Arsenal’s recruitment team deserve credit for Gabriel’s signing

I’m not going to pretend that I watched a lot of Lille’s games last season, and if Gooners are honest many wouldn’t have known who Gabriel was before he was being linked with us?

Yet there are so many reasons why our recruitment team deserves so much credit for this transfer. I made this point when Saka and Martinelli extended their contracts, that it does seem that Arsenal are correcting mistakes that got them in the current situation.

Part of any solution is admitting there has been a problem.

While we cannot ignore that the likes of Chelsea and Man City have been bankrolled by billionaires or even countries, that’s not the case with Liverpool. While it was concerning to finish 43 points behind the Champions, Jurgen Klopp’s men actually are an example to give us hope. They are proof that you can win the Premiership if you are a club being run properly.

Yes, having a world class man manager is important, but they only would have gotten to a certain level if the other departments were inadequate. I believe that in Arteta we have a young coach who tactically has many ideas, and has already shown he can get talent to believe in his vision and ethos. Yet what does he do if his employers don’t share his ambition?

Well, If the owners insist on Arsenal being a self-sustained model, while that can be frustrating, events at Anfield prove there is more than one way to win things.

Of course, outspending everyone is the easiest way and Stan Kroenke has the resources to do that if he ever wanted to. Yet Liverpool didn’t win a first title in 30 years because John W Henry broke the bank, they did it by doing clever business.

Yes, the Red spent big fees on Van Dijk and Alisson, but they only did that because of the income they brought in. That is literally the only difference between Arsenal and Liverpool.

When Coutinho wanted to leave for Barcelona, he had such a long contract, Barca had to pay over the odds to get their way. When Sanchez wanted to depart the Emirates, we could have equally asked for the same value that Coutinho was being judged at. We then would have had the resources to purchase a top defender and keeper. Yet Sanchez was allowed to run down his deal to it’s last 12 months, hence we were forced to either lose him for nothing or sell to a rival for a reduced fee.

It’s crazy when you’re talking about two massive clubs in this Country that something as simple as one player having a longer contract then the other could have such an impact in terms of sending two institutions in opposite directions.

The problem of course is that Sanchez wasn’t a one off. Ozil, the Ox, Ramsey, Welbeck, Wilshere and others were all allowed to run down their deals. Think how much money that is being lost out on, just because no one had the sense to extend contracts quicker. Someone was being paid a decent wage to be responsible for this. His or her incompetence has set us back years.

So that’s why the arrival of Gabriel and Saliba is so encouraging. By all accounts both are predicted to be future great centre-backs, and I have zero reason to not believe those people who watch French Football every week.

Yet the most pleasing aspect is Edu is showing he understands. He understands what went wrong before him and what to do to fix it.

A partnership of a 19-year-old 22-year-old means (unless they were to really flop) it’s a win/win situation.

Obviously, the best-case scenario is they star for us for many years. Yet if the worst were to happen and say one day, they insist on going to Real Madrid, they are at an age where we can demand a huge figure that allows us to invest. Even if they didn’t settle for various reasons, they are young enough where you would still be able to demand more than you paid. That’s not a bad worst-case scenario.

Throw in Saka and Martinelli into the equation, that is 4 young talents who are crucial long-term assets on and off the pitch.

I’ll call a spade a spade. Heck, I’ll call a spade a shovel! I write a lot about what I feel Arsenal don’t do, and have made it clear recently I worry we won’t strengthen as much as say Chelsea. Yet it’s only fair to applaud and highlight when Arsenal do something brilliant.

Again, I never was aware of Gabriel till he was linked with us, but investing in youngsters and ensuring all young stars have long contracts is a great step in the right direction.

Well Done Arsenal!

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Dan Smith


    1. Love how people only come here to talk about how GREAT chelsea are! No where to be seen on most other articles 🧐🧐

      1. Why so much hype for a defender who only had one good season in French league before that he could not break into even Lille first team and was constantly loaned out. We were linked with house hold defenders but went out and bought a player who is not proven. Where as Arsenal fans are celebrating like we have signed future Kompany or Ramos. I hope he succeeds other wise we will see same fans on this site commenting Arsenal always buy cheap players.

