Arsenal’s second signing says it’s a “Dream come true”

You may or may not have heard the news today but Arsenal have actually signed their second player of the summer transfer window. His name is Kelechi Nwakali and he is a 18 year old midfielder.

The Nigerian youth player is not too well known amongst Arsenal fans but has impressed club officials into making a move for the young midfielder.

Speaking on the move Nwakali told the media: “I just came back from London, I have signed a five-year contract with Arsenal. So many teams were interested in me but it has been my dream at a tender age to play for Arsenal.”

Nwakali has had to wait until the his 18th birthday to sign for the Gunners, due to FIFA regulations that forbid the transfer of minors unless within the European Union. However Nwakali is now a Gunner and is sure to feature in Arsenal’s youth sides next season, if not making an odd appearance in the first team’s early rounds of the domestic cup competitions.

We’ll have to wait and see what comes of Nwakali, although apparently Arsenal fended off some of Europe’s biggest clubs including Bayern Munich, Barcelona and Manchester City, so the Nigerian midfielder must be rated fairly highly. Any transfer expenses or wages have not been publicly released.

Is Nwakali going to turn out to be the next Arsenal starlet in the youth team, or is he going to follow so many youngsters down the sorry trail of being loaned until their correct expires?


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  1. it’s so easy posting click baits for eager fans to digest (like its some fantastic piece of News)…..

    but it takes forever to complete the signing of an 18yr old Nigerian kid

    1. He wasn’t 18 until now. That’s why it took long. Should be better than Iheanacho of City if groomed well.

  2. I am happy to have another Nigerian in d team. Congrat to my country man . he is a good player.I wish him best of luck.

    1. You must know a bit more about them than we do. I seen clips of Kelechi in the centre, and he looks a very intelligent player. What about the other lad, that Porto may be getting. Is he going to come back and bite us, the one that got away if we didn’t have enough already. Finally, that dude over the Diamond academy, he has to be a chelsea fan, or a utd or something. He told us to not sign Kelechi, who does that?, and then we let Kelechi’s family agent know. Then we cant agree a deal for the winger, which is going to be less or around the same as what we paid for Kelechi?. This dude is very suspicious.

  3. Welcome Bro.
    He won the most valuable player award in last years’ U17 FIFA world cup as he lead Nigeria to win the Trophy for a record 6 times.

  4. If what I have read is true then I hope he realizes his potential and we see him in the 1st team sooner rather than later, could be a cup player this season if his talent is more than just words from media ^.^

    Best of luck to the kid.

  5. Good player but am a little concerned about the amount of players the boss is signing from that continent due to the disruptive nature of their championship.. a perfect example is mancity whose season always seems to take a tailspin when yaya becomes unavailable.

  6. Plus the fact that our first two signings have been midfielders, and no matter how good they are, it is the position in which we have the least need.

  7. what I find most enticing about him and I hope he improves even more on as that is the only route he could get into the first team in the stead of the likes of Cazorla,Wilshere,Ramsey,Ozil,Iwobi,Campbell,Ox etc as an offensive midfielder is his FreeKicks. Dude is such a deadball specialist and with humility and hardwork in an environment that encourages young players he could be the next Juninho.

  8. since many Arsenal fans dont know him and I am Nigerian, let me give you a picture , he is the mixture between kante and yaya toure and I am not exaggerating. This guy rules the midfield. Great technique, duracell battery kind of work rate. The only low point is dat as an 18year old he isnt physically ready for First Team. Hope that changes with the top class facilities@ London Colney

  9. Like it or not the need to sign these youngsters is paramount to meet the homegrown rule, that’s right get them on or before their 18th birthday, when they hit 21 they are homegrown providing they play the 3 years in England.

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