Arsenal’s season is over in January and we will give Arteta a new contract?

Rewarding failure with a new deal by Konstantin Mitov

Well lovely Arsenal people, it’s January and the season is over. 0-0 at home to Burnley. I honestly regret wasting my time. Two hours in the bin. I can give you 10 pages of reasons why Arteta should be sacked now, but that’s not happening, because we will reward this failure with a new contract.

Do you really think City will take him to replace Pep, after seeing this? The guy is a fraud, but he shouldn’t even be here, so I won’t blame him for being out of his depth. It’s the people who put him there. It’s the same people who allowed him to leave us with a thin squad. It’s the same people who see our players getting red cards and not telling him to make discipline more strict.

We missed Partey today, but a player of his experience shouldn’t get red carded in 10 minutes. There’s not much to say about Xhaka really, but it’s Arteta who allows this to happen. And then it’s the board and Edu for backing him after all this. In January we went out of both cups and we’re practically dead in the top 4 race. We’re throwing another season away.

We haven’t had a striker score a goal for us in a league game for how long now? Auba has been practically erased from the squad for falling out with Arteta, Laca is finished, Eddie is not good enough. How do we assault the top 4 if we can’t get a striker? If Vlahovic doesn’t wanna come, take Isak? Give yourselves a chance at least.

We instead ship out players, to the point there’s nobody to come from the bench. That’s down to Mikel and Edu, not the Afcon, not injuries, nothing. No excuses.We rely on 20 year olds to win us games, because we don’t have experience. I can’t blame Sambi, ESR, Saka, Martinelli and Odegaard, because they at least try, and it shouldn’t be all on their shoulders to carry us.

It’s up with the people upstairs that nobody takes action against our poor discipline, because the truth is we can’t beat Burnley at home without Partey and without a striker. What is Arteta exactly building here, please tell me, because I hear about how great we’re going to be. Remember how he said we should compete for the Champions League and the league title in 3 years. Well two are down and I don’t want another year like that.

I’m in pain and I wonder why did I bother with the game? I knew it’d be hard, and I did it to myself anyway, just like Arsenal do every season, but I’m tired. I don’t know what people who think we’re actually building something put in their teas, but if we don’t do something, we’re going for another 8th place finish.

But you know what really, really hurts? I didn’t think we’d score. I don’t think we tried hard enough. I don’t think our spirit was that of a team that won’t back down. Our manager had no clue how to affect the game, his subs were late. I don’t know what he says at half time, but not once have I seen us come out in the second half fighting.

We’re dead with Arteta and January is proof. He doesn’t deserve more chances. You earn chances by doing something. What’s he done for us? I can’t do it, I hope your week is better, and thankfully this dead football club isn’t playing, because we do not deserve this. I’ll only ever believe if he’s sacked tonight, but I can’t even imagine it in my dreams let alone the Kroenkes actually doing something good for this football club in real life.


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    1. Arsenals goal this season has been top 6 all along. The cups mean nothing.
      So we remain on track despite being weighed down with deadwood from previous managers Aubameyang Lacazette Pepe Nketiah Niles Nelson Elneny Torreira Bellerin Chambers Guendouzie Mavropanos and just gone Kolasinac. Top 6 this season top 4 next season and we are on track to achieve this goal.
      Stop your whining your grizzling your moaning and get behind the team

      1. Since you first appearance in JA, I always think you are a fan of Tottenham Hotspur. You are very happy with Arsenal current standard. You want our enemy (sorry your club) to be in front of us.

      2. The same cup you lot is giving Arteta credit for winning playing just two matches. Hindsight has shown Emery and FN deserve more credit for that fa cup as it is clear Arteta can’t get us past 3rd and 4th round