  1. Notice how no media tabloid, and no journalist were reporting about us being interested in Aouar and it was just fans dreaming of having Aouar?
    Well, expect them to start reporting shît about it like they knew about the whole discussion and interest.
    David Ornstein confirming we’re talking to Lyon bout Aouar only means every site and tabloid will start reporting about our interest in him now.
    On Sunday night I posted Arsenal will make its first and official bid for Aouar on Monday.
    It has happened, Ornstein has confirmed Arsenal are in discussion with Lyon for Aouar. While Partey remains a priority also.
    I know it’s hard but this is one summer you guys need to be patient with and hope things turn good because Arteta and Edu are making serious moves for every Arteta targets.
    Aouar remains first priority now, they’re trying to seal a deal first before facing Partey as Partey has assured Arsenal he’s not leaving Athletico for any other club except us.
    If we get Lyon to agree a deal with us, it’ll be up to Edu and Arteta to convince Aouar, he’ll need serious convincing. I don’t doubt Arteta’s pull on that though. After Aouar, we’ll make sure we move out players then we’ll activate Partey’s clause.
    Marc Roca had his medicals with Athletico yesterday afternoon.

    Also like I told Jon yesterday about our transfer dealings…
    That PSG bid finally came for Bellerin.
    Bellerin is happy to stay or go, he’s open to a new challenge. If Arsenal accepts the deal, he’ll happily leave and always look back here as home.
    Arsenal are negotiating, Arsenal want more than £25M..If PSG pay what Arsenal want, Bellerin will leave, leaving Maitland-Niles to become the starting RB/RWB. The 30M+ will be put towards Aouar & or Partey.
    Juventus are also interested in taking him.

    Also if we sell Lacazette, the number one option to replace him as striker is Edouard. That’s Arteta’s choice for striker option if we go for a striker.

    Also we have some English team interested in buying Kolasinac, but Arsenal ain’t interested in strengthening them, Schalke 04 still remains the strongest party interested in Kolasinac.

    Not to sound like i know everything or sound arrogant, I’ll tell you more when I know, for now let’s hope Lyon accept our offer.

      1. Yea.. Certain clubs have made enquires about him.
        I think he might stay, will leave if a favourable offer comes in

    1. I’ll rather read your transfer updates than read the many hit and miss rumors out there. Keep them coming. 👍🏾

    2. 1) Eddie – September 1, 2020 at 12:04 pm
      Newspapers? Have you read anything about Arsenal making an offer for Aouar in papers or online?

      2) Eddie – September 2, 2020 at 9:26 am
      Notice how no media tabloid, and no journalist were reporting about us being interested in Aouar and it was just fans dreaming of having Aouar?

      The Sun – Isabelle Barker 7 Aug 2020, 18:38:
      Arsenal and Man City in Houssem Aouar transfer battle ‘as Lyon demand £54m for midfielder’

      Talksport By Jake Bacon 15th August 2020, 5:49 pm:
      Lyon reject Arsenal’s offer of £44m PLUS Matteo Guendouzi for highly-rated midfielder Houssem Aouar

      Metro Sport Reporter Thursday 20 Aug 2020 12:31 pm:
      Lyon set new price for Houssem Aouar after receiving Arsenal’s swap deal proposal involving Matteo Guendouzi 10.32 21/8/2020:
      aouar reminds me of nasri – ferdinand lauds arsenal . . .

      Metro Sport Reporter Saturday 22 Aug 2020 10:56 am:
      Lyon midfielder Houssem Aouar wants Juventus move over Arsenal and Manchester City

      Express 14:08, Sat, Aug 22, 2020 Jack Otway:
      Arsenal target Houssem Aouar picks preferred next club amid Juventus and Man City links.
      Arsenal, Manchester City and Juventus all want to sign Houssem Aouar from Lyon this transfer window.

      YT Video 22 Aug 2020: Here’s Why Arsenal Want Houssem Aouar!

      Talksport 24 Aug 2020, 23:12:
      ‘HOUSS OF CARDS Arsenal transfer blow as Houssem Aouar wants Juventus transfer after Gunners offer Guendouzi plus cash’

      Talksport 28th August 2020, 11:18 am By Oliver Dawnay:
      ‘Look houss talking’ Lyon midfielder Houssem Aouar gives cryptic response amid Arsenal transfer speculation – ‘I haven’t left yet!’

