Arsenal’s provisional fixture list released ahead of the Premier League’s return

With the return of Premier League edging closer by the day, teams will continually be getting a clearer picture of how their end of the season will look.

The teams have known their first fixtures when football returns for a while, however, their remaining fixtures of the season had not been known to them before now, but a provisional list has been released for all teams reports the Metro.

Arsenal’s next five games and their date has now been released to the club with the Gunners also facing Sheffield United in the FA Cup within their first five games back.

The Gunners will resume their campaign with their rescheduled game against Manchester City on June 17th, they will take on Brighton three days later on the 20th of June at the Amex.

On the 23rd of June, they travel again this time to Southampton, that game would be followed by their FA Cup trip to Sheffield United on the 27th of June.

The Gunners would then play their first home game back when they take on Norwich on the 2nd of July.

With four straight away games on the cards, these five games could become season-defining for the Gunners as they look to end this campaign in a European place even if it means winning the FA Cup.

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  1. Under normal circumstances I would struggle to see how Arsenal could win any of those four away games, but we have a chance with no home crowd.

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