      3. Have to agree with you, mate. Those who think that you can win games with Laca leading the line needs to have their IQ checked. This is the same player who went over a year without an away goal and showed no interest in quitting the club, just happy to run around and collect his quid every week. I do not know what Wenger ate, drank or smoked while signing this player, as he did with others.
        Also, those with memory loss should recollect that during the Wenger years, our season would end in November, this year it ended in Jan. Some will come with that pathetic excuse that he qualified for the UCL and earned 10M in revenue, and they forget the billions he lost in hiring wrong players and even himself staying so long clinging to the 8M pay cheque.
        Did Arteta hire those mannequins you mentioned above? Arteta hired Willian who ripped his contract to play elsewhere. Soares & Marri are not high prolife high risk signings. Runar had one bad game (and that too against City) and all fans jumped on his back while Leno comfortably picked up the ball from his net 5 times against City on 28/8/21 and 4 other times against Brentford and Chelsea. Why the selective treatment?
        What if Laca had scored in the 17th & 68th minute? Did he deliberately miss it to heap pressure on the manager? Arteta has to investigate this player, unfortunately he has no other options to look into. Even a hopping Diego Costa would have finished those chances. No wonder Mikel is trying his best to sign a lethal forward. If nothing works just bring back Giroud, he has 5 goals in 14, Laca has 3 in 16! Giroud would flourish as he would not be made a scape goat for the failures of Ozil.

    2. Allegri returned to Juve has led them to another title

      Conte has won the title with spurs

      mourinho has won titles with Spurs and Utd

      Tuchel has also won the title with Chelsea

  1. it’s sad but true. of course ppl will say you are being dramatic, but facts are we have been here and seen this story so many times, that we already know the ending. another season down the drain. Europa at best, but even that is a competition we cannot win.

      1. Leaves commenters that are saying the season is over are a bunch of morons. We’re right in the middle of a fight for a top four spot in arguably the most competitive league in Europe if not the world. There are a bunch of

  2. 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂. Guess you were patiently waiting for a time like this to moan and wail like a kid whose toy was stolen. Keep at it.🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  3. After 2 years of Arteta you’d think people would just admit he’s clearly not good enough but nope they still think he’s the next pep.. rivals fans want Arteta to stay because they know he is useless.

      1. Yeah bloody typical Dan we are a laughing stock as usual and you have idiots going around calling Arteta a genius you couldn’t write it!

        1. Should have been shown the door at end of last season Kev .
          Some of the comments I’ve read about him this season have been cringe AF
          Magician,genius ambitious and to top it off this week Matador 🤢.
          I get some fans that actually believe in him that’s fair enough that have no agenda but some on here alone try way to hard ,we all know who they are and why they defend him so much .

          1. I honestly have no idea how he stayed in a job let alone convince the board to give him 150 mil on transfers it beggars belief! Haha the matador was the highlight for me 😂 anyone that believes this nonsense obviously have very low standards, the silent non ambitious owner is rubbing off on them! I get that too Dan but it’s hard to fathom anyone believing in him as he’s done nothing of note to earn that belief.. are we watching a different Arsenal to what they are watching? Oh we definitely do know who they are.

            1. Kev82, he has conned the Board, because the problem starts with the Arsenal Board, whose members lack football knowledge, experience and acumen. The blind leading the blind.

    1. It’s got to be his intelligent way of speaking and his charm. He has a good way with words with no actions to back it up. More like a motivational speaker for wealth who is miserably poor. Some people would believe the motivational speaker to the death. Same his how some view Arteta.

      1. It has to be Kstyx because it certainly can’t be the way the team performs on the pitch. I think if it was another manager with the same results and performances the Arteta supporters will call for his head but they seem to have some sort of cult following to him.

          1. Kstyx yeah I mean apparently with a squad full of deadwood was only one point off finishing 4th and getting to the Europa League final, he did a far better job than Arteta, I didn’t see those fans saying let’s get behind the manager, nope they wanted him gone. The reality is at some point they will have to bite their tongue and admit the matador is out of his depth

            1. I have been saying this about the “dross” he inherited from the minute he took over.
              The only reason they were “dross” is because fans didn’t, or couldn’t, understand what these players achieved.
              Two years and £300,000,000 later, it is finally sinking in!!!!

            2. More like Matabore. Arteta haven’t bring anything new to the table in over 2 years. Football is slow and lethargic. We keep the ball where the opposition can’t hurt us. That’s near Ramsdale. We pass to white,back to Ramsdale,then to tomiyasu or whoever play there. Then to Ramsdale , then Ramsdale to Tierney then Tierney to lokonga, then lokonga to Ramsdale, Ramsdale to Gabriel and after 5 minutes it’s launch to the midway point. OMG. I am copying and pasting like FAIRFAN and the arteta brigade. I am becoming as repetitive as FAIRFAN and the ARTETA BRIGADE. Anyways this team is a bore under arteta and forever will be. I hope this arteta nightmare will soon be over. Real soon.

