Arsenal’s REAL new signings are being promoted from the Academy

There has been much of a song and dance about Arsenal only bringing in two players this summer, and letting 12 of our senior and upcoming players leave the club, but the fact is that this just means that Arsene Wenger is sticking to his project of bringing youngsters through from the Gunners Academy.

His choices have been limited as quite a few of our top graduates decided not to renew their contracts so they could move away in search of more chances to play first team football, like Dan Crowley, Donyell Malen, Chris Willock and Kaylen Hinds. But Wenger still has some top quality youngsters to choose from and Reiss-Nelson has been promoted to the first team squad after some amazing performances in pre-season and for the Under 23s.

Another two that will get more chances, especially with the Europa League games coming up, will be Ainsley Maitland-Niles and Jeff Reine-Adelaide and maybe Joe Willock. Those four will be like new signings, and when you add Jack Wilshere’s return from long-term injury and a loan at Bournemouth, you can see why Wenger needed to cut the amount of players already on the first team roster. Obviously we would all hope that Wilshere can return to the giddy heights of talent he had before the injuries starting taking toll, and his performance last week for the U23’s against Man City was extremely promising so maybe we will see more of him as well…

Most Arsenal fans have usually praised Wenger for promoting our talented youngsters, and with the current crazy transfer prices, the academy graduates are going to become even more and more important in the future. Surely we should be pleased that Wenger has disposed of players that are simply not good enough for the first team to make room for some of our promising youngsters?

Sam P


  1. Justin says:

    This post cant be serious?

  2. leomann says:

    is this supposed to suit us… Z it supposed to calm us down… Since Tony Adams left the club give me one academy player that has amounted to anything under wenger… This man doesnt have a good eye… He has dropped the youth project a long time ago.. Nothing seems to work for him… He just has to leave.. What a shame of a man.. N to read chamberlain saying ‘ we (liverpool) beat arsenal 4 zero is just disasterous enough…felt like crying

    1. BigStick says:

      And has Nelsen really been promoted to the first team? His picture isn’t among the rest of the guys. Isn’t a premier league squad limited to 25 players? Are teams allowed to swap them around throught the entire season or it the roster set in stone?

      1. khitb77 says:

        I mistakenly thought the 25 man limit applied to ALL players in the squad, but I now believe it applies to over 23 year olds only.

        We can have maybe 50 under 23 year olds in our squad if we wanted, there’s also a homegrown rule that further complicates the matter.

    2. Goonerboy says:

      Hey Leomann,

      I understand how you feel, I really do but you don’t have to feel that bad because of Ox…

      Am pretty sure you witnessed the exits of many of our best players up until RVP and Ox isn’t even close to that….

      I didn’t wanna get involved in all of this argument but I just don’t understand some of us here…
      Iwobi has done more than Ox in 2 years compared to his 7 years of inconsistency…

      For now, he is average, he played above his level at the end of last season by giving his all just to market himself….
      Remember he is English and that’s what they do, they flatter to deceive, Sterling was far better than Ox when he broke out at Liverpool how is he doing now?
      He is a starter a City???

      For me, its a good deal to move him on, I didn’t even know someone is gone….

      1. Incarnate says:

        Gibbs out, Kolasinac in. Perez out, Lacazette in. Ox out Nelson in. Gabriel out, no one in…not bad.

  3. Tedermaan says:

    That was the first positive article in a looong time.
    Perhaps too long…
    Kind of forgotten feeling.

  4. Arsenal_Girl says:

    “Those four will be like new signings, and when you add Jack Wilshere’s return from long-term injury… ”

    Wenger must have written this article under the alias “Sean” lol

    1. Arsenal_Girl says:

      Sorry, I meant “Sam”

  5. Pablo Picasso says:

    Our academy graduates in recent times have not really sparked the world.

    Infact after nurturing them for 4 to 5 years we offload them and mostly for free! The system at Arsenal is rotten from top to bottom at the moment.

