Arsenal’s Rodriguez bid response to Alexis joining Man City?

Just a few days after Arsene Wenger gave a statement assuring the Arsenal fans that he would not be selling either of the club’s two star players who both now have just one year left on their current contracts, there are rumours that Alexis Sanchez could be just days away from sealing his transfer to our Premier League rivals Man City.

Metro is reporting the news from Spain that Gerard Romero who works for the Catalan sports outfit and has a good track record when it comes to the transfer dealings of Pep Guardiola, has claimed that our Chilean international forward has chosen City over Bayern Munich and other suitors.

This, if true, would make the Arsenal boss look a bit stupid, unless of course you look closely at his recent comments and see that the Frenchman did include a proviso on the sale of either Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil.

Wenger said, ‘They [Sanchez and Ozil] will stay at the club and hopefully we can extend their contracts.

‘You cannot weaken the club and weaken the team.

‘You want to strengthen the team. Unless you find a player of the same calibre.’

So could Wenger be close to the transfer of a player in the same league as Alexis? He could if you believe the rumours in the football press today about the Gunners launching a big money bid for the Real Madrid and Colombia star James Rodriguez. So is the Rodriguez bid a response to Sanchez signing for Man City?



  1. Can James Rodriguez play as CM?
    If he can then it will be awesome….
    Otherwise I would be Keen on keeping Alexis

    1. hes great but hes no alexis
      its that simple

      diego costa is available
      a genuine 25 goal a season pitbull
      a animal is available

      why are we not trying?

      1. Lol ?? nah, old habits are hard to die, he’s too used to kicking and slapping Kos & co that he’ll probably cause us more injuries during training.

  2. Finally the truth comes out.
    And it’s an awful one. Sanchez to City, my god! Talk about feeder club mentality.

    A for Bellend, If Arsenal accept anything less than 60 million pounds for him, they’re beyond dumb.

      1. You need to wake up ha ha ha. Arsenal are a club in decline, but you have the same mentality as Wenger and all the does in benefit the top 4.

    1. That’s only if it happens. The source is Metro after all. I refuse to believe Metro, a free news paper has the inside track on what’s going on at Arsenal football club. This is the same Metro who claimed we were on the verge of signing Benzema,m’villa,Higuain,Di Maria,shneiderlan, to name but a few.

      1. However, it was the same Metro that mentioned we were loosing Fabregas, Clichy, RvP, Henry, to name a few.
        It’s kind of a double edged sword. 🙂

  3. If Arsenal sells Sanchez to another Premier League club, it would be disastrous. He is too dangerous to be let go to our competitors.

    And James Rodriguez’s level is way behind Sanchez’s. For that obscene amount of money, Arsenal had better get someone like Neymar.

    1. You’re tripping ??
      Rodriguez can play anywhere in the attacking half of the field and as well as being a lot younger than Sanchez, he can match him in every department & also pass the ball a lot better than him too. £70 million is what Real Madrid paid for him 3 years ago, yet we paid £35 million for Sanchez, more or less around the same time.

      1. Im with you on this one Fatboy. Id love to have them both, actually i would rather sell Ozil and put James in the number 10 either way i would love him in an AFC shirt

