Arsenal’s Sanchez always striving to be the best

Arsenal forward Alexis Sanchez has revealed that he will always remain professional as he strives to be amongst the world’s best players.

The Chilean superstar is in his peak at present, and given his new role within the Gunners set-up, his true creative presence is beginning to shine through.

Since joining Arsenal, he has always been a bright spark within the side who shows amazing ability, but since making the switch to centre-forward, it has highlighted his true brilliance all-round.

Sanchez has the movement to free up his fellow players, the ability to put the ball at the feet of running players, such as his ball to Theo Walcott against Manchester City at the weekend, as well as his exciting skills and shooting.

The star himself has now revealed what makes him tick, and his ambition is something you can rarely find in footballers nowadays.

Sanchez said: ‘I have always been like this. My career won’t last forever and I am aiming to be one of the best players in the world. I want to do my best and be professional until my career ends.

‘I enjoy football a lot, I always wanted to be one of the best players in the world and I’ve been saying that since I was a little boy. I will slow down after I retire, but for the time being I will carry on like this.

‘I just try to train well, sleep well and be professional at my job. There´s no much of a secret to it.’

This sport is clearly a way of life for Alexis and we are blessed to have such a great attitude within our playing squad.

How long can Alexis stay at the top of his game for? Is he amongst the top five players in the world? Where does he rank for you?

Pat J

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  1. Break-on-through says:

    Best five overall, no. Best five strikers, I’d still say no. Simply because this position is new, he was one of the best wingers around for sure. Now we are talking about where the real competition is, it’s where the best wingers sometimes end up and Alexis is certainly swimming at the moment. I expect him to stay a force, but five months of form should not put anyone on the worlds best five strikers list.

    His overall game is just so so good. Your thinking how has this player not been playing in the centre all along. But we have to be fair here, he was nothing like this in the beginning. He was a lonesome looking figure who looked lost. I still think he should have been in the centre sooner, but I wouldn’t blame us for that, maybe blame the quality of the Barcelona team. He will be one of the top five after a season or so, so long as he keeps going like this, which I think he will. How many others are there around that have Alexis’s range of abilities, this is why I believe he will.

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