Arsenal’s Premier League start to make Wenger complete early transfers?

It has often been the case with Arsenal that Arsene Wenger uses the full span of the summer transfer window to get his business done and to some extent I can understand that. It is not just the Gunners either, as the last few days of the window at the end of August seems to see more players moving to new clubs than the whole of the rest of the lengthy transfer period.

The Arsenal boss will still, I am sure, be on the lookout for any late deals and he may have to leap into action if any of our key players picks up a bad injury in pre-season or the three Premier League games due to be played before the window slams shut.

But the way the fixtures have worked out could affect the manager’s usual transfer plans, because our first two games are against Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool and Claudio Ranieri’s Leicester and Wenger knows they are massive games which we cannot afford to lose.

There is a very real danger of our title challenge looking over before it has begun if we lose those two early matches, so Wenger needs to have the team as strong as possible and ready to hit the ground running and that could mean him getting any transfers done and dusted early enough to get the new lads settled in before the season begins.

Our first pre-season game is against MLS All-Stars on July 28th, so can we expect Arsenal to have any and all new signings completed well before then?

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  1. Id say losing only one of those matches would be a nightmare. We lost our first game last season and that is just not acceptable, champions usually go on to lose three or four games on average maybe. After an early loss it puts too much pressure in fearing the next one before any other big team loses it’s first. Of course, none of this had to be said, but I said it anyway, sue me.

    Really digging Xhaka, I didn’t watch today’s match but a man of match performance and twitter going raving mad is enough to convince me he looked more than decent. Love that he has an edge about him, why did Wenger wait so long in targeting this type, Ill never know. Is one player coming in going to give us a steely new persona, doubtful. I really hope he targets the right sort of CB, and the right type of striker. Of course they need to be talented, they need to be reliable, but they also need a bit of something extra. The core, we get that right, and things could really be beginning to turn around. The Euros is good and all, but I cant wait to see the Arsenal back in business.

    1. I am just wondering why are we not linked closely to any CB so far. CB is a position that we must upgrade along with Striker position. I would love to have players like Mahrez, Gotze etcv, which we are linked with, but until these 2 positions are covered I would not be too happy.
      In terms of Striker, I think Wenger has moved rightly with Vardy’s chase but we should go for others as well

  2. Knowing Wenger with his “belief” thing i wouldn’t expect him to sign players coz of small teams like Leicester and Liverpool.

  3. If we sign Vardy. Nante and Mahrez we will have a better chance of winning our 2nd PL match

  4. u mean Kante.. not needed, we’ve got 3young and reliable players for that spot- Xkaka, Coquelin n Elneny.
    Mahrez, Aubameyang/Vardy and Koulibaly/Subotic/Varane
    that reminds me, why haven’t we been linked to Subotic yet, the man is still 27 and one of the best defenders in the world.

  5. I understand your point but I don’t think losing the first two games would end out PL title challenge.

    It would be great if Wenger get’s his business done before pre-season training starts. This would certainly give the new players a much better chance to adapt to their new tam mates and the Arsenal playing style. Having said that I am not holding my breath.

    I will try to discipline myself this season by not considering us PL title candidates until I see our league position come February/March 2017. Too many false dawns to get carried away with a good start to the season. Injuries and slumps set normally take their toll around CL knock-out time if we make it that far.

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