Arsenal’s record after an international break should worry their fans

Arsenal returned to form after the last international break as the pausing of league football helped them to recover some of their players who had missed the start of the season.

The return of the likes of Ben White and Thomas Partey helped them earn wins against Norwich and Burnley, but their overall record after international breaks since the 2018/2019 season is poor.

A new report via The Daily Mail shows that the Gunners have played 10 matches on their return from the different international breaks since that season and they have just a 40% success rate.

They have lost 30% of their matches after the break and drew the other 30%.

This should worry their fans as they prepare to face Crystal Palace in the Premier League on Monday.

They would come up against Patrick’s Vieira’s very young team and it promises to be an exciting match.

Fortunately, the Eagles also struggle after the international break and they have won just 20% of their matches since that time.

Arsenal’s next two Matches would be tricky fixtures as they will welcome Aston Villa next weekend after the visit of Palace on Monday.

If they can earn wins from these two games, they could finish October inside the European places.

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  1. @Weebie.
    Those stats are not enough.
    No we need more information.
    We need to know ALL the stats when Arsenal played game 8 of the PL after the inter break.
    When did we last play Palace in October on a Tuesday the 18th starting at 8pm?
    We must know.
    Also when did we play Palace after the previous game was Brghton away in a 0-0 draw played in wet conditions?
    Its vital we unearth these secrets.
    What about the stats on Arsenal home games
    v Palace when the match officials were
    Referee: Mike Dean.
    Assistants: Eddie Smart, Mark Scholes.
    Fourth official: Simon Hooper.
    VAR: Peter Bankes.
    Assistant VAR: Neil Davies?
    Crucially how have Arsenal fared when placed 11th playing Palace who sit 14th?
    When did Arsenal last play Palace when managed by a French former Gunner captain while we are managed by a Spanish former Gooner captain?
    And most importantly how has Arsenal played in game 8 in the season after a pandemic in a year ending in 21 ?
    We need to know all of these stats otherwise we have no chance 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. FF, leaving aside the pointless and confusing emojis which MAY, just may, be meant to negate all you wrote, you are correct to contend that comparisons, IF they are to have any meaning MUST always be comparing like with like in absolutely everything.

      Otherwise they are pointless and silly.
      The whole article is silly in any case and faintly ridiculous too, as both we and PALACE HAVE FAILED TO WIN A MAJORITY OF ALL THE GAMES WE HAVE PLAYED STRAIGHT AFTER AN INTERNATIONAL, which proves nothing whatsoever of course.

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