Arsenal’s players are having a terrible World Cup but we are having a seismic summer!

The first summer in which Arsenal have a plan is shaping up. by Konstantin Mitov

Hello lovely Arsenal people! Enjoying the World cup? I wasn’t too excited in the beginning but some really nice games shaped up. None of the big teams apart from Belgium was particularly convincing, and so far the Arsenal players haven’t gotten off to much of a good start. Mexico destroyed Germany, who were lucky to escape with a 1:0 and Ozil was missing again.

Elneny suffered a late defeat and Welbeck didn’t feature in an England win that was dragged out sadly by Harry Kane. The two Swiss players we have got a fighting draw against Brazil in probably the best Arsenal world cup performances so far. Could other players featuring in Russia join us later on though?

Lucas Torreira was a late sub for Uruguay and rumours are we are still hot favourites to land him and I’d love to have him. We’re also likely to lose Jack as reports suggest that the talks he had with Emery left him with no assurances over his place. And why should there be? Jack has done little to prove he can deliver on a regular basis and we cannot afford players who appear for a game or two then go missing. Besides, that number 10 shirt can finally go to someone starting more regularly, which will likely be Ozil.

Moving on, most medias suggest we are closing in on Bernd Leno and this means one of the two keepers we have will be on his way out. I read things about Cech drawing the short straw, but Ospina is the one I feel will be sold. Regardless of which one leaves, a new keeper is a must and I’m really happy with this one.

Just look at our summer, we’ve brought in competition for Bellerin. A new CB will be announced next month as the deal is virtually done. A new goalkeeper is likely to come sooner rather than later and we’re trying to get a DM, which is slowed down by the World cup, but none-the-less, look at the effort.

We’ve hired a group of people who share the responsibility and work together. We are addressing all areas that’ve been crying for improvements. Remember the times we bought only a keeper in a squad that needed at least 2 more players? Of course you do, it wasn’t that long ago.

We’re setting up a system, that will help us operate like a modern football club. We’ve removed the biggest stumbling block of our progress, and we’re clearing all the support it had. An entire new backroom and medical staff, a new manager, a bunch of players at the right areas. This is a seismic summer for Arsenal every way you look at it, even if we don’t bomb 70 million on one player, just to prove we can spend silly money.

We are tearing the old house down and building it from grounds up. And although some of our players won’t be happy that they aren’t at the world cup, our core players will have a full summer of training. Laca, Auba, Mikhi, Ramsey and Bellerin are all players around who the new Arsenal will be built and they can soak the ideas of the new coach.

This now is a real transition. I’m excited. Honestly I can’t wait to see the new faces put on the Arsenal shirt as this brings belief and excitement for the new and the unknown. Maybe we’re finally moving on our way back to the top. But the best thing is that if we fail, there are no more excuses to hide behind, nor there are past glories to keep the players and the manager safe. Everyone has to work for the cause now.

Onwards and upwards people, it’s a great summer!



  1. Lupe says:

    Yeh, we are having a good summer based on the transfers incoming. But still not convinced on the xhaka contract and making ramsey so important. The question is how do we fit aubameyang, lacazette, ramsey, ozil, mhkitaryan, xhaka and torreira and still have a balanced side in attack and defence, one or two of them would have to be on the bench. Leno would also be a good sigining but we must be patient with him as he still makes silly errors, he is young so he would improve. We must also buy a left winger.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Maybe they would be played in a midfield-congested formation, such as Wenger’s 4-1-2-2-1 a.k.a Wenger’s XMas tree? If you remember, Wenger used this several times last season, with various result:

      Lichtsteiner . Sokratis . Soyuncu . Monreal
      …………..Ramsey ………… Xhaka
      ……………….Ozil ………… Mkhitaryan

      Which means no winger

      1. Declan says:

        A new contract doesn’t mean you start without question. Rotation and fighting for a place is key.

        1. Declan says:

          I think there will be a winger and Bellerin starts over Lichtsteiner.

      2. jon fox says:

        That is a decent side, apart from the abysmal Xhaka, whom I cannot see ever being remotely good enough.

        1. Rudy Garcia fan says:

          Finally agree with Jon Fox. 😀

          Even if Xhaka tries much harder, he’s still basically mid-table material at his best (Everton, West Ham etc)

          Last year in the league he had 66 shots and 1 goal, which would be immaterial if he were at least mobile and skillful defensively – he’s none of that.