      1. Make of it whatever you will but I’ve never read anything about Aouar from blogs or sites and I won’t do it.
        If you really think everything I’ve been saying and all the assurances I’ve been giving were from reading newspapers and sites then please be my guest.
        I guess you also read that Arsenal would start negotiations this wee didn’t you?
        I’d like to know where you’ve read that Aouar is our top priority right now before Party, I’m not against you hsvin your opinions though, but I didn’t start talking about Aouar last week of August or after the FA cup.
        My comments on here are enough proof

        1. I don’t know about Arsenal but Aouar is certainly MY top priority, above Partey, for reasons I gave in a short article the other day.

  2. 100% agree Dan. Our dealings since Edu arrived have been much improved. Edu and Arteta’s influence in the Gabriel signing show very positive signs moving forward.

  3. Such a shame we didn’t get Arteta in at the start of last season ,i read an Article a couple of weeks ago that when players talk to Arteta they are sold on the move in minutes ,and it looks like it could be true with the help of Edu we look solid in that department now ,compare that to when senor Emery was here and telling us how he likes to cause friction with the players (never heard a dafter thing ever )and absolutely no pulling power because he wasn’t trusted with signings and we can now see we are on the right track with these 2 in charge .
    After what the fans have had to put up with the last 18 months prior to Arteta I think we deserve some good times ahead.

    1. Well said Dan.. I have backed the Edu MA leadership from day one. For the first time I saw a change of attitude from our squad when Arteta watched the game at Everton and from that moment I started believing again.. prior to that game I had burnt my jersey and I had sworn that unless Unai leaves I will never see another game.. Freddie gave me hope but MA elevated me.. I have no doubts in my mind that these two will bring us success or other teams will burn out trying to outdo us in the race for the title.. and yeah no top six bullshit we are in for the title this season Coyg!!!

    2. Dan do you remember 90% of fans were against MA addition 2seasons ago, MA was board first choice but because of fans reaction went for UE, since 3 seasons ago, our recruitment has been OK, not fantastic but ok

      1. Emery’s recruitment was all Rauls doing apparently ,him and the snake Gazidis had their hands all over that deal ,we are seeing with them 2 gone (thank goodness)what a real back room team are capable without the weird appointments .
        There is a long way to go but we are finally on that right track .

        1. I personally feel we should be able to hit top 4 this season even without any more additions ,but if we get more in to help Arteta even further then sky’s the Limit .

          1. If we bring in Partey and Aouar we will be fighting for fourth place. I think Liverpool will add a play making midfielder like Thiago, city seem destined to add Messi and looks like Koulibaly to stiffen their defence and Chelsea have added some real talent to their squad. I would say we will be hard up finishing higher then those three so I see fourth next season as a huge leap for us as a football club

  4. We have shown improvement in pretty much every department both on/off the pitch since arteta came and after a long time it feels that we are going forward.


    6 good players playing in different positions all 23 or under(average 20.6 age). The future is really bright.

  5. Am sure Gabriel will come good and his partnership with Saliba will be the beginning of a new era in Arsenal’s defence.

  6. FABULOUS AND TRUTHFUL ARTICLE FROM THIS FINE WRITER. One nitpick quibble only; “SOMEONE was being paid a decent wage to be responsible for this”.

    Now I wonder exactly WHO this “someone” was! Hmm, now lets see; I know, lets ask GAZIDIS and see if he knows who it is! Using the actual persons name rather than “someone” would be TRULY “calling a spade a spade”, I’d suggest Dan! But still a terrific article!

  7. I really am very happy for what is going on in this transfer at the club, And if all what i have read in the news is real then believe me or not we are going to be a real headach for every team in EPL its only a matter of time to let some of these things to happen and we hear the sound of the time bomb boom.

  8. A good CB pairing and a commanding GK is so important to the well being of side which hopes to return to its former glories.With AMN and Tierney flanking Saliba and Gabriel ,we have, at long last a back four which may just emulate that of the early Wenger era.Edu has done well thus far, but he is of course very well paid for being competent so let’s not get carried away and put him on a pedastal.

