Arsenal’s pre-season is coming – Let’s hope Thomas Partey can prove himself fit and ready to play

The Arsenal players will be reporting for pre-season training on Monday, July 15th. Arsenal players who didn’t play in Euros and Copa America would report first. Some of those involved in the international tournaments, like Bukayo Saka, Declan Rice, Gabriel Martinelli, and the rest, will get a longer and much-needed break.

In the next few days, we’ll be getting ready for a better 2024–25 season.

The lads in red and white are all set to jet off to the USA for their pre-season tour, and they’ve got some exciting fixtures lined up.

July 24: Arsenal vs Bournemouth
July 27: Arsenal vs Manchester United
July 31: Arsenal vs Liverpool
August 7: Arsenal vs Bayer Leverkusen
August 11: Arsenal vs Lyon

During this pre-season, it’s obvious that some fringe players will have the opportunity to show Arteta why they should be included in his project. That said, there’s been talk about Arsenal potentially bringing in a top midfielder, with Mikel Merino from Real Sociedad now the one heavily linked. The idea is to have him play alongside Declan Rice and Martin Odegaard.

However, don’t you think that if Thomas Partey sticks around, he might still have a shot at making his mark in the Arsenal midfield?

It is worth noting, Thomas Partey is set to return for pre-season training this Monday. He needs to bring his A-game in the pre-season friendlies, which he can do to secure his spot in Arteta’s line up next season. In the last five league games of the season, Partey really stepped up. He brought a lot of confidence and composure to the Arsenal engine room as No. 6, allowing Rice and Odegaard to focus on their attacking play, which helped Arsenal finish the season in style. Let’s hope he is now getting prepared to help us for the full season this time around…

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  1. Same goes for all other bench players too, they’ll be needed to step up before the return of our stars at the Euros and Copa America later on.

  2. Like most crocks, he’ll play a couple of games and then be sidelined with injury for the rest of the year.

    As good as he is at showing he can be a classy midfielder, he needs to be sold along with Tierney and Smith Rowe.

    This is because history tells us that come the start of the new season these able fit and ready players will once again let you down with repeated injuries.

    Once they think their season is safe at Arsenal and pre season is over, they will get injured and be content to get paid for sitting on the bench for another easy restful year. Easy life easy money. Maybe the demand at Arsenal is to high for certain players who have not the right physical sustainability. For instance Saka is probably the most fouled player in the league that goes unpunished by referees. Yet he is able to sustain his physical attributes and play every game of the year. Some players are just more fragile than others.

    1. The last sentence of your last paragraph was the complete opposite of the outrageously comedic things said in other parts of the same paragraph. So Party and Smith Rowe purposely wait to ensure that pre-season is over and then deliberately get injured while Saka decides on his own not to be injured. Absolutely ridiculous

  3. Don’t risk Partey for pre-season friendlies, he might pickup another injury and we might struggle to sell him. Just sell him immediately, I know we there’s no replacement yet but the only chance of making some money off him is now.

  4. If Partey can get half a season under his belt that would be brilliant and the he needs to be sold immediately

    We’ve already missed selling him at the right time,that’s the only chance of recouping anything mildly decent

  5. Best keeping Partey because, the value of his presence and contributions when fit (and he is fit) supersedes whatever monetary gains we are going to receive upon his sale.
    Extend his contract for 2 more years.
    This is a no brainier.

  6. The current calls by some fans to sell Partey reminds me of Carzola.
    We held on to super Santi through his intense injury period yet, lack of patience denied us of his needed services, and 6 years after releasing him, he has been involved in top club football.
    Take note!

      1. Very much different. Those two players you mentioned all had 4 years left on their deals before leaving Liverpool. Therefore, commanded huge fees.
        Again, Coutinho insisted on leaving for Barcelona which is not same as Partey’s situation.
        Partey wants to stay and he is fit and the best in his position for now.

  7. Here’s a few questions for you all.
    If Partey was to remain fit, what would he be worth?
    I suggest around the £45 million mark.

    How much would it cost to replace a player of the quality of Partey?
    I suggest around the £65 million mark.

    Do we have any player who, currently, would be able to fill in at the same level?
    I would suggest No, but it might be worth trying Zinchenko in there as a stop gap and who knows how he will perform?

    Why was Mikel playing Thomas if he has any doubts about his fitness?
    I suggest it’s because he’s been passed completely free of any injury problems by our medical team.

    In my opinion, we should keep TP and hope he has returned to full fitness – meanwhile, look around for THE perfect replacement.

  8. Sell ESR and upgrade him with Eze
    Not sure who we should sign when replacing Partey but it will be a difficult task to get an upgrade on him This is when you have to have trust in Edu and Mikel

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