Arsenal’s possible Europa League opponents – Who would you like?

So Arsenal scraped through our Europa League tie by the skin of our teeth (again!) and after beating Benfica in the last minutes and holding off Olympiakos last night, we are sure to get another tough draw in the last 8 of the competition.

Some are obviously harder than others, as Mikel Arteta said yesterday: “The level is really high in the Europa League at the moment. It’s not like 10 years ago I think. I think the level is much higher so let’s wait for the draw.”

So let’s look at our 7 possible opponents….

Dinamo Zagreb – This is the team that came from two goals down to knock out Tottenham in extra time last time. They have given us a lot of banter for today, but I don’t think I want to see Arsenal draw them just yet. Let them enjoy their win over the Spuds for now!

Ajax – Certainly one of our hardest possible ties. The Dutch giants seem to have a never-ending stream of talented youngsters and easily brushed aside Young Boys 5-0 on aggregate to get in this draw. Difficult but beatable I think.

Man United – Ole’s team managed to scrape past AC Milan and are now the likely favourites for the trophy. If we must meet them I hope it is in the Final in Gdansk.

Slavia Prague – The Czech Champions are very inexperienced in Europe but beat Rangers 2-0 in Glasgow last night. I am sure we will be able to handle them if we can avoid the big boys.

Granada – The La Liga minnows qualified despite losing 2-1 in Molde last night. This is the draw I would like the most, but they won’t be pushovers I’m sure.

Roma -The Italians are surely going to among the favourites as well after easily disposing of Shahktar Donetsk 5-1 on aggregate. Another team I would realy like to avoid just now.

Last but not least we have Villarreal, managed by our very own Europa League specialist Unai Emery. They are currently 7th in La Liga, 4 points ahead of Granada. Would you like a meeting with them in the next round? I am not so sure…

The draw is to be made at 12 noon today, who would you like to come out of the hat to face Arsenal?

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  1. DAVID O'DWYER says:

    Anyone but United..I really couldn’t stand Scholes’ arrogance on BT Sport last night and whenever we play them we are treated like a non league team by the media. Roma could be dangerous as Mikhataryan has really found his form there and could come back to haunt us. Preference would be for a Spanish team.

    1. Sue says:

      Mkhi is injured… not sure if he’ll be back in time…

  2. gotanidea says:

    I also want Granada

  3. Sue says:

    Whoever we draw will be tough, especially as we have a tendency to beat ourselves!!
    Unai and Villarreal is the biggie! I’ll be dumbfounded if we avoid them!

    1. Highbury Hero says:

      We better get the big ones Man utd, Ajax, Roma or Villarreal because this team gives me a little confidence when they play big teams.

      I am wary of the Burnleys of Europa League Granada, Slavia Praha or Dinamo Zagreb.

  4. Tomkings says:

    Dinamo Zagreb. Let’s teach Mourihno how to win them.

  5. Godswill says:

    I wouldn’t like Man United in the final

  6. McLovin says:

    Dream draw:

    Granada – Arsenal
    Man U – Villarreal
    Ajax – Roma
    Slavia Prague – Dinamo

  7. gunnerpete says:

    I would prefer Barnet but seeing as we only have choice of the Europa teams I will say that I would like Man U to get Roma and us to get Granada, but that never happens. If anything put money on it being the other way around. I had to laugh last night when Ollie said that Man u do not get lucky draws in cups. Try having a look or compare AFC to Manure’s cup runs mate.

  8. John Legend says:

    Considering our usual luck with draws, I expect Roma, Ajax or ManU. I would prefer Dynamo or Granada though.

  9. Trudeau says:

    I’m not bothered bit think it is inevitable that we will meet Villarreal and ManU at some point.

    Slight aside – I posted a slightly negative comment on yesterday’s performance in the post-game thread and then felt immediately guilty after reading through the negative pile on. So to Arteta and the players, my apologies. Well done doing what you had to do to get through and look forward to cheering you on next round.

  10. Ackshay says:

    Arsenal vs Slavia prague

  11. John Legend says:

    Slavia Prague!!!
    This is still quite doable.

    I await our possible Semi final opponent. Is it ManU?

    1. John Legend says:

      And it is Villarreal or Dynamo. It’s still doable.

  12. Charlie says:

    Draw is in our favour

  13. John Legend says:

    Sincerely, if we can put all out commitment to this and these players stay together, this is very achievable. We will likely meet ManU in the final if they can beat Roma/Ajax

  14. Lance says:

    We can reach the final of Europa Cup given our quarter-finals and and potential semi-final opponents. But we must avoid complacency, work hard and cut out errors from our games. Those errors, especially giving the ball away in dangerous areas, have cost us recently. We suffered another one on Thursday against Olympiacos when we gave away the ball that resulted in the goal by the Greek side.

  15. jon fox says:

    Could well be an all English final. I think it will be. THEN anything can happen!

  16. Artsenal says:

    I hope we continue the winning and draw streak against man untd if meet them in the final.

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