Arsenal’s season is far from over!

Arsenal still have targets by Sam P

There will be much wailing and hand-wringing that Arsenal's season has now definitely come to an unhappy conclusion as the gap to Leicester City now looks insurmountable, but with six games to go Arsenal still have much to play for. There is still the possibility that Leicester and Tottenham could lose every game from now on, but for the moment we are just 3 points behind Tottenham and getting above them must be our first target.

Also, if Man United do happen to beat Tottenham today we will have both Manchester clubs breathing down our necks in the race for the Champions League slots so we need to plug on, probably right untl the last game of the season. As Wenger said after yesterday's game. "Third in the league with 59 points. That is not where we want to be but we have made it much more difficult for ourselves now to have a chance to win the Premier League. We have to keep going no matter what and hope. You never know what can happen.

"As well, we have to look behind us as people are chasing us. We have to be serious and focus on finishing as high as possible. Where that is, I don’t know. This is one of the places where you could drop points but you see the game and feel guilty you have dropped points."

When you realise that West Ham are now unbeaten in a 16 game run stretching back to August, to take a point would look like a good result if it wasn't at such a crucial time of the season. But the fact is, we are where we are and we must keep going until the fat lady sings, and that may still be some weeks away!


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  1. LOL…I like your beliefs.
    Just like Wenger said we should judge him at the end of the season…but I already judged him after last summer transfer window.

    All the best to Arsenal in the future though.

  2. considering we were 2-0 up an only had to see off few more mniutes of the first half west hams unbeaten run is pointless to mention.

    what is the point of the top 4? who benefits?
    the fans? the players? the club-global profile?
    its a nothing competition cos we never compete in it.

    i will support this club irrespective of what happens cos i have no choice its in my blood. but to me it doesnt matter where we end up. cos if its top 4 same as every year will happen.
    if we divebomb down the table change might happen

    1. I think you shouldn’t support irrespective of what goes on.

      If the board keep supporting a manager that fails and you support that structure then you are as culpable as they.

      You will not go to some red and white coloured valhallah or be rewarded in any alternative afterlife for supporting a money grabbing and badly managed club in the afterlife you know!?

      Speak up and make change.

  3. Arsenals weakness is the right side of the pitch.
    Koscielney>Mertesacker,Gabriel, chambers
    Ox, Walcott on the right aren’t Arsenal level

    We need right sided reenforcement

    Right CB if we get didn’t think per was better for this game then what game would he be in for? He would have been the better option to counter Carroll.
    Out :we could choose to keep chambers at right back and get a quality CB to play alongside koscielney .or sell Mertesacker and get a high class CB. Eg manolas,mustafi, Umtiti

    Right mid we need to get rid of Walcott and loan oxlade, I’m happy with iwobi,Campbell and welbeck being wide back up, but we need more quality to start. We could even contemplate moving Sanchez right and adding a left forward who can put a cross in
    Eg yarmelenko,mhikhytarian,mahrez,moi Gomez

    We need better quality up front out Sanogoo n Walcott …. welbeck n giroud can be options but we need a top striker or someone with all the ingredients and deadly infront of goal.
    Eg higuin,benzema, cavani, or Hernandez,batshuyi, lukaku

    1. Our weakness is in our central defenders and strikers. Replace Gabriel/Merte and Giroud/Welbeck with someone who actually might go on and lead us to a title… Bellerin is fine, he’s a 20/21 year old talent who’ll just improve with the years. Sanchez and Iwobi seems to be switching sides, and theyre doing well. Of course Ox/Walcott/Campbell isn’t the world class we should go for, but Ox still has some potential to reach high if he only works his ass off with dedication. I still believe you could say…

      None of our strikers are world class. We need world class… Zlatan being the most obvious, but I’ll take the less world class players Higuain and Cavani too, or Griezmann…

  4. Biggest mistakes of season
    1. Not buying a single outfielder in the summer
    2. Not getting a top striker or DM in either transfer window
    3. Too much faith in Walcott to the extent that he earns around the same salary as Ozil and Alexis. I love Theo as a person. But he has become Arsenal’s Rooney in a sense, overpaid for his capabilities. Rooney isn’t worth £280,000 per week. Walcott isn’t worth £140,000 per week

    Only good things
    1. Cech
    2. Eleney
    3. Iwobi, Campbell being given a chance
    4. Ozil breaking Henry’s record hopefully

    Biggest losses
    1. Cazorla, Coquelin and (taking into account the performances of Giroud and Walcott) Welbeck.

    1. Then again for all welbecks running around he is toothless up too but yet still giroud gives great defensive contributions but lacks the special awareness to shoot more often

  5. i guess i prefer a spurs draw today, leister city just scored, thank you! if spurs draw or loose, LC should close this out, but my concern is top 4, if we loose at city, and united win today, it could be our worst finish in 2 decades, not sure thats not a bad thing, but without UCL, might loose a few key players

    1. In this life 2 things are certain 1. Wenger must go for arsenal to move forward and 2. Arsenal will finish in the top 4.

  6. Why is it every time we talk about our defenders, CB’s more specifically we always say partner this player with Koss partner that player with Koss. Can we not see that Koss is a big part of our defensive frailties? I get no comfort when Gabriel is on the field but the feeling is the same for me with Koss a lot more so lately and especially now that he in the 30 year old category. Some fan favorites should not be immuned to criticism. Prime example like I stated in a post after the game yesterday, how is it a World Class professional football player like Alexis can be so one footed after training day in day out, year after year. He had a clear shot in the box yesterday on his left when we were 3-3 and decided to cut in on his right hoping for a penalty and the opportunity was gone. You guys know the play I’m talking about. You know how to take him out? Stop his right foot! Especially when he does that same move every game to cut it back on his right. Back to the CB issue, I’ve said this before and some didn’t like it but oh well. Mertesacker is the most composed and best passer of all our CB’s. The guys ONLY problem is and always was his pace. I’ve seen so many heavy touches and over hit passes from Koss that it’s become blatantly obvious. How is this not obvious to others?

