Arsenal’s point at Bournemouth means we are BACK in the title race

Considering that Arsenal had to play two Premier League games in three days, a return of 4 points from them is not such a bad thing, especially after being 3-0 down after 70 minutes against Bournemouth. As Arsene Wenger admitted, it was no big surprise that the Gunners were tired at the start of the game, and hardly had enough time to recover from their knocks and exertions against Palace.

In those circumstances, a draw was actually a fine point gained. As Petr Cech said afterwards: “It’s a great reaction from the team. We were 3-0 down but we found a way to play our game, open them up and score goals. We were decisive in the final third and we showed great character to come back. There’s a big but, though, because the first 60 minutes was very disappointing from ourselves and it isn’t the win we wanted.”

It may not have been perfect but 4 points is 4 points. We may have dropped down to 5th in the table, we are actually closer to Chelsea at the top of the League than we were before those two games. Chelsea lost, Man City lost, Liverpool drew with Sunderland. We started the year 9 points behind Chelsea and 4 points behind Liverpool, now that is 8 and 3, and both sides have shown that they are not invulnerable, while Arsenal have proved that they never give up when they are in an impossible position.

So why is everyone acting like we have dropped out of the race for the title?

Sam P


  1. Break-on-through says:

    We all expected Che to drop some points over these next fixtures but the problem is that we get those same fixtures at a later date, so we need to be making the very best out of the nicer fixtures. I know there are no easy games but there certainly is more preferable ones. I just can’t imagine how we would all of a sudden start looking like champions by beating the other big teams along with winning the games that we should be winning. The Bournemouth game was too typical, we looked beat, but then players said what the hell nothing to lose now. Imagine we went into games with a similar attitude to the one when things look out of reach

  2. Ozzy AFC says:

    Why is everyone acting like we are out of the race??? is this a stupid question ?
    because most sensible dyed in the wool Gooners can see whats happening here.
    We should have beaten Bournmouth catagorically, we should have showed more at Man City, its not down to what we win and draw specifically now its alos down to who else does what.
    A point at Bournmouth is NOT acceptable and EVERYONE but the most deluded fans know it.
    We’ve seen it before in seasons past and while players like Giroud are more busy acting the goat on the pitch and acting like they have just won the world cup rather than equalizing for a draw then players like Alexis are gonna walk out the front door because he wants to win and knows that it takes more effort and commitment to win the league than acheiving a draw with Bournmouth.
    Thats why a lot of gooners heads are down.
    I note that we have signed a defender for a minimul sum from some non league brazillian side, well thats moving forward aint it?
    we need and have needed a better striker than Giroud for a long time and we are no closer to getting it now than we have ever been I stated a few articles ago that half our team are not in the world class catergory and I stand by that, we also have no “Big balls out” leader on the pitch who scares and rallies the troops in equal measure so that when the likes of Giroud are acting like he’s just won the ballon D’or, the leader will tell him to pull his finger out..
    Just when I think I may be wrong about Giroud he acts like an idiot and proves me right again.
    its become the standard mentality to not achieve our full potential and that comes from Wenger, so Ill see you all at fourth place in may, as per usual.

    1. Ramterta says:

      not only is half our team not worldclass but midtable as well.
      There is only one worldclass player in our team sanchez.
      Ozil xhaxa coquelin cech all massively overrated.
      None of those would start for chelsea city or even manure.

