Arsenal’s Player-of-the-Month? No contest!!

In August Alexis Sanchez was just out-voted by Calum Chambers for the Arsenal Player-of-the-month, but in September he easily topped the poll to win his first award. Now October comes to an end surely there is no other choice but to vote for the brilliant Chilean yet again.

Okay I think that Danny Welbeck should get a few plaudits for his (first ever) hat-trick against Galatasary and his last-minute equalizer against Hull, but for consistent week-in week-out performances there can only be one winner for me.

Alexis has been a breath of fresh air in a cold atmosphere in the Arsenal side (maybe not the best analogy!) but you only have to look at what the other Gunners have said about him this month to get my point across.

Welbeck: “It’s a pleasure to play with Alexis. He’s persistent, he keeps going and they are the attributes of somebody I like to play alongside.”

Flamini: “I’m very pleased to play with such a good player. “He’s giving a lot for the team, working very hard and also he’s making the difference. He’s a top player but what I also want to say is well done to him for working so hard. That’s very important and is making a difference. He’s played very well until now. We knew he was a top player and he’s proving it in every game.”

Wenger: “He kept going, Alexis. “He goes at you – he’s not frightened to go forward. Sometimes you think his passing is not quick enough but he’s very efficient and he really plays to win. He’s a winner.” (Maybe not quite so flattering!)

Oxlade-Chamberlain: “He’s a world-class player – everyone saw that at the World Cup. He’s proved that and he’s played for Barcelona where we’ve all seen what he’s done. He’s an unbelievable player and part of his game is his character and his hard work – that’s where he’s got both his goals from today.” (after Sunderland game)

Need I go on? Alexis has setlled in incredibly quickly, and he plays his heart out in every game. The other players should simply stop praising him and start trying to emulate the way he plays. He has SO much energy and enthusiasm, and to be fair anyone earning over 10 grand a week to play football should be exactly the same. Sanchez makes his team-mates look lazy!

So if you want to vote for him (or anyone else?) go to the official Arsenal site here….

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  1. I thought…..
    Olivier Giroud
    Mathieu Debuchy
    David Ospina
    Laurent koscielny
    Theo Walcott
    Serge Gnabry
    Mesut özil
    Abou Diaby
    Would have a good chance this month. Oh wait a minute……

  2. Oh wow so Wilshere didn’t get it? That is a surprise because our whole team is based on accommodating him.

  3. Absolutely spot on…he should be first,second and third all together cos that’s just good he was whenever he stepped on the pitch.Can’t forget that beauty he scored against Southampton in the cup

  4. this is what i call quality signing…we need more of such quality signings and play them at their best position………

  5. Sanchez plays cut loose football.
    Chile used long passes from deep.
    I would like to see Arsnal play
    the same way instead of
    a million short passes sideways and backwards
    which allows the defense time to park the bus.
    Gnabry Chamberlain Cazorla Ramsey Rosicky Wilshere
    Wellbeck Podolski Gibbs Debuchi Bellerin even Sanogo
    and yes Diaby prefer to attack not sit on the ball for hours.
    But Wenger has them all on a leash thus his inference
    about Sanchez not playing the Arsenal way.
    Well please Sanchez don’t go into your shell and
    deteriorate like so many others. Just go for it.

  6. Is it only me who feels Welbeck has dropped little bit physically in recent games? Maybe he doesn’t think so highly of the number 9 role anymore 🙂 Must be pretty exhausting just running around up top on your own. Chasing and chasing and chasing. LoL.

    1. For 16 million he better make like forest gump an keep running.

      He wont be our first choice striker but he will get better,I like danny

    2. This typifies the whole team.
      Everyone is trying hard doing
      their best, yes even Ozil
      Giroud + Wilshere but there
      is precious little “end product ”
      from the Arsenal “way”.

      1. The “Arsenal Way” in it’s original form with Henry, Bergkamp, Pires, Ljungberg etc. was a marvel. Lightning-fast counters with 2-4 passes then bang. Sadly the incision is lacking now.

        I am confident if Ozil plays centrally feeding Sanchez and Walcott we will be in for good times.

    1. Last season Ramsey just let loose
      and went for goal no matter what.
      This seasons its the individual
      brilliance of Alexis which is keeping us alive.
      The Arsenal “way’ is ok against the weak
      or mediocre but ineffective against any team of substance.

      1. Wenger says we play a little bit with the handbrake on.
        Thats because Wenger is applying the handbrake all the time himself.
        No quality DM bought in the summer, lots of players hardly played
        no tactics v the big teams sideways passing and scolding
        any one who has a shot on goal from more than 2 metres out.
        Unleash the team Arsene let them attack and destroy teams.
        Arsenal 19 Burnley 1 well I gave them a goal to be kind 🙂

        1. Exactly….

          Why is it always so difficult to buy 2 quality DMs and 2 Qaulity Strikers ??

          same shit every season

    1. Unless you are voting for Wilshere it’s pointless. Wenger will buy up all the Frosties in a 3 mile radius of your house forcing you to have regular corn flakes if you vote for anyone else but Wilshere.

  7. OT: Note to Wenger: Burnley played extremely well against Everton. Unlucky to lose. The attack and straight forward passing will have Mert overworking. Please do NOT take this game lightly!

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