    – Adelaide came with a buzz but up to now we don’t even know his best position.
    – Dan the future Wilshere shipped out because he ended been like the real Wilshere
    – Donyell Malen, Chris Willock out
    – Akpom still cant even a trap a ball.
    – Sanogo still has no goals away from the club

    If our academy coach is as clueless as Wenger I would rather we sent Nelson and Nakwali (sp) to Monaco or Dortmund on a years loan so we get back a player with proper football education.

  6. Goonerboy says:

    I expect a lot from Adelaide already, he should be the closest to the first team by now, but I personally dunno his position, maybe CM or LW…
    In teams like Monaco, he will already be in the team as he has the signs of a good player, he displays confidence and maturity…..

    For Nelson, he is a very exciting player and am so happy for him to make this step up, I wish the best…

    Wilshere wil be so desperate to show to Arsenal and fans that he should be counted on and I hope that won’t work against him, I advise him not to try too hard and take things easy…wish him luck….

    Overall, youngsters are a breath of fresh air especially now, here is hoping they can start to fulfill there potential this season…

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Adelaide was supposed to be loaned out to Bolton but it fell through after he picked up an injury.

  7. Wolf says:

    No shots on goal vs Liverpool. Scored zero at Stoke. We don’t have the creativity in the middle of the park and I think we will struggle to break teams down this season. As it goes that’s been a problem too for so long its not funny anymore. To me a wasted window 2/10, 1 for each signing. I wish those coming in from the academy luck their going to need it. The deadwood shouldn’t of been there in the 1st place. Boycott for change

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  10. Judas Mangogola says:

    shame on Wenger as he failed to do with Lemar, our team is goin down every season. Mr. Wenger i think it is high time for you to pack yo bags and go bcos your time is up.

  11. mantak says:

    There’s way too much at stake to blood academy players in the PREM. There’s no soft games anymore. They need to be loaned out to Championship clubs. It only works bringing into the first team youngsters when the majority of the first 11 are exceptional and can carry an inexperienced player. Do you honestly think our senior pro’s are good enough to carry an inexperienced player against a team like Liverpool, City, United, Everton, Chelsea, Spuds….I could go on.

  12. satanK says:

    Wenger didn’t strengthen our weaknesses such as CB and DMF positions. Academy didn’t provide us with such players. It’s so sad to know that, especially since for the the DMF position he had the widest choice possible on the market. And he didn’t move a muscle.
    That’s because he’s lost his footballing brain somewhere around 2010. Also that’s because he is kroenke’s accountant and he is a part of the agenda to finance LA Rams’ new staduim with converting Arsenal into an EL – top 10 club. I don’t think he has mirrors in his house anymore. If I were him I couldn’t stand to look at my face after what I have done to the club I used to love.

  13. ThirdManJW says:

    Even our academy is poor these days. So many of our youngsters look really good, much better than other youngsters from so many other clubs, and then they go down hill. I think it has to do with Wenger, because even our experienced players seem to regress under Wenger, so what chance do the youngsters stand?

    Bellerin is the latest one what worries me. He looked so good when he came in, but has been really for a long time now. On top of that poor form, it seems as if Wenger is hell-bent on destroying what ever confidence the poor kid has left, by playing him completely out of position. Wenger did the exact same thing with Chambers, when he shoved him out into the RB role, and look at Chambers now! He’s in complete limbo now. He’s still at the club, but Wenger refuses to pick him! Yet another that is regressing under Wenger.

    1. jon fox says:

      True. Some have called him The Professor. It should , of course, be The Regressor.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        The Regressor Sounds like he’s good at it.