    2. Why not? The difference between pep and arteta is that Pep’s first job as a head coach was a well-oiled machine in Barcelona who won the champions league the previous year.
      And then Bayern and man city who were also far above arsenal in quality and experience. Hypothetically if Arteta and Pep switch teams, can pep win the Premier league with the current arsenal team?I guess he will ask for half a billion for the project.

  4. Another Konstantin Mitov Post which Always is on Point!.
    Only a Clown or Troll will Fail to see how our Failings is Not on Arteta!
    This Spanish Rookie, Mickey Mouse Coach knew Partey and Elneny will be gone for AFCON in January and should have given AMN and Sambi Lokonga more matches in Nov/Dec..
    But once his darling Xhaka came back from Injury against Everton, he sent both players to the Bench!
    Now Xhaka, Partey and Elneny is out, he is left with only Lokonga in midfield after he foolishly allowed AMN to go out on Loan!
    Lokonga is not Performing because Arteta stunted his development with that Bench decision!
    This Spanish dude is clearly out of his Depth and not qualified to coach even Burnley or Blackburn Rovers!

    1. @Vinnie2000 couldn’t agree with you more. Benching Lokonga and AMN in Nov/Dec was a no brainer.
      I am at pains trying to think of just one player that has improved playing under Diet Pep.

    2. Ohh and Arsenal management renewing Diet Pep’s deal because they actually believe that City would snatch if the real Pep leaves… I couldn’t stop laughing when I read that nonsense. This circus will not end for as long as the club is owned by the Kroenke’s. How we all long to enjoy the football like the Arsenal of yesteryear – it’ll remain a dream until the American sells.

  5. Today was GROUNDHOG DAY. Artetaball. Brainless, thoughtless, lesser football. We need change urgently after 2 years of Artetaball.

  6. Two points out of fourth place with a game in hand and 51 points on the table left to play for. And the season is over?

    Shake my head.

    1. And what happens by some miracle we get 4th Place though mate .
      You honestly believe next season will be any different ,have you not seen this play out for the last 3 seasons now .
      Kstyx on the last article summed it up perfectly.

      1. I feel your pain but it’s been longer than that since we were in the top4
        This is all part of the malaise.
        Years of top4 followed by AW leaving because he finished 5th and Emery being unable to clinch it and losing the EL final By this time the steamroller/tanker was moving the wrong way and slow to come to a halt.

        If AW and UE couldn’t do it then why should Lego head, matador, Pep’s water boy be any different? This is the conundrum. 2 vastly successful managers came unstuck so what is to say that Arteta as a newbie or Benitez or Ancelloti as experienced heads would be any better?
        I’m not having a go, just trying to be as evenhanded as I can. I’ve been round the block enough years to know that continued success is no guarantee unless your owner is winner at all costs (RA) or ManC who are owned by one of the richest nations on the planet. A mere billionaire isn’t sufficient to maintain the dream
        It’s taken a lot of the charm away for me and the league although richer in financial terms is poorer in many other ways, sadly

        1. SueP I don’t think it is correct to defend Arteta by comparing his struggles to that of the great Arsene and Emery for one reason that they left because of failure to finish in the top 4 with less investment and patience than that which has been given to Arteta.

          If we are to compare Arteta to his predecessors then he too should have been gone at the end of last season. That would have been fair and just.

          He has to repay that faith and investment this season by finishing in the top 4. It is not out of our reach yet. There is no excuse considering the PL is the only tournament we are in now.

          1. With the best will in the world HH , Wenger had been in charge for 20 odd years. Emery, was a multi Cup winner on the European stage. Arteta was a new kid on the block. I’m not trying to big him up, rather point out that he came in at a time when the success that so many are clamouring for had fallen short in experienced hands before he took over

            1. Emery was undermined by players who were used to getting their own way. You need discipline to Bea winner and Arsenal lacks this vital attribute, as demonstrated by the number of red cards.

      2. At the beginning of the season Edu laid out the new strategy of the club. Any discerning fan would have realised that what the club was embarking on was a huge project and it was bound to have some ups and downs.
        The “3 seasons narrative” is evidently being repeated frequently to discredit the manager.

        1. Maybe the strategy or project whatever you want to call it was a way to take the pressure off an extremely inexperienced management team who are just learning as they go… Sell a line to an equally clueless owner and board that this project will take 3 years to come to fruition.

