Arsenal’s remaining games analysed – Which ones can we win?


Hello Arsenal fans. Everything at the moment is something to forget and the Wenger issue looks to be going ’til the end of season! After the supposedly crunch talks with Kroenke things seem to have gotten worse, and last night was another night of all those long nights that justify Wenger leaving. As an Arsenal fan do you think Wenger’s indecision is having an adverse affect on our season?

Looking at the fixtures and most fans would wish they had powers so that they could fast forward the season and end it already. Let’s get started:

Middlesbrough (away)
The worst possible time to face them and looking at the way we are playing it’s going to be another long game. We can’t seem to penetrate any team at the moment and coming up against a defensively and a relegation battling team will not do us any favours. If we win, it will be by a small margin as we are low in confidence and morale has plummeted.

Leicester (home)
They seem to have picked up form and are on a roll. Another crunchy game for us and once again we will play to their arms as they will sit back and hit us with vardy. We might struggle to win this and I expect them to be hungry for it. The mood of the fans at that time can have an adverse effect as to how this games turns out, as it would be after a semifinal and hopefully the fans will have some hope about the season. It’s going to be very tough but it’s a must win for us.

Spuds (away)
St Totteringham’s day looks like is coming to an end this year. Spuds fans will take this game to hit us where it hurts most, and looking at our squad it might be another embarrassing day for us. Our recent form with them is draw draw and more draw, but if we assess the games most of the time we were lucky to scrape away with a point. Will this be the year the Spuds smash us? I hope not coz I will not be able to take it and at least the players need to turn up for this derby game!

Man United (home)
More rubbing of the salt in the wound fixture. Expect Mourinho to take a dig at Arsenal and Wenger as usual. We beat them last year but the Mou factor comes in, and Wenger is yet to beat him in the Premier League. I fear the home games now as more factors will come into play; wenger’s future?; fans mood. It’s really going to be tough and our record against Man United is something that makes me worried. Can we get the three points? I think it’s more of we should get the three points as we are at home and it’s a very big game. I think before we face Man Utd we would have a clear picture what position we are battling for.

Stoke (away)
We have not won there since 2010!!! Let that sink in. this game is all about the infield battles. Will our players be ready to battle it out against a Stoke City team that will fight for everything?

Final home game of the season. A very long season and most fans will get here feeling good (depending on all fixtures above) or they will feel battered and relieved that a long season has finally come to an end. Everton will play physical and hit long balls to Lukaku, the question comes are we up for the battles? Will we finally have an answer on how to defend against teams that try to bully us and go direct?

There is still a long season yet and I feel the games against Southampton and Sunderland (that still have to be rearranged) are going to add more pressure to us. These fixtures are like Cup Finals now – lose two and top four is done. Lose three and we might be 7th. When you have 75 % of the ball and you have done nothing at all with it. I see many draws here if we are lucky.

What do you take on these fixtures? Can we get a winning streak going? The fourth place trophy is looking a little unlikely for us now !!

Khan gunners.


  1. Howard says:

    Arsene Wenger must just leave. Time is up. He can’t improve the team anymore. The Board should withdraw the new contract and allow him to leave.

  2. Gavana says:

    I can only see a win at Middlesbrough. The rest will be loss after loss. I think we will finish number 9 this season.

  3. Griffin says:

    Play like we played last night and we can very easily loose all of our remaining games.
    If we score first, we still have a slight chance to come away with some points, go behind in the first half and we can get thrashed.
    The Spurs game for me, is the one to fear – not so much losing the game, but I seriously doubt they will offer us the same curtesy as Bayern did (Allow it to remain 5-1). Those Spuds fans will urge their team to go for 7 or 8 if in that position.
    Can’t for the life of me understand how we can start every game in the same lethargic, sleepy way. Where does this type of game come from? Its not the Arsenal way, heck, it’s not the Wenger way!
    Having said all that, there is still way we can win all of these games – if we play the way we all know we can. Whether or not that will happen is another story….

  4. Janssen says:

    I appreciate your effort Khan.

    But I have to be honest and say it is difficult for me to get in the analyze mode for these last games. Probably because I don’t think the out come matters any longer. For me, 4th place was gone last year when we lost to Everton and City and the way we lost.

    More importantly, if Wenger stays I no longer care about 4th or 10th, we won’t win anything meaningful.

    If he leaves I will get excited with or without CL football and would actually prefere no Eurpoean footbal at all, so 7th would be best in all cases.

    As has been said before, this squad has stopped playing and responding to its manager, this means predicting these remaining games is a lottery because the squad does not play to its potential.

    I hope what ever the results of these next games, that posetive change is coming but I know better than that with an owner like Kroenke and a manager like Wenger.

    1. khangunners says:

      Its tough for us gunners at the moment and i dont see how wenger can be given another shot. The fans will hve a complete meltdown. Top four is over if you ask me fa cup is only thing that can give us a good ending but that is not east also.

      1. Janssen says:

        Agreed Khan. I don’t see us win too many games either. In theory, I could see the lads pull together under fan pressure if Wenger announces today he will leave. Most of us would like to see him leave on a high so there would be an increased pressure on players to make an effort.

        But one thing is clear to me, at the moment, the players want Wenger gone and won’t make an effort.