          1. jon fox says:

            Rudy, Why not build on our mutual non rating of Xhaka and find further areas of agreement…. I am curious to know what “finally” has stopped us agreeing on previously. Care to let me know? Not on Wenger surely?

    2. Eddie Hoyte says:

      Lehman is no longer with the club, I don’t care, we’ve needed a total haul years ago… I just wish Steve Fvcking Bould left too, He’s as useless as the “K” in Knife.. has no balls also

      1. Ackshay says:

        i always felt bould was limited by wenger. he seems very active at 1st then looks utterly disinterested in the last 2 seasons. lol I would too if i had an incompetent superior who disregard my opinions when his are shit.

      2. jon fox says:

        When was this announced Eddie? As Wenger appointed him I am happy he is leaving. Afs for “Mr. Charisma” Steve Bould , I suppose we will have to see whether his gloom sitting next to Wenger was just the natural reaction of a formerly great defender to a joke defence he had no say in organising OR just his normal demeanour. If it is the latter, he should go . If not, then he MAY surprise us all.

        1. Ozziegunner says:


    3. Ackshay says:

      After years of having a headache how to put weak players in the lineup… djourou, senderos squillaci anyone without weakening the team too much now we have too much good attacking players. This is a good headache to have and i’m happy having one of auba or laca and ozil or mkhi on bench. Remember praying van persie doesn’t get injured so our season isn’t over now if god forbid aubameyang get injured we have lacazette to cover.

      1. Ozziegunner says:


  2. Break-on-through says:

    Did Emery really say that though, his core players being Xhaka Ramsey Bellerin Lacazette Aubameyang Mkhitaryan. Might be the papers putting two and two together, Ramsey he spoke about because his contract is running down, Auba is obviously a big player, Xhaka signed extension, Bellerin has a 34 year old contending for his place. Haven’t heard him speak about Lacazette myself, but he cost allot of money. Mkhitaryan, again I haven’t heard him speak about him but I imagine he’s important and he’s in his plans. If he has spoken about these guys being the crux of Arsenal going forward then I’d like to read it.

    1. RSH says:

      i think its just newspapers talking nonsense.

  3. gotanidea says:

    Yes, I just hope Arsenal would not end up like Everton, which bought a lot of flops last season. I hope Sven’s, Sanllehi’s and Emery’s judgement are better than Everton’s scouts and coaches

    What excite me the most is not the new players, but the new manager. Many players came and went in last decade, but the manager was the same, hence I bet we would see different strategies next season

    We have good players competing for almost all positions, except wingers. This World Cup would be a good scouting place for Arsenal, but the outsanding wingers in this tournament would be very expensive

    1. Unai Emery says:

      The winger that I would like is Hirving Lozano… Fearless , fast , young and a lot flair… We can get him from PSV if we offload some of our deadwoods… Lozano on the left and Mkhitaryan on the right (he is very good on the right) means the opposition are in for trouble

      1. killamch89 says:

        Mino Riola is his agent…thought I’d put that in…I’m not holding my breath but the positive is that city more than likely won’t be looking at him as well.

        1. RSH says:

          Wenger is gone though so maybe he will be open to doing deals again. it was specifically AW he didn’t like, correct? Either way, he’s going to be crazy expensive because Raiola always wants crazy agent fees.

      2. gotanidea says:

        Lozano was linked with Arsenal at mere fifteen millions. I thought he was just a fast young winger, but he played very well as an inverted left winger in World Cup

        Lozano would not be available at such cheap price anymore after World Cup. Arsenal could be frightening with Lozano on the left and David Neres on the right

  4. Rest2Laid says:

    I’ve read numerous sites and channels on youtube they all said that Arsenal gonna announce 2nd signing on Tuesday and its Bernd Leno! Excited for our future ?

    Ps : This is my 1st comments here and i’ve been reading this site for more than 5 years already!! Been a fan of Arsenal since 2003 (before Invincible) and Thierry Henry made me fall in Love with Arsenal and football in general. Funny how a certain player made me so in love with football and automatically loved the club he played for. Thats how my “Love Story” with Arsenal Football Club started ?

