Arsenal’s REAL ‘Three Amigos’ are our Defenders!

The Three Amigos deserve Credit. By Galen Sona. 

In the last few days, the focus and limelight has shone on Sanchez, Ozil and Lacazette, everyone has raved about how good our front 3 is. Pundits have all spoken about how on their day they could take apart any team in the league. The Tottenham game had the high pressing, fluid passing and the movement of Ozil, Sanchez and Lacazette was a great audition of how this front 3 could look like. But what no one is talking about is the defence. The real three Amigos. 

For Arsenal to have a good season Koscielny, Mustafi and Monreal must all stay fit. They are the main reason why we are doing so well. Playing Koscielny and Monreal on the side of Mustafi was a brilliant move by Mr Wenger. Lets be honest, we all complained when we saw Mustafi as the center of the 3 CB. Most of us wanted Koscielney to be the Middle man. I want to give Mr Wenger some credit for making this bold decision. I think they complement each other in the most wonderful way. Personally, I think Koscielny and Nacho are better ball playing CB’s than Mustafi which means they could join the attack better. But Mustafi covers well  and he is very good positionally. He also has  better leadership skills. His command of English and his overall communication and sign language is so much better. He is a more natural and vocal leader than Koscielny for example and having him in the middle is like having that Super glue, holding everything together.

                                Now lets talk about Mustafi, 

Mustafi has been very impressive, the way he has dealt with Morata, Kane, has been wonderful, and for a small CB he is extremely good in the air. The stats are even more pronounced. Arsenal have conceded only once in the seven league games he has started. In the six he hasn’t played,  we  have conceded 15 goals in the League. He is not the biggest physically, his strengths lie instead in defensive organisation and anticipation. Following that fantastic  display in the win over Tottenham, he was exceptional again when facing a different test at Burnley. Mustafi is our Super Glue. 

This is what the Gaffer had to say with regards to Mustafi, “He’s naturally a talker, an organiser, and I felt in the middle of the three he could come out more. He’s also a guy who throws his body in to block the shots, and he is helpful in covering other players,”

I think our fantastic 3 is actually the back 3 and not the front 3. I just wanted everyone to know and pray that this 3 stay fit. If they do we are going to go places. They represent the solid foundation we can build our team on.

One game at a time, so lets focus on Huddersfield. I know everyone is talking about the Manchester United game on Saturday,  but for me, three points against Huddersfield is the same as three points against Manchester United.  Hopefully we shall all have a good week. Am looking forward to our magical trio showing their worth.

                   By Galen Sona. 


  1. deleny says:

    wel said admin

  2. Incarnate says:

    I’ll feel better with a new LWB like Gaya so we can push Kolasinac infield as a DM to cover any one of Xhaka, Ramsey or Wilshere and also allow one of Koscielny or Monreal to occasionally push beyond him or alternatively allow the two wingbacks to attack more relentlessly because Kolasinac can slot into CB right next to Mustafi while Montreal and Koscielny cover both fullback positions while the wingbacks track back. This ultimately allows the front three stay narrow and wreck havoc on opposition defenses with so many bodies forward and without recklessly exposing us to counter attacks.

  3. Pablo Santner says:

    Am I the only one who thinks we still need a CB.They all just don’t convince me. Specialy after selling Gabriel we didn’t signed anyone. And monreal and Kos aren’t getting any younger. Maybe we can sign Jose Maria gimenez from A.Madrid under bosman rule cause he is going to be out of contract next season. Just like we did previously this season.

    1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

      We desperately need another cb because I don’t realistically think Kos can play a whole season without multiple injuries anymore. Plus Per is retiring anyway so number wise we are very short and we saw what happened at the beginning of the season with a make shift defence of players being played out of position

  4. Sue says:

    Yes they have been very impressive

  5. Lexynal says:

    OT:” Sanchez & Ozil wont leave in January tranfer window”.- Wenger.
    Thank you Mr. Wenger! They will leave anyway and you are not likely to get good or better replacement for all two of them at the same time. Hence, forget the money, maximize their potentials to better our lots of at least achieving something in the season. Then go for replacement in the Summer. I am all for that all day long.

  6. Sukhjot Gunner says:

    The fact we are struggling at 4th rather than being right in the noses of city is the real reason that our defenders are being undervalued here. Had we been right behind them all the praise in the world would have been thrown at our defenders. But yes,the games in which we have been impressive against the top 6 like away at the bridge and the NLD a lot of credit should go to our defence and I hope that continues throughout the season not only in patches but day in day out…..

  7. Break-on-through says:

    You can’t deny that stat, with him v without him, minus the odd casualty/bad timing. Mustafi is more naturally an organizer above Xhaka Kos Alexis Ozil. I have to also highlight the part our midfielders have played recently, along with the wingbacks, all of them have shown a marked improvement without the ball. Ramsey must have made about six to eight blocks/intercepti0ns v spu. Xhaka’s positioning has shown some better care recently. Bellerin is getting a better grip of his responsibilities and with Kos playing well and Mustafi organizing could be the key to it. Kolasinac and Monreal know each other, trench buddies. While Mustafi seems prob the shining light thus far, lately, I believe a round of brief appraisal is about due.

  8. Karlito says:

    Good article Galen. I’m a Liverpool fan, but it’s great to see defenders given the credit they deserve.

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