Arsenal’s sorry state reflected in recent global rankings

Arsenal has been in a state of decline for a long time now and a new ranking has shown how bad it has become.

Arsene Wenger oversaw some of the club’s best years, but before he left the club was in a sorry state.

They signed the likes of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette to help them become competitive again.

When things didn’t change as they continued to finish outside the Premier League’s top four, the Gunners fired Wenger.

They named Unai Emery as their new manager and the Spaniard led the club to the 2018/2019 Europa League final.

He was expected to build on that in the next campaign, but that didn’t happen and a poor start cost him his job.

The Gunners have made Mikel Arteta their latest manager and the Spaniard has started very well, however, he has a long way to go in terms of taking Arsenal to the top of the pile among European teams.

Project 538 recently released the rankings of the top teams around the world and Arsenal ranked below the likes of Wolves, Villarreal and Getafe.

The ranking was compiled using a number of data including the league that a team plays in.

Manchester City, Bayern Munich and Liverpool made up the top three, but Arsenal came in at a disappointing 29th on the table.

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  1. Actually the defence started declining after 2004. Just look a t some of the scores:
    Arsenal 5 Boro 3(after trailing 3-0)
    Spurs 4 Arsenal 5 etc. When Adams and company left,the defence went to pieces and were unable to win despite leading on numerous occasions.
    The first warning sign was the 8-2 mauling followed by big losses to Liverpool ,MC and Chelsea.
    Despite this the fm wasnt sacked.His Cup wins just papered over the cracks.
    Part of the reason for this decline can be attributed to his antipathy towards defence.
    Its attack all the time.He has no plan b and that is why he was usually beaten by the top 4/5 teams.
    Barca fired their manager after the humiliating loss. I believe the board will be inclined to be ruthless if resultsare not forth coming.
    Having said that,I have full confidence in Arteta who is pragmatic tactically. Otherwise
    how could he have beaten Pool,MC and Chelsea.

    1. First of all we had the debt of the stadium.That wasn’t down to wenger only but the board as well.In fact the only reason we got permission to build it is because the banks wanted some kind of insurance that Wenger was going to stay before approving the loan couple that with he fact that super rich oil or gas owners came in to play same time that the team was declining.Also woth mentioning the marketing department was a total shambles.Till 2002 Arsenal were still losing tons of money on commercial shirts because we had no Club shop to sell them from.Apparently the big directors at the club couldn’t come to terms that they had build a new shop in order to maximise their commercial sales.No we needed Wenger to tell us that as well .Totally laughable.Now compare that to Manchester United who had been aggressively attacking the commercial market since the mid ninties.Remember Rudd Van Nistlerooy 20 million back in 2000 and Sebastian Veron for 24 million a year later!.Arsenal…… took them another 90 years before they came even close to that number.That’s the difference.

  2. We are where we are. The stats are based on a short period of no more then 3 year blocks. Otherwise Barca, declining for awhile are 5th and it makes no sense! They will drop before they go up.

    So it only gives short understanding of the current state. Even if that’s prolonged.

    If city are top and we can beat them then that’s a good start…

  3. You are just yourself, you still live in the past records that’s your cup of tea, leave Arsene Wenger alone whether you like it or not, he was never sacked, unlike Josh morhinoh, but he’s great manager arsenal we ever had. And now mikel arteta is doing what expected of him in the team, we just want the board members to support him in every capacity to lead the team. Imagine beats MC and Chelsea it means he up to task, so pls forget and rankings, to me, these are baseless attributes. Good works to mikel arteta, we are all back you to upgrade the team more, just do not let lacasete to go, build the team around him and he elevate the team, is a kind of aggressive striker we need who is always hungry for goals keep it up, thanks.

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