Arsenal’s punishment for ESL breakaway attempt confirmed

Arsenal have been ordered to pay their share of a £20 Million fine after they agreed to join a breakaway in the shape of the European Super League, as well as being warned of future punishment also.

Each of Chelsea, Manchester United, Man City, Liverpool and Tottenham also signed up to the new competition, and the six sides will now pay their share of the fine according to Sky(via the Mirror), equating to around £3.3 Million each.

After a huge backlash amongst the supporters, the idea was quickly squashed with each of the English Premier League sides withdrawing from the competition before it had even been fully formed, as did both Milan clubs and Atletico Madrid. Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus appear to be standing firm in backing the idea however, and are at risk of further sanctions.

While the English teams have all been slapped with a fine, they’ve also been warned that any attempt to join another breakaway in future will come with a £20 Million fine, and a points deduction of 30 points.

It remains to be seen what will come of this European Super League venture, but with the idea having failed tso drastically in their opening attempt, the likelihood of one in the future appears unlikely in my opinion.

Will the FA, UEFA and FIFA put something in place which will block a potential breakaway after their initial failure?


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  1. Hope the fine goes towards grass roots football and not into the corrupt EUFA’s coffers.

  2. I dont see why the FA is so upset, it does not affect them.
    The FA just greedy and in cahoots with UEFA and FIFA.

    Dont get why FA would be against it if the tems still participated in the BPL.

  3. Is Kranky paying out of his own pocket for something he did off his own back and in secret?
    This was all down to poor judgement and nothing to do with Arsenal football club.

  4. what right does the FA have to punish the clubs though, very confused. There was never a proposal to leave the English FA…. Talk about greed, lmao.

    1. RSH, we are signed up to everything contractually to all these organisations and we broke our contract by trying to do what we did. We take money yearly from these orgs and prize money for being part of. We broke the terms of our contract, we get punished, thats it.

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