Arsenal’s possible striker targets analysed – Who would you buy?

The strikers to take Arsenal to the next level. We need to show our ambitions. By Galen Sona

In my last article, I explained why it was all about the money. I explain that Champions league or the manager meant only so much. What really matters was that the club shows it ambition. Chelsea were fighting relegation yet manage to keep all their players and even managed to convince David Luiz and Kante to leave Championship winning sides to join a sinking ship. Because the club showed their ambition. We have experimented with Bendtner, Gervinho, Arshavin, Giroud, Chamakk, Welbeck, Perez. enough is enough. Arsene spoke about two Players of top quality. In the first part we shall analyse the possible strikers that could be bought.  

Andre Bellotti   25 goals,   5 Assists.(Torino Fc , Italy) 24 years Old. 

This guy is like a mixture of Christian Vieri and Drogba. He has made his name through shear physical and mental force. He is relentless and never stops working. But this is what the man himself says: ” I’d love to have the cool head of Mario Gomez, the ability to shake off defenders of Fernando Torres, physicality of Didier Drogba and movement of Sergio Aguero” When you look at his role models, they are all very powerful and very determined strikers. Belotti never stops working hard for the team and he has the quality of being in the right place at the right time. 
The only criticism I have of him is that technically he has loads of work to do in order to improve. the fact that he could be a one-season wonder as well scares me. A few years ago there was Ciro Immobile from Italy who was equally as good and was called the next Italian great. He moved to Dortmund and just couldn’t cut it. 

Romelu Lukaku           25 goals 6 assist ( Everton, England) 24 years Old. 

He is the man I really want. Pay the money. Go as far as £75 million. I have seen Arsenal fans give £1,000,001 reasons as to why we should not sign him, Oh, ‘he is so expensive’, oh ‘his technique is poor’, oh ‘his first touch is bad’, oh ‘he doesn’t score against the big clubs’. Jesus  Christ, what’s wrong with you people? Lukaku is only 24 and has got 10 years ahead of him to play. he would only get better, and when you sign such a player you don’t think about signing another striker for the next 8 years or so. 

One thing is certain, Lukaku will score goals, he is made for this league, 6ft 3 tall, speed, power, great shooting power, bags of pace, and at the age of 24 he already has 144 career goals. Yes he is expensive, but this boy is not a gamble, I can promise you that, and top quality players cost money. Manchester United paid 60 million for Martial. That is a gamble, Lukaku has done it season after season. How dare we even complain about buying Lukaku ? You would think Messi and Ronaldo plays for Arsenal. Surprise! We have Welbeck and  Giroud.

Edin Dzeko  27 Goals, 7 assist ( Roma, Italy) 31 years Old.

I know what Arsenal fans would say. They would call me a crazy man. Yes he is 31 years old but he has proven himself in Italy, Germany and England. Lets not forget that at City he was in the same squad as Aguero, Tevez and Adebayor. So we couldn’t really see his quality. Dzeko is target man with great technical qualities and can actually finish. I know I would rather have him than Giroud, Danny Welbeck or Walcott. Before you criticise, a guy like Welbeck is yet to score 10 goals a season. Dzeko is the highest goal scorer of the Italian league this year. He is tested and proven. FACTS. 

Dries Mertens    27 Goals ,9 assist  (Napoli, Italy) 30 years Old

When you are voted Belgian player of the year, then it means you can’t be that bad. The facts are there, he has contributed directly to 36 goals this season. Yes he is 30, and not a striker, but I would rather have him supporting Sanchez, than to have Sanchez supporting Welbeck or Giroud. He is proven and has been playing well for so many years now. People would say he is 30 years old, but Manchester united bought RVP when he was 30 and got Zlatan too at 32. Lets stop  looking for every excuse to not sign players, “Oh what will happen to Denilson, Diaby and Song if we signed Xabi Alonso?” You  know what happened to them don’t you? 

Mauro Icardi   24 Goals, 8 assist ( Inter, Italy) 24 years old.