    1. Your’e confusing composure with lethargy. Mertesacker dwells on the ball far too long and slows the game down,constantly passing sideways and back. He is a liability and I don’t even like to see him on the bench. He should be judged not on how he passes the ball ,but how he defends.

    2. His pace isn’t the problem as we have players like kosc and bellerin who can react quick his biggest weakness is he hardly tackles, even when he is in close proximity to the opposition where his pace won’t be a weakness

  7. well done foxes now keep going.
    Do the whole land proud.
    We all know now that surely mahrez and vardy are better than ozil and sanchez.
    I also dont want that snob guy kane to win the golden boot

    1. @gooner tetra
      Mahrez and Vardy, better than Ozil and Sanchez? For real dude? Put down the meth pipe and join reality…

  8. Wenger is the most shameless person i have ever seen…. have been screwing up title chases over a decade but will still come out with pathetic excuses for his failures and will never fail to criticize every other team and decisions the FA takes… now i am beginning to believe that mourinho was right… wenger is indeed a specialist in failure

  9. I think wenger wrote this item under another name. Season not over, who are you trying to kid? Oh aye get 3rd or 4th, why? We can’t preform in the BPL never mind the Champions league. As I posted before unless we get rid of wenger we will never win the league or put up a good run in the Champions league……….

  10. well done leicester.
    what an amazing story.

    kante played by samuel l jackson
    vardy by tom hardy
    ranieri by de niro.

    coming to cinemas….a martin scorcese film…


    dun dun dun

  11. It’s shameful enough to finish behind Leicester,
    but who would have thought that they would end up winning the league by a Chelsea margin? ? ? ?

    And Don’t worry Sunderland fan’s, I’m sure that mr Wenger will generously give you the 3 points when we travel to the stadium of light.

    I hope that Utd beat the Spuds today, just so it puts more pressure on Wenger… with the chasing pack closing in on his beloved 4th spot trophy!

  12. Our season is OVER.

    I admire and envy Leicester. You don’t have to play pretty @ this stage to win the league. 5clean sheets now in a row. They deserve to be Champions. As a gunner, I wanna win it but honestly’, we don’t deserve it. We defeated Leicester (home and away) this season but its a league and a marathon. You need to drop fewer points to win..

    I was so happy when welbeck got the winner @ the Emirates against leicester. We were just two points behind them then we lost to manu and then swansea. That was where we lost the league for mi…

  13. Yeah, sooooo to take my mind off Andy Carrol’s first hat trick I had to avoid all Arsenal news since the game coming only to this forum to read other fans views.

    Interestingly I’ve read that Yaya Toure wants to buy his way out of City and his agent has slammed how they disrespected Pellegrini by announcing Guardiola in the middle of the season. He further went on to say that Toure himself said that changed the dressing with both manager and players motivation dropping dramatically. For the manager why would he keep trying knowing he’s gone anyways and with a massive slap in the face, while the players couldn’t care less because all they’ve been hearing is this player and that player being sold and why put the team in a champions league position for the incoming manager, just for him to turn around and sell them. I’m sorry this has nothing to do with Arsenal but after letting a 2 goal lead slip like that and almost losing has left me completely sick of this season as if I’m not already.

  14. apparently, the only one to listen to louis van gaal when he said ‘lets just park the bus” was the bus driver…

  15. when we beat Leicester to go unbeaten in 2004, who’d have thought they would be crowned champions before we would again…

    oh well they didnt move to a new stadium!…

    err actually they did

    err is that the time?? must dash…..

  16. Leicester are not yet there. But they are nearly there. But nearly dose not kill a bird.

    With their 0-2 victory over Big Sam’s Black Cats today, Big Sam who is more concerned on Arsenal likely title failure than to worry on his Black Cats relegation worries. Leicester would need to collect 8 more points from their remaining 15 total collectible points to beat Arsenal to the title. Arsenal will certainly finish above Spurs in the table.

    My hope is, Arsenal will not drop any point from their total remaining collectiable 18 points to position themselves in a position to capitalise on any slips up on the table by Leicester which can still happen.

    1. They pretty much are. Let’s play along and say they lose to United and Chelsea.

      They still would need to lose to West Ham and draw Everton/Swansea, at HOME.

      West Ham draw at most but they will smash Everton AND Swansea.

      Aaand this would mean that we will win our remaining games (including City away) and Spurs would win United, Southampton, Stoke (A) and Chelsea (A).

      I’m here hoping for a draw in the Spurs vs United match. We can still win the St Totteringham trophy or the undisputed Wenger 4th Place Trophy!! LETS ALL BELIEVE!!

    2. they are two victories from title basically. I don’t believe Spuds and us will win all our games anyway.

    3. Wenger is that you? Where was cohesion yesterday up 2-0? Naive defending indeed, no argument here. Also naive sticking with Walcott, oh dear him again.

      I really feel for Joel Cambell, honestly. The guy does everything asked of him; fitness improved, defending and work rate improved, creating chances and assists. Somehow the lad still gets frozen out, and useless Theo continues to be gifted chances to massively under preform.

      That is naivety mr. Wenger, can’t blame ref, media, fans, FFP, for selection choice.

      Sorry people, just done with Walcott, I’ve left his “talent” for dead. Also called back search party for Ramsey’s “discipline”. Sell both please or Cambell and El Neny will dry rot on the bench

    1. ^Agreed.

      By the way, what if Liverpool goes on and wins the Europa League, will they get a CL spot?

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