“Arsenal’s priority is staying in the Premier League” Pundit gives verdict on Arsenal’s poor season

Chris Sutton says Arsenal’s upcoming games against Brighton and West Brom have to be six pointers for them else they risk being relegated.

The Gunners have been struggling for form recently and their run of seven losses in 10 league games is exactly how you get relegated.

Several of their players have let the club down this season and now they will struggle to reach their goal of finishing the season inside the top four.

He said that the Arsenal players will be happy that they haven’t been playing in front of their fans because they would have felt the brunt of the supporters’ anger.

He praised Keiran Tierney and Bukayo Saka for being the players showing some fighting spirit for the team but slammed Willian for playing with slippers and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang for taking a holiday after signing his new deal.

He wrote on Mail Sport: “Now, Arsenal’s priority is staying in the Premier League rather than qualifying for Europe.To think how many moaners there were about Arsene Wenger perennially finishing inside the top four. Offer that now and they’d snap your hand off. 

“Willian joined in the summer but may as well be playing in his slippers. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang decided to take a holiday after signing his bumper new deal. 

“At least Kieran Tierney and Bukayo Saka are showing fight, but Arsenal are in trouble. They have too many talented players to drop to the Championship. The upcoming games against Brighton and West Bromwich could be six-pointers!”

Arsenal will face Manchester City in the Carabao Cup next and a win in that game would bring some positive feeling back to the camp.

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  1. Just so! Brittish fotball needs fighting spirit. If you are keeping heads down and thinking the money Ozil will be given without wet shirt, this happens

  2. Yet another person who, belatedly, recognises the incredible job Arsene Wenger did during his time at The Arsenal.
    Never a whisper about relegation in the good old days.

  3. This is a club with no ambition.It was punching above its weight to finish 4th and challenging
    rf. Those times are over. While the top clubs have been buying top quality players,the gunners are satisfied with highly promising youths with huge potential or players from 2nd/3rd rate leagues or cast offs.
    This kind of situation wont last because soon Arsenal will be overtaken by the likes of Everton,NU and even CP.
    Then it will just be another London club.
    Its days as as a top club will be consigned to the history books like Wolves who were a top team in the fifties if you care to read the history of English soccer

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