People have spoken about this kid since he was 16 years old playing for the Barcelona academy. The coachs in Argentina always said Vietto and Dybala were the future, but Icardi just never stops scoring. He is similar to Harry Kane in the sense that you wonder what makes them special. Is it their pace, skills, footwork, dribbling? None of these, they just know how to score goals. Believe me this guy would score goals everywhere. His style of play is that of tactically and technically gifted striker, that is good in the box, clinical with both legs and a deadly finisher. 2014 – 15  he scored 22 league goals,  2015 – 16 he score 17 league goals,  2016-17 he scored 24 league goals. He is at the right age and he is young and can only get better. He has a few problems in his private life but who doesn’t? 

Alvaro Morata  15 Goals 4 assist  (Madrid , Spain) 24 years old

Maybe we are too late. The rumours from Italy is that Milan has put in £60 million for him. At Arsenal we always look for excuses not to sign players. Morata was always going to leave this year especially with the World cup coming. Its one of the oldest trick in the books, telling players they won’t go to the World cup, showing the right ambition and paying the money. The player would sign for you. Milan are not in the Champions league but they are showing their ambition. Morata has got it all, good pace, powerful, skillful, good in the air. He just needs to play football games. Good luck to him. I hope we know what we are doing. 

Alexandre  Lacazette 28 goals 3 assist  ( Lyon, France)  25 years old

I don’t even know what to say with this transfer, he has said he loves Arsenal, he has said he supports Arsenal, he has constantly scored  goals, he has basically said ‘come and get me’, he said he loves our style of play. You know that girl that describes the type of husband she is looking for and she is talking about you? But you are so stupid you don’t get the picture. I don’t even want to talk about his playing style or anything. Its simple, he is better than Giroud , Welbeck and Theo at almost everything, that’s a fact. This is an Arsenal player, speed, quick feet, dribbling, finishing, personality. He may end up at Atletico de Madrid. Oh God Why?

After Danny Welbeck’s miss against Everton I gave up on him. You can carry on hoping but there is a reason he has never scored 12 goals a season at the age of 27 or so. He lacks the composure and calmness, he is a West Ham striker, a Newcastle type of player. 

Pierre Aubameyang    31 goals  2 assist ( Dortmund, Germany) 27 years 

We have spoken about him since he was at St Etienne in France. Players like him, Hazard, Griezmann, were all moving for cheap and we stood there with our hands folded. I remember Arsenal fans saying why buy Griezmann when Carlos Vela is out doing him at Sociedad? Now Griezmann is worth 100 million+. We fear success in this club, even the fans are scared of spending, is not just the board or the manager, We are scared people would laugh at us like the way they are laughing at United. but wait till when United start winning big trophies, everyone would go into hiding. He is going to cost loads of money, and rightly so. But didn’t the manager say we are after just 2 players? we might as well just go for the best then. 

Patrick Schick  11 goals    1 assist .  (Sampdoria, Italy) 21 years old.

You know those players that when you watch them, you just know they would become a Star. You know they would be worth £100 million in the next 2 seasons, he is that player and available for less than £25 million. When you watch him all you see is RVP qualities. The touch of god, the left foot, the technique, the skills, the finishing. Please don’t let Juventus or Dortmund take this boy. They are getting the best young players while we sit there folding our arms. 

Wenger said we need to start buying players before they become stars. Well Patrick Schick will be a star, you heard it first here, this kid will go places. And tomorrow Arsenal would say we almost signed him. Show this kid we are ambitious and let’s go for it. Just like what happened with Dybala, this kid would explode next season. 

Douglas Costa Bayern wants to sell, can they take Ozil and give us this guy? Just thinking. LOL

Over to you Wenger. You said 2 top quality players.  Show us you want it. Show us that you want to win this league. 