  14. jon fox says:

    If ever there was a better and truer example of amateurs working(!) in a professional world, it is the play school children whosework titles say they run Arsenal Football Club. In truth the last real professional and organised man left some 10 years ago; name of David Dein. Remember him? He was forced out then when the dinosaurs, amateurs and liickspittles who had been overpromoted onto the board forced him out. It was reported that he was frogmarched from the club. With him went the only man who could ever persuade Wenger to actually make decisions, rather than the dithering he has shown so starkly and often ever since. Imagine if you will the agenda for a current Arsenal board meeting. Note : words in brackets are mine. Agenda. Item one: A vote on whether or not the board should ever actually take a decision or ever plan anything. Gazidis: ” What do you think Sir Chips, shall we think about perhaps possibly considering the idea, which apparently some fans have been suggesting (that means the Wenger out campaign last season) that we the board should recommend to the blessed Saint Arsene that he should seriously consider making a decision?” Sir Chips Keswick: ” My God, Ivan, what has come over you, you sound like one of those radicals running City, United Chelsea (etc). Of course not. Perish the thought. Arsene might think we are interfering in his kingdom and he might tell us off by saying, and I quote,” “Look! I have overall control and, as well, if you do not stop at once I will flap my arms at you all!” “No Ivan , we can not stand the shame of being told off by the Almighty” Gazidis: “And is that the opinion of you all?” The board all put up their hands to signify that they agree with Sir Chips. Gazidis: “Wonderful gentlemen. Then we have taken a decision, congratulations. I cannot possibly think how those wretched fans think we are incapable of making a decision, as we have just made a unanimous one”. Agenda. Item two. A four year extension of Saint Arsenes contract. (Yes, the lunatics, really are running the asylum)

  15. Godswill says:

    CONSOLATION CONSOLATION. Were you sent by Wenger?
    Only results can console me.
    Am sad. Hope results can change this.

  16. judas says:

    Arsene does not love the club he loves his salary.

  17. Raoh says:

    Look now that the window is over not much we can do about it now. Either it gets real ugly and ultimately he will have to get the sack or it gets better which I can’t see and we end up with something good come mid season.
    The “kids” such as Maitland-Niles, Reiss Nelson, Willock, Adelaide and probably Bielick will now have no choice but to see substantial game time. What I mean by that is more than the club could have envisioned. We will know if the next crope of Arsenal hope will pan out as it was planned initially with the british core. High hopes for Reiss Nelson who looks the part at 8 and far more developped than Ox…
    But let’s face it will all the cash we spend to watch Arsenal, dress the part and all the money they bring in with Tv deals, commercial deals that keep growing & kit deal we don’t want to hear that there is no money…
    We sent out on either on loan or sold: Gabriel, Szczesny, Emilio, Ox, Perez, Campbell, Gibbs, Chris Willock and now it looks a bit thin if you ask me to play Europa, the domestic cups & the EPL…with Sanchez & Mesut gone for free…as a business we didn’t do anything savvy.

    1. jon fox says:

      Raoh, What ever makes you think Arsenal are “a business”, as you called them? Businesses are run by professional people , Arsenal is by amateurs kidding themselves that they are professionals. They don’t fool us fans though, as social media posts all show.

      1. John Ibrahim says:

        have you got a job?

  18. Sammie says:

    I still bet to wonder why Welbeck wasn’t shipped out as well. I don’t know why he starts for arsenal.
    He wouldn’t start in top ten clubs in the epl. He can’t even cross a ball. Not brilliant enough for me to be an arsenal striker.
    Nelson, good prospect.
    I remember his left footed cross in our emirates cup win.

  19. Midkemma says:

    Look on the bright side…
    At least the kids have shown fight in pre season, something we lacked against Liverpool and something that can help us win games.

    Nelson deserves more game time, he has talent and now is the time to trust in him as AFC messed up the transfer window, let him be our Lemar.