    1. jon fox says:

      Welcome aboard then. NEW PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS WELCOME.

  5. RSH says:

    How the frick did Steve Bould keep his job????

    1. Declan says:

      And Lehmann has just lost his job!

      1. Shekar233 says:

        “The attitude from our 2004 group is not needed there anymore” was his pokey remark after confirming that he is leaving.

        I understand that he is upset as he was given just 1 year to make any difference.
        But steve bould ? What the hell does he do other than chewing gum?

        Being a great player in their earlier uears doesnt mean that they will be great as a coach. If so maradona and ronaldo nazario would have been 10times better than thr Peps, klopps and all.

        Anyways i wish we do add some wingers this season as we are very short in that position unless Joel campbel and lucas perez are retained.

        1. Sue says:

          I just read that about Bould & Lehman… baffling!! Surprised our sponsor isn’t Wrigleys ?

          1. Ken1945 says:

            Sue, it really is a strange one when you consider that Freddie has just been appointed!
            I thought Lehman was a positive signing as a coach, but Bould?
            Some on here suggest that it was the ex manager who dominated him.
            If that’s the case what does it say about the man himself? Please just let him go gracefully with a box of Wrigley’s as a token of his contribution ?

          2. Sue says:

            Haha love it Ken!! ? poor old Jens, he didn’t sound very happy on Twitter… rightfully so though if you ask me! Maybe he should have chewed gum all day long & he’d still have a job!
            So we’ve signed Leno, Ken! Exciting times hey?! Hope you’re still having a nice time in Canada ?

          3. Ken1945 says:

            Sue I got home on Sunday after five weeks away.
            If anyone’s got a ‘merci arsene’ spare t shirt I’d be much obliged as mine has been ripped off my back by souvenir hunters.
            I suspect Phil has already had his framed and hung it up above his mantelpiece ?
            Exciting times ahead, but a little concerned about Emery’s take on Ozils future.
            If rumours are true, then he isn’t even in his top five players!

          4. Sue says:

            Ripped off your back ?? your comments crack me up!! No doubt Phil will comment ??
            Plus now Wilshere has announced he’s leaving ? it’s all happening right now!!
            I hope Ozil stays, but that’s up to Emery

  6. Abu says:

    In my views we already had our big money signing Pierre Emrick Aubameyang. Some fans don’t realise that how big steal was he. We finally have a world class striker. And now is the time to deal with other areas of concern. Which we are actually doing. I don’t see any big 50-70m player coming tho. Cause we don’t need.

  7. Ackshay says:

    Transfemarkt latest transfer probability (very reliable)
    Sokratis Sokratis CB 93 %
    Bernd Leno GK 90 %
    Lucas Torreira DM 85 %
    Caglar Söyüncü CB 55 %
    Jean Michaël Seri CM 55 %

    Been using it for years and anything over 89% is mostly done deals
    Seri is probably our backup option in case ramsey does not extend
    soyuncu i don’t see happening UNLESS we are selling or loaning at least 2 cb

    1. RSH says:

      Agree. I think Soyuncu will only happen later in the window if Emery doesn’t rate Holding or Chambers. We just have so many CB’s right now. Still need to ship out Mustafi as well

  8. Rudy Garcia fan says:

    Doesn’t matter…

    They extended f…… Xhaka’s contract, so they’re still clueless and we deserve to be 7th or 8th next year after this fiasco…

  9. Ale says:

    y sell xhaka for 25 to 30m if is contract has 2yrs remaining when u can sign him up for more yrs then sell him for much more if e doesn’t improve under d new coach

  10. Innit says:

    Not fixing central midfield would be a major error. Need a top defensive midfielder. I enjoyed watching Kante the other day getting the ball back, hustling across the field. Also we need someone to replace Cazorla. Xhaka and Ramsey are not the answers to getting back in the top 4. Also Ozil needs top players around him.

    If not then most of Ozil’s matches will be poor.

    Im hoping we at least get a def midfielder to cover and link our defenders with attackers

  11. Ingleby says:

    To me it seems sensible in the current regime for Ospina to be sold. Leno can come in as first choice, Cech stays for one more year until his contract expires. Macey or Martinez then use that year to prove themselves an acceptable number 2 to provide cover and competition for Leno.

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