      1. Ozzy AFC says:

        Cech is world class but past his best now Ozil is world class BUT lazy and unfocused, Xhaka is at the moment just a bully boy who needs to sharpen up. Mustaphi is world class and needs to bed in, Kos is world class but needs a partner who is of equal measure, Ramsey is a pri Madonna who turns it on for country but NOT for club, Giroud just aint good enough and more importantly CONSISTANT enough to win the league, Walcott was rubbish and lazy and has improved but again is just not really consistent or good enough, Cazorla is world class but getting old and injury prone, coquelin is just not good enough, Bellerin is good but not world class just yet (though he will be), Monreal is ok but not world class Elneny is ok but not world class, and so on and on…the ONLY two players that any other team are consistently looking at are Sanchez and Ozil. The rest, well not so much…it used to be that teams were lining up to snatch our players away but that just doesn’t happen any more as we just don’t have the quality we used to have and that’s down to Wenger and the scouting team. I mean Christ Danny Welbeck was let go for just slightly less than lucas Perez and Wenger wasn’t even in the country when he was bought in, what does that tell you about the club and its ambitions ????? if you added up the money spent on oriental and Japanese players who we NEVER see play in an arsenal shirt over the last ten years, we could have brought in half the Barcelona side including Messi so you tell me what THATS all about ??? its a disgrace, and Giroud acting like a football god because he scored and equalizer really just epitomises the whole messed up attitude and THAT starts with Wenger and his “its not my fault it was the ref” attitude
        its stinks

    2. Jansen says:

      @ Ozzy – time to wake up and smell the coffee. 4th place ain’t happening this year.

      Many dreamers on this board thought we could win 6 games in a row after the 2 disappointing displays against City and Everton. Fast forward 2 games and our next draw and these same dreamers forgot they thought we should win 6 games against none-top 6 opponents, branding the draw against Bournemouth as acceptable.

      Not only do most Arsenal players lack the winner’s attitude, so do half the Arsenal fans. Thinking you can settle for a draw against Bournemouth when you trail by 9 simply means you don’t understand what it take to win the PL. When you are 9 points behind in the PL race and you fail to build momentum against beatable teams, it’s not going to be your season.

      I wrote last year and still see the signs, we will not even finish in the top 4.

      1. Ozzy AFC says:

        with every team we are in competition with getting better (namely the scum) and us staying frusteratingly static then I am sadly in mind to totally agree with you.
        who can blame Sanchez for wanting out with the attitude that comes out of the club in general being as it is.

        1. Jansen says:

          true but deeply frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Arsenal_Girl says:

    I am happy that we are 8 points down instead of 9 points but we could have been 6 points behind Chelsea and ahead of Spuds and City.

    Chelsea losing doesn’t happen often and we blew a big chance.

    I blame Wenger for playing Ramsey and not starting Ox and Lucas

    1. Godswill says:

      You are talking as if Wenger and some of our players share the same view.
      We didn’t they start the game as at when we were 3 down.
      The league is won by winning matches and not waiting for others to drop points not to us.

      1. Arsenal_Girl says:

        I completely agree with you
        Good point

  4. Ramterta says:

    On realising this.
    rose>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>monreal and gibbs combined

    I have decided to turn off my tv to wait for a new season

  5. Arsenal007 says:

    All I can say is that the team should keep doing their uttermost best st all times.
    As long as we remain complacent, Arsenal’s luck might one day run out on 4th place.
    Look ahead of us on the table. ..teams seem to be pulling away.
    Look behind us…teams seem to be catching up.

  6. Juhi McLovin says:

    Our “title race” will come to an end to EVERYONE when we visit Stamford Bridge in few weeks. And don’t forget trips to WHL and Anfield. It’s over guys.

  7. goonerwineverything says:

    You sir are clearly a fair weather arsenal supporter by the looks of your post today. Those players are in no way better than there arsenal counterparts in any world. Our players just need a manager who can organise and galvanize the team as a unit instead the sum of the parts. Then we will see a different arsenal.

    1. Jansen says:

      @goonerwin – Although I agree and believe we have one of the best squads in the PL, why is someone who does not think that a fair weather fan?

      Should we blindly believe our players are better than everyone else’s?

      Take Ozil, I think he is one of the best in the world yet I am the first to admit that he can disappear in some games and become a liability. Does that opinion make me a fair weather fan?

  8. legend Henry says:

    Those idiots who blamed our 3-3 draw on the fixture,I hope you saw what Tottenham did to Chelsea?
    Chelsea had enough rest than Tottenham .
    Wenger and his expects in failure blames everybody except themselves.

  9. reddb10 says:

    Its all about money so with Kroenke, Gazidis, and the deluded one we need to be a bit more realistic.

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