        2. But David david david, there is nothing to say that next season is going to be any better. The last two seasons have been a catalogue of under achieving. Nothing is improving. In fact it is the same old Arsenal making the same poor mistake and nothing to give us any hope. How can we have a project when the manager and director of football are rookies and dont have a record to back them up. P/€€/ng in the wind is what we are.

      3. Spot on Dan. Turning around in circles with nothing to show for it. The same stats will begin to be more prominent in consequent games. Remember how they Brought up the stat of second on the table since January last year or how we finished 6 points behind 4th place despite finishing 8th. Similar stats will soon start to spring up. These fans never ever learn. That’s the sad truth. I honestly feel for them when they cheer the players and manager on despite being poor at game matches. It breaks me to see fans support for a club that is scamming them with a “trust the process” theme.

        1. I pointed out we are two points out of fourth place with 51 points left to play for. And you draw an equivalence to some meaningless stat about us being the second best team over a six month period that straddled two seasons?


          1. That’s true and technically with 51 points to play for brentford could still finish in 4th place but we know that’s not going to happen given the quality of football they play … Same for us … The kind of football arteta is playing won’t deliver 4th place and will likely struggle for top 6 …. for some of us that was obvious last Xmas and he should have gone then I would like to think that another uninspiring season would be enough to kick him out but sadly Arsenal FC is now run by a corporate death cult

      1. You obviously think the reaction today was about today’s game? 2 years into this phantom project and the football is still dire.

        1. @Kev8 I really don’t know what the ARTETA BRIGADE really see in arteta that makes him so special. I tried without saying anything negative about him in the last couple of months because we were getting results even when the football was awful. But Arsenal definitely need a proper manager on and off the field to compete with the big boys. We have played man u, man city, Liverpool without coming away with anything. What does it say?. It says manager is not up to scratch to get results from these top team especially.

      2. Negative reactions are justified. Do all of us watch the football. It is not what we are accustomed to. The game plan is poor in 90 per cent of our games. Watch the games. The build up from the back is slow and the ball takes no less than 2 minutes to reach the centre of the field always backward passes. More backward passes than forward passes. Just take in the matches. From Brentford the first match of the season to Burnley our last epl match so far. The build up from back is really embarrassing. I could go to my kitchen make a sandwich and the ball would still be in arsenal defensive third. Managers know this and laugh at arsenal mediocrity. It’s really embarrassing.

    2. @Voyageur,

      This is not good enough. top4 is key this season. Arteta is NAIVE AND ARROGANT.
      A young coach should be humble. He should put his ego aside and be willing to learn.

      Arteta has no clu. He should be sacked asap.

  7. I think we should talk about how to improve ( though we spoke about it like a million times) rather sacking MA, which is not going to happen. We need a proper striker from PL and not from any other league, A creative MF, a winger. What do ye think ?

  8. seriously? why are arsenal Fans always like this? i agree with the fact that the squad is tin but you saying the season is over for because we drew with Burnly i dont agree. dont forget burnley are always defensive and even the best team can have a bad day. like Man C today drew against southampton. we should be realistic and accept that we are no longer the top team we used to be cause other Clubs have Upgraded. be positive and support ur team till the end Man U, Tottenham and even chelsea are still struggling we still in the race for Top 4 in my opinion Up Gunners

  9. We crash out of Europe – “It’s ok, a season out of Europe will do us good, we can focus on the league and domestic cups” 🤣
    We’re dumped out of the FA cup – “It’s ok, we have bigger fish to fry – getting back into the top 4” Hmmm….
    We’re dumped out of the Carabao Cup in the SF – “It’s a crap cup, I don’t care”
    And there goes our last chance of silverware this season and some aren’t fussed.. shame on you!
    I’m tired, really tired…

    I certainly won’t be sorry to see the back of January; it’s been a terrible month on the pitch. I’m glad for this break, so my BP can return to normal and I can finish Ozark!

    1. You should be glad to see the back of Arteta. Ozark is a Great series Sue. Can’t wait to start Season 4

    2. Sue,

      If you are reading Ozark, perhaps you should listen to
      The Ozark Mountain Daredevils, singing Jackie Blue.

      A song I really like!!!

      Just a thought

      1. Sue we are always searching for the next excuse after the previous failure. Or at least some are. I know we are going nowhere fast!!!!!