        You don’t win a lot in the PL or FA cup if you don’t show up with a decent effort.

  5. George says:

    We will draw 0-0 against Boro
    Get a 2-2 with Leicester at home
    Lose to Spurs 3-0
    Draw with Man Utd 0-0
    Lose to Stoke 2-0
    Lose to Everton 1-0

    No more wins this season and City will destroy us in the semi final of the cup.

  6. Pablo Picaso says:

    = 9 points in 6 games.

  7. ThirdManJW says:

    Middlesbrough – WIN
    As bad as we’ve been, I think we can win this because Boro are really struggling to score, and create opportunities. They look as if they’re already down along with Sunderland.

    Leicester – DRAW or LOSE
    They’ve been excellent since changing managers, and could destroy us on the break. There seems to be a togetherness once again in the squad, and now they’re fighting for everything once again.

    Spurs – LOSE
    Can only see one outcome here. Spurs have been outstanding at home, and have progressed again this season, despite the poor European campaign. They’re going for the title, so they’ll put everything into this game.

    Man Utd – DRAW or LOSE
    They haven’t been great this season, but they’re still hard to beat. Mourinho has had Wenger in his pocket for years, and will know exactly how to set up for this game.

    Stoke – WIN, LOSE or DRAW
    On one hand, we have a terrible record at the Britannia, but on the other hand, Stoke have been poor this season, and seem a little softer than usual. I don’t expect us to win, but this is certainly the weakest Stoke team will face. Cannot call this one.

    Everton – DRAW or LOSE
    Koeman is doing about as good as he can with them being in 7th. But they now have a great chance of finishing above us, and making the top 6. That could be a huge motivation, if that’s still the case come the end of season. Our defence will not handle Lukaku.

    Southampton – TBA – LOSE
    They’re starting to show some good form of late, and were brilliant in defeat against Man Utd in the League Cup final. We seem to struggle at St. Mary’s, so expect another difficult day.

    Sunderland – TBA – WIN
    We should beat them at the Emirates with consummate ease.

    Man C – FA Cup Semi-final – LOSE
    They beat us at the Etihad, and should have buried the game by half-time at the Emirates. We have been shocking all season against big teams, with only ONE win all season!

  8. Walter Clunk. says:

    I think it depends on how
    serious the opposition are.
    Boro desperate for points but are rubbish. 3 points.
    Leicester should be safe by then. 3 points
    Spurs away. Tough if Spurs are still in the title hunt.???
    United at home. Its all in Mou’s head ??? Probable 3 points.
    Stoke away are safe so may be on the beach. 3 points.
    Everton. Home win. 3 points.
    To be rescheduled
    Sunderland Should be down by then 3 points.
    Southampton. Safe and at the beach. 3 points.
    Utd could be the decider. Wenger v Mou 🙂
    Prediction 7 wins 1 loss. 21 points. 75 points.
    Expected position 4th.

  9. ramterta says:

    middlesborough draw.We havent beaten them in like 8
    attempts in the premier league.
    leicester lose they are well back in form and firing on all cylinders
    spuds lose.Any one of sound mind will know we will be truly and well beaten in this game incoming 4 0 loss

    united the best we can expect is a draw if we play well.
    But they are well capable of smashing us.
    Stoke lose or draw.
    We have been struggling at the brittania and this year doesnt seem to be different
    Everton draw .They will be battling for a european spot.

  10. gotanidea says:

    If Arsenal keeps using that predictable 4-2-3-1 with Sanchez as the left winger and Ozil as the central attacking midfielder, we will lose most of the games. But I’m okay with it, as long as Wenger leaves at the end of this season and there is 300 millions for five new world class players next season.

  11. ArseOverTit says:

    Do not give a sh£t!

    And with regards to not attacking the players, rubbish!
    I don’t mean physically of course, but the entire AFC infrastructure needs to know we will not stand for this BS any longer.

    Give them any slack (board, owner, manager or player) and they will continue the circus we have become.

  12. The troll formerly known as Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Hehe you said penetrate

    1. khangunners says:

      Hahaha shhh lol!!

  13. vish says:

    There will be 4 losses and 2 draws. Doesn’t matter against which teams.

  14. ks-gunner says:

    With the team we have we are well cabable to win most of these games. With the right manager though. Which means bye

  15. Ronny says:

    Off topic I may be giving the arsenal management structure too much credit but if Wenger did plan to leave and his successor is one of the possible managers still competing in the CL would that club ask us to wait to announce until the team in question is knocked out? Seems feasible.
    Tuchel, simeone or allegri?

    Pinch me if that happened I’d be so excited.
    On last night I was shocked and a little surprised.
    I know our players were shocking last night but bellerin!? Should we really target one of the most likeable and usually top ckass right backs in the world after that game.
    Players like ox, bellerin and xhaka to me actually look genuine ad deeply disturbed by there own situation and he fans last night will have massively added to this. I can’t see how these psychological scars can be easily fixed anytime soon.

  16. Janssen says:

    I think we are very capable of losing our last 5 games.

  17. JustJoy says:

    Lose all and the blind board won’t see this..

  18. Splendid says:

    I just want results that would bring an end to Wenger’s reign as Arsenal manager, period!

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