  4. James the king and we’re all the true fans trust Wenger’s judgment and have no doubt he james le bron will be a great addition, that suggests that Wenger, at last, has acknowledged that not all the world’s problems can be solved by neat, slight midfielders with nice hair. Arsenal’s May uptick this season felt different to what had gone before because it involved such a radical structural change, such an admission from Wenger that his tactical outlook required modification. The signing of Kolasinac suggests that the process of reform, a return to a more physically aggressive Arsenal, is continuing. Kolasinac too will form part of a solid defensive core and given his age will only get better with each passing year. The best in his position in Germany? For free? I’ll take him. This guy is a 23 year old with five years experience in the Bundesliga, hardly an unknown youngster for the future. We’re looking to offload Gibbs, who’s been treading water for at least a year now, and Kolasinac looks like he fits the bill. It’s basically a zero sum signing, which will have no bearing on the rest of our transfer window. Good to see Wenger finally going back to a focus on recruiting real men who wont wilt or reach for the hairspray when the going gets tough. Mustafi carried some great form coming into the club, the momentum helped by a large portion of Arsenal supporters treating him as a minor saviour, the “finally” answer to years of apparent defensive weakness. But a couple of below-par performances at a time when the mood around the club turned acutely toxic, and he seemed to get dragged down by it all, then got injured. I’m hoping he finds the form he had in Italy again and provides good competition for the middle position. It’s nice for Arsenal to have options worth a damn. There is an unconventional element to Kolašinac, especially going forward. He is an improviser, and difficult to categorise within a single style because he is so capable of changing with one move to the next. There is such variety in every aspect of his attacking play, as his technical ability allows him to provide a range of crosses and in turn act as a goal threat himself at points. His runs are unpredictable, offering width and a narrow threat as the situations call for it, and keeping up with him or getting the ball off him can be most enviable of tasks for opposition defenders. Wenger believes his approach to squad building requires greater skill than buying established players, but is not concerned that his rivals in the Barclays Premier League will try to muscle in on his territory. There are some big ‘ifs’ that need to fall our way in order for us to compete for the title next season. If all these happen, I don’t see why we can’t compete all the way:
    1) We renew the big 4 question mark players (Alexis, Ozil, Oxlade and Bellerin). It has to be renewed deals because if Alexis and Ozil stay for their final seasons but doesn’t renew, that will be a massive psychological negative and will scupper our title challenge.
    2) Signing 2 of the following 4 players: Lacazette, Turan, M’Bappe and Mahrez to join alongside Kolasinac.
    3) Offloading fringe players like Jenkinson (no way we get more than 4 million for him, forget 10 million!), Debuchy etc.
    4) Santi Cazorla gets his fitness and confidence back quickly.
    5) Further improvement from 2nd year players (Mustafi, Xhaka and Holding)
    6) Maybe one or two youthful players breaking through to the first team squad (Nwakali, Malen, Nelson?)That’s a lot of things that need to fall our way in order to compete for the title but right now all of them are a possibility, if not a probability.


    1. why you copy paste this in every article? I’m sure if I write Wenger is a Specialist in Failure, you gonna reply with a very long article like this one to deny and praise him like he is some kind of God

      1. I can imagine him knocking on peeps doors & talking their ears off!
        ? – Then he breaks into song:
        ? Someones singing my Lord.. Kumbya ?
        ? Oh- Lordy -Lordy. Kumbya ?

  5. Oh man, that’s bad news if we sell yet another player to city. I weren’t too fussed about Clichy, Sagna, Nasri or Adebayor when they went there but I don’t want a quality player such as Sanchez going there.

    It’ll be like being stabbed with a double sided blade in the sense that he’s going to drastically and markedly strengthen our opposition and weaken us an secondly just make us look real stupid in many ways.

    Despite what we all think we know about football clubs, behind the scenes, I can’t profess to knowing anything other than what I hear or read about second hand. But I’m hoping that the clubs have some sort of sway when selling players and can refuse a particular sale regardless of the players or his agents wishes. Hence, if he goes sell him abroad not locally.

    Don’t know who this Rodrigues fella is but I know he’s no Sanchez !

    1. Hahaha ?? if you don’t know him than Don’t delude yourself in discrediting his abilities. ?? Trust me, if he comes to Arsenal you want even remember who Sanchez was lol ?

      1. Didn’t discredit or praise him because I don’t know about him. There was nothing in my comments that even hinted at discrediting him.

        1. The “His no Sanchez ” part, sound like discrediting it to me ?? ?? Like as if Sanchez is in the same class of Messi or Ronaldo lol
          Sanchez is hyped up at Arsenal because everyone else around him is ?? .. Watch him flop at City or Munich, then come & talk to me ? ?

          1. that’s because you hear what you want to hear, or read in this case. I never tried to compare him to Sanchez.

            You think that your knowledge of Arsenal and football in general supersedes everyone else’s but it doesn’t your knowledge is purely based on second hand info, old statistics and throw away comments.

            You’d be the last person I’d come and talk to if I wanted anything substantial regarding decent conversation about football or Arsenal

          2. everyone around him is trash yet he is the only player with double digit goals and assists. Now that you know Sanchez leaving is inevitable this summer, so many Arsenal fans trying to downplay him to soften the blow, lol.

          3. Lol, i agree wt u that most ppl arnd sanchez at arsenal re that thng u said. But i don’t bliv James can do d works Sanchez does 4 d team. I don’t think any attacker works as hard San chez.

      2. Am surprised the dude don’t know James, he is aggressive and dangerous, I think he was the Golden boot winner and the World cup when we bought Sanchez….

        Great player if we get him, he will get the chance he wants at Arsenal, like a certain Sanchez and he will be even better for us that’s is IF we manage to get him…

        1. That’s right…………. I don’t know him. And don’t believe for a moment you do too apart from the odd occasion that you might see him. How do you know for certain he’ll fit in at Arsenal ?