        1. @Sue
          Ozark is amazing. Finished all 7 eps waiting for the next and final 7. Ruth is a force to be reckoned with . And Darlene is the real deal…😂😂😂😂

    3. You are right Sue. That is the state of the club now. going into mediocrity. We take a step forward and two steps backwards.

  10. Excuses will roll about Covid, youth, depth, blah blah blah. But the fact staring everyone in the face is the lack of preparation by Arteta.

    The one-trick tactical pony Dyche once again denies the “genius” Arteta. We got stalled by 20th place Burney by their one dimensional game plan.

    Nketiah for ESR? Nketiah? WTF?

    Arteta and players need to shut up and do any talking on the pitch. Arteta and Tierney talking big after Liverpool loss, how stupid they look now.

    If ownership cared Arteta should get the hairdryer treatment Monday, and told forget any extension his job will be evaluated in May.

    Process, project, all nonsense to distract you from the present.

  11. To have any chance of top 4 we have to sign a striker and midfielder and I’m not talking about Arthur. The margins are so small, Man utd have the best squad out of the three us and Spurs have the best manager. I think West ham will continue to drop off the pace.

  12. Since when does the premier league ends on the 23rd of January. Oh ye of little faith or is it another Arteta hater. Luckily for Arteta, you’re not Mr. Kroenke. It’s not worth fighting and hating rivals, when Arsenal have fans like that. Just remember the beginning of the season and the first three matches. Who expected Arsenal to be where they are now. Arsenal plays every game in the premier league against the eleven players on the field, plus the match officials and media pundits ,who often influence outcomes. Why Westwood did not get a second yellow card for his foul on Gabriel, tells the story. Anyway, Arsenal are only two points behind Manchester United with a game in hand and still in with a chance of making the top four. But, Arsenal must strengthen the team in the January transfer window to do so.

    1. Good points.
      Part of the issue is that many fans want instant results and there are quite a few on here who do not believe in the Arteta project. Therefore every setback is seen as a crisis.

    2. After 0-3 Arsenal fans said the season was over we would not make top 10. Now we are 2 points off top 4 with a game in hand and these same spineless fans are saying the seasons over agin. Interestingly enough Spurs fans are going ballistic right now after their loss even though they are 2 points off top 4 with two games in hand. Why do people give up so easily with 51 points left on the table ?

    1. Let’s get a reality check we will never have the Wenger glory days again Arteta is trying to build something special and must be given the chance to do so but will take time and a lot of patience whether he gets there I cant answer but let’s stick by him and give him every opportunity to do it!

      1. Thing is Danny if you knew me i have now patience at all (one of my downfalls in life )
        But even if I did is 2 and half seasons not enough for fans to see what is staring me in the face .
        Regarding Arteta building something special ,that’s a myth mate as I see it ,he’s been backed to the hilt to get his own players ,but the players that was left to him were getting results .
        Sorry bud but I’m not buying them wares your peddling.

  13. Absolutely no chance he is going so it’s a waste of an article. We all know he is here until at least the end of this season and likely a lot longer. Also, as Wayne says, it’s January not May and an awful lot of football yet to be played, even though “awful” is how we are at present.

  14. I told my friend that we watched the Match together that Arsenal will not score after about 20 minutes of watching. They were just static, no movement, just sideways passing and passing safe! Midfield non existent!. Very predictable. To be honest we aren’t going anywhere with this Manager.

  15. Although I don’t blame him 100% for today’s game but overall he couldn’t make the difference I was looking for as an Arsenal fan.

    Sack him, get Veira and put Henry beside him!

    1. Sack both Arteta and Edu and get Ten Haag and Overmars! We should’ve gone for Conte when he was available!

  16. I dnt get d unnecessary anger, I know we really need dis point, I thought d boys did their best, we had several chances but it wasn’t our lucky day, despite not having any midfielder. I can count the few times lokonga touches d ball and he is supposed to marshal d midfield.

  17. Its true arteta should go
    Look all the matches we lost.our opponet uses the same trick of winning us and u can not solve that

  18. Kinell, what a bunch of ’96ers are on here 🙄. I can just imagine you moaning minnies in 1966 when we appointed a physio, who hadn’t even done any coaching, as our manager ! Losing 2 League Cup finals, one against a 3rd division club, you lot would’ve been slashing your wrists. The club stuck by the manager and were rewarded with our first European trophy, followed by our first double !!

