Arsenal’s run-in fixtures gives their European push a boost

Arsenal’s hope of ending this season inside the European places has been boosted by the fact that they have one of the easiest run-ins.

The Gunners have seen their season fail to meet expectations because of inconsistent form on their part.

They have a few more games to end the campaign on a positive note.

They can finish inside the top six and secure European football or win the Europa League which would help them earn a place in the Champions League next season.

Arsenal has nine more Premier League games to play before the end of this season and Sun Sports have run through the difficulty of the games.

The report reveals that the Gunners will face opponents who on average are positioned 13.4, a number that goes well into the bottom half of the league table.

This is the easiest run-in for any team in the competition and should give Arsenal fans hopes that they will be in the European places regardless of the outcome of their Europa League campaign.

Liverpool is also struggling this season and the defending champions risk not playing in the Champions League, but their chances are boosted by the fact that they have the second-easiest run-in. 

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  1. Goonerbeall says:

    Tierney is a player all Dan’s of Arsenal love. He is clever, brave and many other attributes but he is really too young to be burdened by captain role. He is also short tempered which may negatively affect his football. I like the kid but dont like to see him affected by numpties in the team.

  2. The Real Vieira Lynn says:

    not based on our record this year against the bottom-half…the only silver-lining in this whole equation could come if our manager somehow develops a spine and experiments with a more forward-thinking tactical approach, so that we can actually see what we really have at both ends of the pitch…if we simply maintain the status quo and continue with this oft-times slow-build up, wide-side crossing, possession-based borefest, nothing will ultimately be learned

    our current scared approach will never allow us to truly develop into a world-class club again…it doesn’t matter how many defenders Arteta puts on the field, if we don’t test our mettle when the ramifications of losing are exceedingly low, League-wise, then we will continue to be exposed, more often than not, whenever we find ourselves under pressure moving forward

    this season should have been all about finding out what we truly had on this roster, without complicating matters with loanees and overager signings, and beginning the crucial process of developing those who have a potentially meaningful future with the club…this club isn’t here to be some sort of a vanity project for an inexperienced manager, who aspires to be a PSG or Barca manager some day, it’s about finally taking the process of developing us into Championship calibre club again seriously

  3. Wyoming says:

    Arsenal on paper do have a soft run but it is more complicated. How our nearest rivals above us perform is crucial. Everton Villa and Westham do not have cup football to play. Spurs if they win the Carabao might see that as enough. Chelsea Liverpool and Everton who we play are all striving for European places. Newcastle Brighton and Fulham are in a battle to survive. On a more positive note WBA and Sheffield United are both relegated while Palace is on the beach.
    It would require an almost perfect run and other sides to fail for top 4 from the league. 6th/7th is the most likely finishing league position. Realistically though the lucky draw in the EL means Arsenals best chance of CL football and a successful season is the EL.

    1. jon fox says:

      Sorry to have to be a party pooping realist but plainly, 6th or 7th is NOT “the most likely finishing league position”. Most likely is 9th or 10th.
      With games fast running out, it is a very long shot against overtaking any sides above us at all, Spuds Everton Liverpool and West Ham, ALL BEING FAR BETTER PLACED THAN US AND THOSE ABOVE THEM WAY OUT OF SIGHT.


  4. Jah son says:

    Actually 10th 🤔🤔 that’s Arteta’s best not Arsenal.

  5. SueP says:

    Towards the end of each season I draw up a list of our closest rivals, check on who they are playing, and do my best guess on the results each week to anticipate our final league position. I’m usually wrong (Dan’s predictor game for example) because I’ve learned that unless already relegated there is no easy game. Fulham although near the bottom have fight in them and would be difficult opponents.

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