Arsenal “wanted it more” than Everton!

With official captain Mikel Arteta only managing cameos for Arsenal this season, and Per Mertesacker relegated to the bench recently, it was left to Laurent Koscielny to marshall the defence and the team against Everton yesterday. He was obviously happy that the Gunners finally got their first League win for a month, but just as importantly we kept a clean sheet despite being up against one of the Premiership’s most in-form striker Romelu Lukaku.

Koscielny said after the game: “It was important to win today because we didn’t win the last game, which was difficult. We did the job and it was quite difficult because Everton played very well. Today, we wanted it more and it was important for the confidence for the rest of the season.

“When you score the first goal, it is always important for the game. We killed the game with the two goals in the first half. We played on the counter-attack but we could play more with the ball in the second half. When you lose some games, the confidence can go and we came back slowly but today was different.

“When you do a good job defensively, it is good, and today we did so we need to keep this up until the end of the season.”

So one down and eight more to go. There are no more midweek games for the Gunners so we will have the whole seven days to prepare for the return of Watford to the Emirates. I am sure the lads will be desperate to get revenge for our FA Cup exit. The Hornets are comfortably clear of the relegation zone so hopefully their minds will be concentrated on not picking up any injuries ahead of the FA Cup semi-final and won’t be too hard on our boys…

Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. Lets see how much we more it more in the remaining 8 games……..until then, shut it and focus

    1. Do you ever work rest and sleep…you are here 24/7 mate!
      Too much Wenger is not good for your health.

      1. Not entirely ur biz Nikk……….. I find time for everything i do…… Why do u waste ur time Taking paracetamol for my headache?

          1. You think I’m a Wengerite and you think its an insult. That shows your level of intelligence. I am an Arsenal fan and I want thm to win no matter who the manager.
            You on the other hand, want Arsenal to lose so you can shout your slogans.
            You my friend are NOT an Arsenal fan.

            1. Ever heard “the cause justifies the means” before? Who the beep are you to decide who’s an arsenal fan or not?

              1. a simple definition of a fan or supporter is someone who wants their team to win. Ergo a person that wants Arsenal to lose is NOT a fan. Simple.

                Are you another one that wants to see Arsenal lose?

                1. That’s a definition you made up yourself, ergo it’s completely useless as an argument, as it only reflects your own opinion.

                  I’ll make my own simple definition: a fan or supporter is someone who wants the team to do as good as possible. Ergo, if Arsenal losing results in stirring up the fan-base enough to revolt against the board, ending up in a change for the better – it’s still within the lines of being a fan or supporter of the club.

                  Ofc soopa wants Arsenal to win (do as good as possible), but he realises the “best as possible” is a roof set directly by the agenda of Kroenke (and Wenger).

    2. Talking about shut it and focus!
      Arsenal won a very good game yesterday but as usual you mention nothing about the game, just you usual anti-wenger slogans.
      Oh sorry I forgot that you don’t actually watch the games.

    3. @G-rude……….. Yea….. That’s cuz u are the only one with an season ticket and a TV set…… May i be excused now?

    4. “I am an Arsenal fan and I want thm to win no matter who the manager.
      You on the other hand, want Arsenal
      to lose so you can shout your
      You my friend are NOT an Arsenal

      Hahahahahahahahahahahaha….. Quit the broadcast….empty vessels make the Loudest noises

      1. Definitio of that statement-
        Empty vessels make (the) most noise/sound.
        something that you say which means that people who talk a lot and frequently express their opinions are often stupid
        As in- Soopa talks as if he’s an expert on everything, but empty vessels make most noise.

        1. “you’re stupid..”

          “No, YOU are stupid”

          You should run for president, it seems to be doing well for Trump

  2. The EPL is really
    hotting up now.
    Tomorrow its
    Tottenham v Bournemouth
    Man Cty v Man Utd
    Spurs should beat Bournemouth.
    But if City draw or lose to Utd they are gone.
    Next week again is huge
    Leicester v Southampton
    Arsenal v Watford
    Liverpool v Tottenham
    Bournemouth v City.
    I think Leicester and Spurs would take a point
    but Arsenal and City must win.

  3. Tottenham winning is bad
    for Arsenal. Because when
    Spurs close the gap on
    Leicester the Foxes play harder.
    So Spurs are helping to maintain Leicesters lead over Arsenal.
    Even if they don’t win Spurs will have helped deny Arsenal the title.

    1. Really? I don’t think so, the closer the gap, the more pressure there will be. Have you you looked at their results lately. 1.0 1.0 etc. Grinding wins out. Gone is their free flowing footbal. Pressure is on. Southampton are a good defensive unit. I can see a draw or a loss.
      The race is on……..

  4. anyone who,s been on justarsenal long enough will know there is no point in reading @soopa aeon comments,the guy has no objectivity or common sense for that matter!!!

      1. There you go again thinking everyone who disagrees with you is an AKB (your favourite insult) Learn the difference. An ARSENAL fan is NOT neccesarily an AKB, while AOBs are not neceseraly an Arsenal fan.

        1. Uhm, pardon me? Are you serious – have you looked yourself in the mirror lately? You read what you want to read. AKB is not an insult, it’s a label. “thinking everyone who disagrees with you is an AKB” Directly wrong. It’s mostly you alone I label AKB in here.

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