    Emery should’ve been backed by the club, but the club chose to back the players instead. Thankfully the club have seen the light and are now backing the manager.

  19. In a way it feels like piling on, but when it looks like a duck and acts like a duck, well you know the rest…although it might be difficult for some fans to hear, our current manager simply doesn’t possess the tactical nous required to take ANY team forward, especially not one that has so much to do in the coming months and years…to MA’s credit, he has brought a couple of viable starting and cover options to the fold, all of whom are young enough to contribute for the foreseeable future, but that’s where his positive contributions end…that said, we simply can’t allow this manager-in-training to remain at the helm much longer for fear that should we continue to spin our wheels some of these blue-chippers might seek greener pastures or, even worse, MA’s propensity for opting for such a stifling brand of football could severely hinder both the developmental process and their respective market valuations…to fully understand the highly problematic nature of his continued employment one needs only to properly assess our current roster from tip to tail and try to envision, from what his shown thus far, where we’re realistically going

  20. He should have been sacked when we missed a European spot last season. This just proves we have nobody at the club with any balls to make any decision and complacency has set in for good.

  21. Some arsenal fans are just totally totally believable I tell you…They will see failure glaring at them but they will still be embracing it with hope…What a shallowing thinking I tell you.. And that’s why for years Chelsea who was once down down the pecking order are now up there..You know why? Cox we are looking now at Spurs…So tommorow if spurs goes over us .Who would all of you then look at then?…Pls such arsenal fans go get some balls and open your eyes to see that Arteta and Edu are both frauds and they need to go now before it’s too late …WE NEED TO GET ARTETA OUT NOW OR FACE WORST OUTCOMES COX THIS PROJECT HAS ALWAYS BEEN A FAILURE…Infact for Emery winning Europa league over us was enough to sack this Mikel Arshita..

  22. We have spent near on 300 mil on players for Arteta and he cant (not for the first time) muster a win against a bunch of free transfers and journeymen. Arteta is ruining the investment and our season has gone to pot before it even got started. There isnr one excuse for us finishing out of the top 4. There isn’t any next season this and next season that, its what happening this season and people who cant see we are underachieving are not seeing the real picture. Arsenal are going absolutely nowhere under Arteta, he isnt good enough!!!!!!

    1. We played today as poorly as we did against Villareal last season. The team played so slowly it was painful. Arteta just cannot do it.

  23. The idea of giving Arteta a new contract is loser talk, totally irrational and unjustifiable. Both he, Edu and Vinai should be shown the door come June. Today’s substandard display was totally down to Arteta. The end product of a clueless tactician and player management.


  25. I agree with the decision to send AMN out on loan to increase stock value, he should have been sold over the summer. Guendouzi should have been back with us at the beginning of the season and Arteta earning his money by actually managing and turning the player’s bad attitude into a positive attitude, that’s his job at the end of the day. Did Brendan Rodgers give up on Suarez after he developed a penchant for human flesh? Did Alex Furguson give up on Kung-fu Cantona for fly kicking a supporter?

    Saka is is a little gem but he looks jaded lately, where’s £72M Pepe to give him competition for his place?

    I want to see us sign a new striker but we have Auba, how can he not come in and help us out? I can’t believe he has transformed into a mediocre player from what he was. Something is not right and it’s Arteta’s job to fix it and get him firing! There are no excuses for not getting the best you can, out of the resources you have as a manager.

    Lokonga was hiding today, he did not want to get into space to receive the ball. Shows a lack of confidence. Someone remind me how much money he is on? £50,000 a week. Many people don’t earn this in a year. All he’s got to do is run into space and be an outlet for a pass but no, he wants to hide behind another player. Well I’m sure there’s someone else out there that would gladly accept the 50,000 reasons we are giving him, to do the job for us with more confidence. Wilshire would snap your hand off for half of that and not be shy to receive the ball!

    ESR subbed for Nketia??? I’m sorry, that one is baffling, if anything Laca should have been hooked but why not sacrifice Holding or Tierney for an extra attacker and go for it in the last 20 minutes?