          Aggressive and dangerous in your limited opinion !

    2. Rodriguez is quality. Trust me any Arsenal fan that knows what he can do would be happy if he came to the club. Cast your mind back to before we signed Sanchez. Most people felt confident that he was a good signing because of where we signed him from not because they knew him well. Sanchez was mostly benched by the same Pedro that moved Chelsea if I recall. It’s Arsenal that truly put him on the map by making him a regular starter. One season of Rodriguez and you would wonder what all the fuss about holding on to Sanchez was about.

  6. Still don’t wanna believe we will sell Sanchez especially to City…let this not be true

    1. It’s all a illusion my friend,
      Sanchez isn’t as good as you all make him out to be.
      It’s only because he stands out from the rest of the ?? that we have in attack, at Arsenal. ?? his passing is ?, he gives the ball away most of the time. Even his fighting spirit is exaggerated & that’s only because it’s totally nonexistent everywhere else on the pitch. ? ? think about it.

      1. It is very hard for me to agree with you that Sanchez is not as good as we make him out to be, and you even said his fighting spirit is exaggerated…could it be sarcasm or that’s your way of blowing out the pain of seeing Sanchez go to City…

        Either way, I think Sanchez will be missed when he leaves, but we can adequately replace him if we want to, just that it could be two players as his FITNESS alone is WORLD CLASS…..

        1. No worries mate ?
          My opinion is based on his overall play and not just his good points that do stand out because the players around him in attack are mediocre at best. Don’t forget he was a bench player at Barcelona when we signed him and I don’t see them interested in signing him back ? ? wait & see how he performs at his next destination, you will all be saying “what’s happened to him” when the real reason is simply because he is playing in a better quality team, where all his bad passing will stand out more than anything else.
          I’m normally open minded & only get bias when it comes to the Spuds & Co lol

          1. It’s true! Sanchez would be benched at City the same way Sterling was eventually. The same way Sterling looked better at Liverpool than he did at City is the same way Sanchez would look worse at City than he did at Arsenal. Sanchez definitely wouldn’t stand out at Munich. He would only be the talisman at Arsenal.

          2. U really hate Sanchez passing…..*smiles*….

            And your words eases the pain of losing Sanchez…but what if we sell Sanchez and miss out on James???

          3. Barca sold him for a reason, I love his fighting spirit and desire, I really do but watch him again and see how many times he has held onto the ball for a second or two longer than he should have perhaps because he doesn’t trust most of his teammates with the ball and yes, that’s fair enough but Arsenal thrives on moving the ball around as quickly as possible, [Wilshere and co vs Norwich?] one touch football that confuses the opposition. Rodriguez on the other hand will set fire to Ozil’s lazy arse by providing serious competition for him in the number 10 role, playing a 3-4-2-1 I think James and Ozil will be better suited as the two behind the main striker with Iwobi as their understudy.

      2. One question

        Why can we not go for James and keep sanchez?! This is what upsets me with our team were scared to have more than one top player lol I’d rather 3 fight for a place than 1 cry because there is no ambition

      3. Exactly my point. Alexis is good but not great . He is world class but not in the same league as messi or ronaldo. He’s just better than everyone else at arsenal.

        1. And prem, he’s the most complete forward in prem. Giroud is good, Alexis is extremely good, Messi is great. Alexis has come in and shown all that hype about City Che Manu Tott players was just that, hype.

  7. One more thing………….. If Arsenal are definitely resigned to losing Sanchez after the last year of his contract then they’ve got to stop thinking about limiting there purchases to just two or three players that they feel will do the job. As it’s possibly the case that they feel they only need two or three in the event that Sanchez (mainly) and Ozil stay.

    If Sanchez goes, then there might be no like for like replacement for him which fits with the current team and it’s formation which will probably mean that we won’t be able to compete adequately (even though this season was full of shortcomings) to get anything like a decent run and worthwhile results.

    This might mean major tactical reformation so where we lose one player who’s an influential keystone in our wall, we know have to rebuild the wall with many stronger points in order to get the same or better result. Hence, keep Sanchez for his last year whilst still going hell for leather to get the best possible replacement as well as others to support that replacement and if necessary an altogether different Arsenal set up !