  9. Excellent article 🙂
    Can’t say, I had ever heard og Gabriel either. But I trust Arteta has given him the nod, and that is good enough for me.

  10. Well done, Dan! 🙂
    It’s nice to be thinking long term rather than just a quick fix. Very excited about our future, with all these quality younger players we have!
    And our defence is looking rather juicy 😉
    With Mikel, we’re definitely in good hands!

  11. Dan, good article.
    I see the early stages of a Wenger /Dein partnership being possible here.
    Both sets were/are true Gooners, both knew /know the values of the club, both worked /working together and neither of them had /have an ego problem.

    Maybe I’m a little early in my assessment, but couple that with the way the players are buying into the vision, along with the fans and it seems just like the early AW/DD era, in my opinion anyway.

    1. Ken Yes, I have thought similarly, even though it is early days and both have along way to go to equal the senior duo, til Dein was disgracefully forced out.

  12. ken1945 have to agree with your assessment, signs are there finally for guys who want what’s best for Arsenal FC. Thank God.
    Edu/Mikel > Dean/Arsene

    With the youth players mentioned throw Tutu, Willock & SmithRowe in that equation with the special young guns like Saka, Martinelli etc…. just need their chance too this year and under Mikel will get a shot.

    Imaging if we do sign Partey & Aouer then sell Torreira & Guendouzi while loaning Cabellos with a view to permanent deal? Cherry on that cake Aubas new deal…

    Bellerin we may need that £40m, as its PSG why not and there desperate for a RB. AMN time to shine at RB and I’m happy with that though I wouldn’t mind keep Hector as hes playing back to his usual self these days.

  13. Houssem Aouar is not worth it, frequently tries to take advantage of player pushes to fall down, he will get bullied easily in premier league ,poor ball control and easy nutmegs works with mediocre french teams . Simply paying 50 million is not worth it . Thomas Partey on the other hand with his excellent physicality which Arsenal badly needs and long range passing is the most essential need of the hour and can partner Xhaka, while Ceballos can move to a more attacking role

    1. I perfectly agree with you Arselnd. I will never choose Aouar above ESR. I have watched Aouar play and he loses the too often. His passing sometimes is suspect. Paying 50m euro is too high. If he’s a player that we think he is, why haven’t any team bid for him?

      Give ESR first team football and he’ll deliver.

  14. Wait till Edu make us into Brazilian B team that too without Neymar. All we have acquired are either past their best, error prone or unproven. How far have we fallen if fans regard Luiz, willian also an unproven 19 year old and a one season french league hit as great recruitment by over management. We are happy because we won a bidding war with Napoli really??? That shows our standard now if we are competing with club of that stature.

    1. Is that not what the article is all about? Buying strategically players within our budget is instead of going for big names that also flop.

      Not saying Pepe is a flop, but we could have spend that money on our pressing needs. Like the writer used Liverpool as a reference, how many world class players does Liverpool had when they started restructuring. If Arsenal had sold a player like Coutinho, we will never hear the end of it with Arsenal fans. Even Salah was Chelsea’s reject.

      Give the ‘new’ management a benefit of doubt. They seem to know what we need even if they are not £100million signings you want.

  15. Only time that I agree with you 100%. The building program is encouraging. Someone has been sleeping on the job for years. P8 was rude awakening. Our season was saved by MA without tools. Let’s see what he does with tools.

  16. Excellent article, Dan. The critical thing is that Arsenal’s scouting, negotiation and contract team are addressing strengthening the spine, CB’s, DM, box to box midfielder, CAM over the past two seasons.
    Unfortunately in your comments you continue to disparage Emery long after he was rightly dismissed, when the players downed tools. The reason he was not a good choice at Arsenal was due to his poor English communication skills, not football reasons.
    He was appointed as head coach to coach the players bought for him. He wanted Partey and Zaha for example and didn’t get them.
    On what basis do you put forward the narrative that “Emery wasn’t trusted with transfers” given his experience and track record at previous clubs? Maybe the Board now realize their mistake in not allowing the head coach a say in who he had in his team? It is interesting that Arteta now has a significant say in transfers, has inherited Pepe (bought instead of Zaha) and like Emery, has made Partey a high priority. That’s as it should be.

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