    From what I’ve seen lately, it’s Arteta that needs to go out on loan (maybe Everton) and Wenger comes in as caretaker. Meanwhile, we wait for PSG to sack Poch, which is inevitable unless he wins every competition PSG are in, which must be the expectation considering they have the best front 3 in the world, Neymar, Mbappe and Messi. Fast forward to the end of the season, Wenger pulls off top four with his wry grin, Arteta gets much needed experience and when Poch comes in, Arteta back to putting the cones out.

    To Edu: Guendouzi and Saliba recalled asap, the Kronkes have got expensive lawyers, use them. Flash some serious American dosh in the face of Vlahovic’s dodgy agent and get him to pile the striker into the boot of his car and drive him to us, kicking and screaming if need be. Give him a 48 hour deadline, if he is one minute late delivering the player, bosh an offer over to Real Sociadad and get Isak. Sort it out, we haven’t forgotten the paydays you’ve been handing out to old Brazilian players and their agents recently (Luiz, William, Mari – yes I know Mari is Spanish but he was acquired from Flamengo). Edu, it is time for you to make amends.

  26. For those saying it’s not so bad let me put it into perspective.

    We are out of league cup
    We are out of FA Cup
    We have no European football
    Competitors have been poor

    Overall I believe that this season will be our best chance to make UCL spots. We have less games that all of our competitors and on top of that they have been really average too.

    Next season we won’t have this opportunity. We’ll likely be in some kind of European football and ManU and Spurs will be better. Some people are too stupid to understand that we are really stuffing up our best opportunity in years.

  27. How can Arsenal be contemplating a two year extension to Mikel Arteta’s contract at this stage of the season, with the current league position, no Europe and out of both cup competitions before the end of January. Arteta keeps breaking record after record and they are records for poor performance, not good.
    Last season Arteta lost more games than Terry Neil, who was sacked. Arsene Wenger finished sixth and made the Europa League semi final in his last season, while Unai Emery had finished fifth, made a Europa League final and was eighth position when sacked. Yet instead of being shown the door, Arteta may be offered a contract extension. Smacks of incompetence leading towards mediocrity. The photos must be good to provide the Teflon.

  28. Hope the rumours of Calvert Lewin joining Arsenal is only just that. I guess he would be better than Lackofgoals or Eddie N, but I can only imagine how even more believing the game plan would be with him in the team. Never was a fan of big lanky target men with the exception of Ibrahimovic who is a freak.

  29. The season Konstantin is most certainly not over. We’re not going to make the top three but fourth is achievable and has been the fans target since our recovery from the dreadful early season results. OK, I’ll agree that recent results are appalling (I read elsewhere that in January we have more reds than goals) but nearly three weeks of warm weather training will hopefully revitalise the squad and give Tomiyasu time to make a recovery and we’ll have a full strength squad.

  30. Am not a prophet of doom but my words: unless arteta goes and a more experienced coach employed, it’s going to be failure upon failures. Most fans and non fans knows that the problems of arsenal is arteta except edu and some fans who are not passionate for the club’s success. if we are to finish the season with European football next season, guendouzi, saliba, torreira, amn and of course auba must be called back asap especially, auba. it is laughable that arteta is prosecuting the season with only inexperienced rookie strikers and midfielders.

  31. The other way to look at it is, we are maybe 2/3 of the way through a huge rebuilding job. Our defence is excellent, we have some fantastic young attackers but we are still missing a central/defensive midfield and striker. We have offloaded a lot of dead wood snd it looks like we will get rid of the rest fairly soon. Having supported the club through thick snd thin since 1970, I am quite positive about what I see after years of going downhill. Yes the FA cup disaster was awful but we are just 1 game off the top 4. We have a way to go to be on a par with City or Liverpool, but I don’t think we are too far off Chelsea and at least on a par with Spurs and United, but with a much more youthful squad.
    I for one totally disagree with the twaddle written here.

  32. So we are 2 points behind 4th placed Man United with a game in hand and 54 points to play for and the season is over? This is is what is wrong with our fans, we are only 11 behind 3rd place Chelsea with 3 in hand and have to play them.

    The season is very much on, ok vlahovic deal is gone, but it doesn’t mean that Isak, David, CLS are gone. One thing I would not do now is bow down to Juventus over Arthur Melo, he is not that good and would cost more than Zakaria and Sanchez combined. Personally I would go for those two and Isak, whilst looking to sell Elneny and Nketiah immediately. If we could get money for Aubameyang and Lacazette I would sell them both and go for David or CLS as Isak can also play out left.

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