  8. I just Read this morning that Bayern Munich are willing to pay Sanchez £416,000 per week, Can Arsenal match that? i don’t see that coming, (2) Zidane and Madrid Want Mbappe at all cost, they would Sacrifice Bale for Mbappe, (3) Bellerin wants to go back to Barcelona and they are Weighing up to £45million for him,
    What should we do now?
    1) IF Sanchez leaves, then get Bale and Lacazette as Replacement, it would be would class signings, Because madrid may get Mbappe, But if i were Mbappe i would watch and see what happened to James Rodriguez and one time World Most Expensive player Bale
    2) Arsenal can also sell Bellerin for £50-55 millon or much lees with Ardan Turan as part of the deal and get Sidibe or Any very young Versertile Right wing back
    3) Sell Sanchez if he won’t agree to a new Deal, Convince Bale to come to Arsenal,pay £80-90 mill for Bale on 300k a week, get Lacazette too, and if Ardan Turan comes, we will have a solid Attack
    ozil, Bale
    Kolasoniac, Xhaka ,Ramsey/Turan, Sidibe/ox
    Holding, Boss, Mustafi
    Ardan, Lacazette, Bale
    Xhaka Ramsey
    Koslanic, , BOss, Mustafi, Sidibe

    1. Another one bites the dust:

      The president of French football club Lyon has announced he does not think Arsenal will make another bid for his striker Alexandre Lacazette.

      Lyon have already rejected a bid from the London club for the 25 year old French international, but speculation that Arsenal are set to come back with an improved £33.7m offer has been rife this week.

      Speaking to L’Equipe however, president Jean-Michel Aulas said: “Arsenal have not come back…and they will not come back” adding: “No one will leave OL, except for Rachid Ghezzal if he has an offer, which I doubt.”

  9. They don’t need to match £416k per week, Bayern will never pay that.

    Are we going to get reports of every rumour from across the globe on Sanchez?

  10. Ex-Arsenal player Gnabry will leave Werder Bremen. The former Arsenal midfielder had informed the club’s officials of his decision in the last days.

    Sporting director Frank Baumann confirmed that the 21-year-old would like to make the next step and will activate the clause in his contract which allows him to end his spell with Bremen.

    Gnabry joined the club from on Deadline Day last August and scored 11 goals in 27 Bundesliga games.

    He has been linked with league rivals 1899 Hoffenheim. The release clause is reportedly worth in the region of £8.5m.

    11 goals in 27 appearances in Bundesliga, and we sold him for less than £5 millions.

  11. we dont need Gnabry. its a step backwards. we want to win the league and other trophies. We need to focus on the first 11 before anything else. who will he replace on the bench with all our dead wood.

  12. The best case scenario is for Alexis to stay.
    He has proven himself in PL
    Nearly won golden boot
    Scored 24 PL goals

    I would not mind Rodriguez and Alexis

    If we can offer Alexis £280,000 per week then surely we can offer £300,000 per week

  13. If he m being honest it’s not the Sanchez leaving that I have an issue with. It is the fact that he won’t be replaced by a quality player that is the frustrating part.

    Sanchez is a good player but not really great or world class. He looks good propping up a terrible Arsenal squad. I’m surprised Pep wants him given how easily he loses possession

  14. Neither I’m seeing James at arsenal and nor the sale of Alexis to a direct rival club.

  15. I just cant fathom Arsene would sell Sanchez to Oil City or for that matter Munchen would offer the Chilean over $400K.

    If the Bavarian giants are truly interested in Alexis than why isnt Wenger insisting on possible trade pieces in a potential swap deal? Douglass Costa, Renato Sanchez, Javier Martinez would be fantastic additions to the Gunners if Bayern are genuinely interested in bringing Sanchez to the Allianz arena.

    Add Lacazette and Seri to the mix and Arsenal would be in business.

    Starting 11 with D Costa added



  16. Don’t worry, the rumour is from Metro who link us with about 20 players every transfer window and none of them ever happen, all they’re doing is pushing bollox to increase the clicks on their site so they can sell advertising space!

  17. You despicable bunch of trollers and haters. If it was not because Alexis contribution for the last 3 season we would have been playing catch up with the likes of Stoke City and West brom gor top 6th. Hide your head in Shame..Amazing to hear or read all this vindictive comments such as he’s lose possession , he dribbles one to much , he this he does. Well Alexis is the Only player any team would want from Arsenal and why? Goals, assist, technique, charisma, BALLS..WINNER MENTALITY said no more.Really you disgust me as Arsenal fans. Let’s talk next season when he is gone. yhe best player we had after the KING. Fake Fans

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