    Nelson might turn out to be better than Lemar, Wenger has that kinda luck…

  20. phychem says:

    July 2017: Arsenal reject £10m for gibbs and conclude that £55m is too much for lemar.
    August 2017: Arsenal sold gibbs for £7m and bid £90m for lemar…#incompetency#

    1. Kris says:

      The thing is mate your only pulling your so called facts from what you read. How do you know for a fact that arsenal turned down 10 mil for Gibbs because the newspapers said so. Dont believe everything you rwad, and as for Lamar arsenal pffereing 92mil was such an odd fight they turned down Liverpool’s bid of 55 as well as arsenals so maybe Monaco were under no pressure to sell and said we wont take anything less than 90. You don’t know what goes on behind closed doors not ace the mighty David Ornstein. He came out on deadline day and claimed arsenal said there was no more money for major transfers and normally everything he says is gold, 2 hours later arsenal out a 90 mil bid in for Lamar.

      1. Kris says:

        Apolagise for the grammar damn predictive txt.

  21. AB says:

    The transfer window was always going to be bad given the leadership we have. The real work starts now. The reaction of fans on sep 9 and thereafter will decide the future of our dear club. I have already seen a couple of comments here that are pointing towards acceptance. The article itself, though not explicitly is hinting towards that. As Arsenal_Girl has pointed out seems like this article was written by wenger. I am keenly waiting for what our London fans will do before, during and after the game. If there are any social media campaigns on facebook, twitter, etc, will be happy to join in.
    Good luck to all in the fight towards the change.

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      Please do something, THE TIME IS NOW!


      OnlineGooner Wenger Out Protest Forum:

      Wenger/Kroenke Out Justgiving Page:

  22. Andrew Elder says:

    I think Reiss-Nelson is THE standout ( Academy) player a real prospect for both AFC and England. I think we must sign him up long term (if we haven’t done so already) or he can have his head turned by someone like Man City where money is no object.

    As for the Ox, below average player, hasn’t scored more than 2 goals in any season for the past 6 years and Liverpool just paid £40m for him – great piece of business and I agree Iwobi is much better. Ironically he might be warming the bench at the ‘Pool which will serve him right.

    1. RSH says:

      yet losing ox still weakens us which just shows how bad our first team is, and how other players have failed to step up

  23. RSH says:

    watch Wenger ruin Nelson. Our academy has not been so great recently in terms of creating first team players. Maybe it’s because the first team is completely unstable? Just maybe…

  24. i was a gooner says:

    our academy players will be a good taste of foodball in europa league , i guess.
    the man we really look into, i think is reiss nelson. how he can fill the void of Ox.
    infact only 17 & he might not be a regular 90 minute player, still, i feel he can feed better balls than Ox on the right wing.

  25. Koktafo says:

    If only we can sell ozil we should play a 4 4 2 with Giroud and lacazette up front.iwobi on the right and why not nelson on the right. They will play with heart.

    1. Koktafo says:

      ******nelson on the left

  26. Henry says:

    Starting 11 for Bournemouth

    Bellerin mustafi kos kolasinac
    Xhaka elneny Ramsey
    Lacazette giroud

    That is as good as it is gonna get for us

  27. Skills1000 says:

    All we can do now is support the team. Wenger cannot be sacked right now. Let us be positive and hope that the present players can deliver.

  28. Ivan says:

    If I thought somebody at Arsenal had actually planned what happened in the transfer window so they could create space to play some of the young players I would have some confidence. The trouble is I don’t beleive that is the case. Our efforts in the transfer window were laughable in the extreme.
    Sadly I think that our younger players will still have limited opportunity under AW, aside from cup games, as Wengers faves will play in the league no matter how poor they are or how little they try.
    Personally I would like to see Reiss Nelson as well as Iwobi play now and I would play them ahead of Ozil, Xhaka, Ramsey, Elneny or even Sanchez if his head is not right.

    1. James says:

      And here is d problem with d regressor (Wenger)… No matter how bad d likes of ozil and Ramsey plays, he’ll still use them… How can dey improve if dey feel dey can play d way dey like and get away with it????

  29. John says:

    Nketiah has consistently scored goals……..when is he going to be promoted to first team?………Arsenal should work hard to get Nwakali’s papers through…….so that he does not go through countless loans like Campbell………I feel Nwakali will strengthen our midfield……..he is a better and younger Ramsey……..

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