Arsenal’s secret revealed!

All the naysayers are always complaining that Arsenal are always aiming for the Top Four without actually having the ambition to finish any higher, but Nacho Monreal clearly remembers us being top of the League at Christmas just a couple of years ago (do you?) but faded away in the closing stages as injuries got the better of us, as usual..

But the Spanish defender feels that this year the team is so much better and ready to go all the way this time. “We need to learn from that,” Nacho said on “I remember it very well because we finished the first half of the season [near the top].

“In the second half, we lost a lot of games so we need to learn about that.

“I think the team is different now. We have different players, and are more competitive.

“I think the level of the team is better now and I hope we can do something special this season. At the moment, everything is right so we need to carry on.

“The secret? I will say that we are playing more compact, like a unit.

“The players are playing with more solidarity, all players try to defend. I think this is the [reason for] that.

“We have won the Community Shield, we are second in the Premier League with the same points as Manchester City.”

I agree with him that team looks so much more convincing, but the danger we have is that the never-ending injury curse looks set to destroy our ambitions once again. It is about time that the injury gods took mercy on us and left us to play with our top squad fit all season.

Perhaps this could be our year?

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  1. BabyPlease says:

    So basically the secret baby please are Ozil, Alexis and Cech as they are the main difference between us two years ago and now. They are the WC players we signed from 2013

    I would also add Coquelin and Bellerin as key youngsters that blossomed into excellent players for us within the past couple of years.

    1. GoonerLad says:

      Ozil, Coquelin and Cech took us to the next level, along with Bosscielny they’re part of what pundits refer to as the “spine of the team”.

      1. Goonsquad8 says:

        Don’t leave out monreal he is the best LB in the prem and gives us unbelievable balance.

  2. KickAssFan______I-was-abducted says:

    The pride of men, every woman’s desire, a French born enforcer, a solid rock in the center…
    Let’s celebrate him, let’s celebrate Francis Coquelin
    #PowerfulCock #CockPower

  3. KickAssFan______I-was-abducted says:

    ______Off Topic_____

    When we played against Tottenham, I think Campbell was really below per, just as Per himself was below per. When Gibbs came on, everything changed fantastically, but his introduction was almost too late (typical Arsene timing).

    The point is, lately Campbell has been pretty terrible. I know we only have two RBs at the moment in Monreal and Gibbs, but if playing both wiLl improve our performance, then let’s stick to it. I say we drop Campbell.

    1. Goonsquad8 says:

      I don’t agree with that assessment Campbell gave us some good attacking play and provided cover to debuchy. Imo he doesn’t look game fit you can see that he is laboring in like the 30th minute. And I could be completely wrong but I think he’s defending more than he should, he’s sprinting 60 yards back every time we lose possession and I think he needs to pick and choose when to drop back and defend.

      1. Gunner says:

        Thats cos Debuchy cannot match Bellerin, so the Right winger has to cover him…The current weak link in the team is actually Debuchy…If Bellerin aint avail we should look at another option.

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