Arsenal’s Ramsey slammed by England legends over Cavani incident

Former England internationals Steven Gerrard and Rio Ferdinand have moved to share their disappointment at Aaron Ramsey’s supposed play-acting in Arsenal’s Champions League encounter with Paris Saint-Germain last night.

The Welshman got caught up in the encounter last night, with both sides going all-out to try and secure the win, and the assurance of having topped their group, but the two sides cancelled each other out with a goal each per half, and the final game will now prove the deciding factor in the standings.

The French side currently sit pretty as they look to win their respective group thanks to an away goal, and know that all they need to do is to match our result on December 6.

The occasion clearly brought out the fight in the players, with a few of them clashing, but it is Aaron Ramsey who has been brought under the spotlight for his part in the drama.


“I think he should be a little embarrassed by that. I thought the Welsh are meant to be tough,” Gerrard said on the subject.

While Ferdinand echoed those thoughts saying: “I think there was a bit of over-reacting from Ramsey. I think if he was a foreign player we’d be going mad.”

The Welshman himself moved to play down the incident, but claims he ‘thinks’ that he was hit.

‘Those things happen on the pitch, but it’s fine – we shook hands at the end and it’s nothing,” said Ramsey.

“I think so (he hit me), but these things happen in the heat of the moment. I’ve got no issues with it.”

Do you think Ramsey over-reacted? Was Cavani lucky to stay on the pitch? Are the former United and Liverpool pair being biased against our star?

Pat J

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  1. NY_Gunner says:

    There’s a shot from another angle that shows Edison did cuff Aaron in the neck, right under the jaw line. Aaron just reacted late and yes, a bit too much…

    1. josh37 says:

      Why too much? honestly, on a scale of how much players are willing to go to highlight contact it was about a .5/10. In the laws of the game that incident was 100% cardable, either colour. Ramsey simply highlighted it to the ref, did he go down like a sack of poo clutching his face as though he’d been shot and have the rest of the team mob the ref trying to influence his decision? no.
      In all seriousness Rio, if that had happened to Mourinho’s United and they’d acted that way I’m actually convinced he’d be annoyed at the team for not doing all they could to get Cavani sent off. Hypocrites!

  2. josh37 says:

    Cavani clearly reached out and had a little swipe at him. This is a sport in which players cheat and try to get every tiny advantage they can and Arsenal are one of the cleanest, fair playing clubs out there (which i genuinely believe is down to instruction by Wenger, I remember Santi dived once in one of his first games and hasn’t dived since, Sanchez also used to dive regularly for Barca). Ramsey stayed on his feet, barely played for it at all. He had every right to highlight to the ref that there was a swipe taken at him. If he’d gone down like a tonne of bricks which i guarantee, a lot, lot, lot of players would have it may have been cause for ’embarrassment.’
    Rio… You’ve still got Ashley Young at your beloved club which is managed by Mourinho. Nuf Said.
    Stevie G.. For all your talk of fair play, you were a diver. Once or twice, OK, but you dived many, many times.

  3. josh37 says:

    And completely forgot about the BS Giroud send-off in the first PSG game… Surprise, surprise, the Liverpool and United pundits kept their mouths shut about an infinitely worse incident of successfully making something out of a minor incident…
    Grrrrrr.. This has actually upset me!

  4. Twig says:

    Cavani barely touched him, so he’ll be a little bit unlucky to get sent off. However he should have got a yellow card. Giroud shouldn’t have grabbed Cavani by the neck like that even if it was just in play, a fight might as well have been started.

    Lets move on and grab the points! COYG!

    1. josh37 says:

      The bournemouth game i have a feeling will be an absolute Banger!!! One of the few lesser teams that actually like to play football, attack and commit numbers.

  5. Jansen says:

    This is what is wrong with football. (There is lots about football that is great)

    The fact that any fan is willing to condone and just accept this embarrassing behavior of players play acting is the real problem. I found Ramsey’s efforts and acting an embarrassment to the shirt. Yes, many players of other clubs do the same, dive to get penalties when not touched, grab their face when it wasn’t touched and fall in a heap on the floor as if hit by Tyson in his prime.

    If fans would stop to try to justify this behavior it might stop. But when Costa does it we are furious and Chelsea fans justify his behavior, when Ramsey does it we justify his behavior.

    To me, this is one aspect of the game I don’t like. What kind of competitor are you when you are proud and happy when you win a game because you tricked the ref in a red card or a penalty?

    To me, you are a fake competitor if you want to win like that.

    This is a problem across the game and continent, it is up to the fans to correct their own players instead of treating them like heroes or smart for having gained an advantage by trickery and play acting.

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