  1. Vanpayslip wants Wenger to stay says:

    Lolz at Lukaku making the list. There is a reason he doesnt play for a big club. That reason is the same as Benteke doesn’t play for a big club. These are great mid table players that do well when a while team is built to okay around them. Send Benteke to LFC and appoint Klopp as manager and all of a sudden the whole club isn’t about paying him homeage and he seems average. Same with Lukaku. If he was all that good he wouldn’t be approaching mid twenties with a career that is lots of loans and a brief stint at Everton where they paid lots for him by their standards so have to protect their asset

    1. gotanidea says:

      You are right about the mediocre players in the midtable clubs. They look good when other players around them are bad.

      Benteke is one of them. Andre Gomes is another example in Barcelona. He looked good in Valencia, but as soon as he moved to Barcelona, he showed his true quality. He is far behind Iniesta, Rakitic, Turan, Messi, Busquets and Roberto. I hope Arsenal avoids this type of players.

      If Lukaku is too expensive, better chase another striker. As the author said, Patrick Schick looks skillful, has good first touch, tall and a left-footer. Sounds like Van Persie and Draxler. I hope Arsenal can bring him in.

  2. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    Lol keep on dreaming Galen.??
    Let’s see if we can keep hold of our star players first and we also won’t know about Wenger’s future until Thursday. His meeting with the board of directors is on Tuesday & Wednesday.

  3. JustJoy says:

    The transfer window is back… Always in the doldrums.

    1. Wallis says:

      Auba or icardi

  4. John0711 says:

    Belotti and shlick will cost 110 m
    Add a top DM and we will be sorted

    You can make 75m selling by Giroud,Jenkinson,Gibbs, debuchy and Walcott

    I actually think ozil will be going and Sanchez wil stay

    I don’t mind that and buy a top playmaker with the money

    Max Spend 90-100m

    1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

      Ballotti is quoted at £85 million

      1. John0711 says:

        I know mate 85 + 25 for schick

        1. vinie2000 says:

          85 millions dunno rate him. i would rather go for Mbappe and he will cost 100 millions in couple of years. second option bit cheaper is Lacazette.I do fancy this player to fit in Arsenal but arsene will stick to OG and Wllbeck. As per poor Lucas we are losing him. Really better than the latter Lucas should play the cups games and sub in epl but it is never considered. Bernardo Silva is City player 3 months before the transfer window finishes. This is well organise coach getting his team ready for next season not like us last season first game lost v POOL. I’m not even bother if wenger signs a new contract, it will be the same.

          1. John0711 says:

            Mbappe has had two bids of 113 m already Madrid and city, lacazette is of to Madrid

  5. John0711 says:


  6. ramterta says:

    henry onyekuru is coming.I don’t think you understand.
    He is better than everyone.
    Don’t know why you hassle and stress so much.

  7. ramterta says:

    henry onyekuru is coming.I don’t think you understand.
    He is better than everyone you’ve mentioned.
    Don’t know why you hassle and stress so much.

  8. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    Since we’re on the subject of transfers:

    Monaco have received two record-breaking bids of €130 million (£113m) for superstar teenager Kylian Mbappe, according to reports in France.
    The said clubs are Man city who were then swiftly matched by Real Madrid.

    Meanwhile back at the Emirates…

    1. Vanpayslip wants Wenger to stay says:

      I see your point but let’s not forget that while ‘Ether’ is a phenomenan that Nas didn’t actually Ether Jay until the 3rd verse.

      Good things come to those who wait. We don’t need the next best thing.

  9. twig says:

    Why are Neymar, Griezmann, Suarez and Lewandowski not on the list? Are we not looking for top quality??????????

    1. John0711 says:

      I know ur being sarcastic but Griezman is going UTD the others going no nowhere

  10. Koktafo says:

    Who is Henry onyekuru?

  11. citrenoogeht says:

    The one striker that I would want at Arsenal is Lacazette. To me he is the complete striker. I know it is highly unlikely because he has already gone on record and expressed a preference for Atletico Madrid but if money is the only issue I’d throw money at it and make it happen.

  12. ken wali says:

    Wenger only has the mentality of making profit for the american business man and can never be competitive in the transfer market.Arsenal was only able to get sanches and ozil because we never had a top club ready to spend money competing with us.I honestly don’t want to put my mind in who comes to arsenal so that i don’t end up being hurt and frustrated.God help us.Up gunners!

