for years and years. Paying over the hill dumb money too?, no wonder they never want to leave, can’t even give them away. Nice new stadium IN LA . When people are around and could really give an F whether they are or not that’s a problem, when people arnt good enough, when they have temperament and self control issues, when they are a cancer, when they run half speed most of the time, WHEN THEY ARE NOT PRODUCING…GET THEM OUT!!!
    JUST PLAY THE KIDS because there going to have to bring us back it won’t be the scrooge loosening the purse strings for real consistently over 2 ,3 years, not just one year because they now feel the wrath of Arsenal supporters and their destruction of our club. I hate what these so called stewards( probably better called the executioners) have done to our club, and I see more pain before joy.Who was the DF at Arsenal who decided they should not chase the eff outta Tammy Abraham? Pepe when he,s moving is a 72 million guy? Is he silky smooth, slow, lazy, gears?…I want to see him run at people take them on then spray it 100 % of the time.. he drives me nuts and then Iook around Aubamayang is loafing too?
    When you have cancer you have to cut it out, same for players who cannot cut it, the same for undisciplined idiots who repeat the same dumb mistakes week in and week out and keeping them says to EVERYONE ESPECIALLY OUR YOUNGSTERS WHO ARE OUR FUTURE WE DONT GIVE AN EFF SO CONTINUE TO GET YOUR CHECK AND BE MEDIOCRE AND UNDISIPLINED AND A LOOSE,ll still be here and in there up and never lose your place.

  8. Arteta is a bad manager of talents. Just wait and see what will become of Sambi, Tomi, Tavares etc

    One mistake and arteta will make their value will be near zero

  9. why not just say Arteta does not fancy Saliba as a defender, saying he has a vendetta against him is making people think that there is unrest between players and manager. Neither might be true but please don’t try making a point by speculating
    fantasy problems without proof

  10. If he keeps it up, Saliba will be in World, he is best French League CB so far.

    Gendouzi as well, be first time for a player on Loan to make it to World cup, we may have 2!

    Ridiculous! Arteta was a great Captain but doesn’t have main
    attribute to coach:brain!

  11. Saliba > Mari
    Ballard > Holding
    Mavropanos > Kolasinac
    Guendozi > Xhaka
    Torreira > Elneny
    Clarke > Chambers
    Nelson > Nketiah
    Onana > Leno
    Schick > Lacazette

    9 changes I would make to our squad asap that wouldn’t cost us a fortune.

  12. The problem of our team Arsenal is the coach Arteta, until this guy is asked out of the team as manager. He is very inexperienced mix-up selection of team for games, always slide line good players and either maintain them on the bench or keep sending them on loans or in some case sell them away to other team which SALIBA is one of the victims. Arteta should not be allowed to use our team Arsenal as his coach training center. Please, he should be allowed to go before he supervised our team relegation from premier league this season.

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