  13. E kaknjo says:

    Edin Dzeko is physical freak.
    Older he gets , faster he is, almost never miss a time to injury.
    This year he netted 39 goals, 29 in is Serie A.
    He would be cheaper then most of proposed solutions.

  14. DANDY GUNNER says:

    Pierre Aubameyang 31 goals 2 assist ( Dortmund, Germany) 27 years

  15. Yossarian says:

    I’d be amazed if we get any of the highly sought-after centre-forwards that hopeful Gooners have been suggesting recently. These days Arsenal never battle for players that have other clubs bidding top transfer prices and top wages for them.

    If history has taught us anything, we should realise that with Giroud, Wellbeck, Perez, Sanogo and Asano on the books, and Wenger’s love of “Continuity” and “Stability” it’s possible that we might not even get a proper striker at all.

    Especially if Alexis leaves, we’ll probably get a decent winger/midfielder that can play upfront, and could be “Converted” to a striker. If we do get an established centre-forward, he will be cheap and relatively unknown. That’s usually how it goes.

    I hope I’m wrong. I really do. It would be fantastic to have a new world-class centre-forward to get excited about, but when was the last time that happened? Van Persie?

  16. mario says:

    get modric from real, tie Sanchez and ozil contract then bring lacazette since rumour have reach us that shaker04 left full back is coming in..brothers with

    Sanchez ozil lacazette

    kolasinac modric xhaka belarin

    koscielny Gibson mustafi


    substitute… welbek, iwobi, Ramsey, opsina, elneny, polista monrel, may be Walcott… then bring Campbell back.

  17. mario says:

    get modric from real, tie Sanchez and ozil contract then bring lacazette, and barkley, good rumour have reach us that shaker04 left full back is coming Grioud, debuchy, Gibbs, wilshare,.. brother wenger is still good to maintain a team if only he do good transfer business… buy more three quality players as I mentioned up with the free transfer sharker04 left back on his way coming to make it 4 players this summer coming in, with ozil and Sanchez. I don’t think we need keeper Czech is still good if opsina want exit then call sceszny back then use him as first choice I think cech know his age now….modric and xhaka in center I think we will have a strong team.

  18. Franko says:

    I am going for Andrea Belotti…..the guy has dribbling ability, speed and use both feet very well. Very good with his head too. He is a beast of a player and I just watched his youtube video.

  19. OA-Ghana says:

    Arsene will go for Reus and play Sanchez as a striker. U saw it here first ?

  20. Uche Edochie says:

    Frankly, many of these players will fit into Arsenal. From Belloti to Lacazette and even Lukaku. I will be glad to see any of them in an Arsenal shirt. If there is anybody that is best at extracting maximum potential from a person, it is Wenger. Other top teams just give you three strikes and you are out. Wenger sticks by you even when you are not playing too well and that has its advantages.

    Having said that, I also know that having the best striker in your ranks does not guarantee a league title. We once had Van Persie and what did we win with him? So many things have to be perfect for us to win the league again. We need a squad of the best players. We also need to get our tactics right in EVERY GAME. We also need a manager that is at the peak of his powers. This is the tricky part because Wenger cannot be trusted to get it right all the time and he is a great manager. We also need to be lucky with injuries. On that front, Chelsea were the luckiest team in the league because they basically played with the same squad for 95% of their games. I remember them dropping points when Victor Moses was out for a couple of games and when Marcos Alonso was out also. And finally, we need ruthless ambition. That helps a lot. At the back of our minds, we are alright if we have money in the bank. To win the league, we need to move away from that mentality. Stability is good but when players feel that they can get away with occasional mediocre performances, you will not get the best from them.

  21. it’s funny how people here are looking down on lukaku, dude scored 25 goals nd has an impressive goal scoring record and he is definitely not benteke. if his prize could drop to like 50 I’ll take him all day

  22. inkfight! says:

    Mousa Dembele (Celtic) is definitely worth a shout.

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