Unstoppable Arsenal’s staggering 2024 statistics in the Premier League – Invincible?

In 2024, Arsenal has been a different animal, putting up incredible numbers that have highlighted their hunger to shine. Our Gunners have won 10 of their last 11 league games, drawing one (which was versus Manchester City).

This year, they have been excellent in front of goal, scoring 38 goals in the last 11 league games. It is funny that in December, some said Arsenal struggling to score goals was going to be their major undoing in the title race.

Even so, if you believe that Arsenal’s attack, which has scored the most goals in the league (75), has done all the work to propel the Gunners to the top, you would be overlooking the defensive prowess of this team. Arteta’s team’s defensive side has laid the foundation for their outstanding performance and resurgence in this league title.

The Gunners have only conceded four goals but have scored an astounding 38 over this time frame (their last 11 games). The Gunners are defending with pride, something that has made it easier for them to win games.

Their remarkable run in 2024 has included victories over Liverpool, Brentford, West Ham, and Brighton (their alleged bogey team).

Arsenal are on top of the league, and we can credit this to their form in 2024; they’re unbeaten this calendar year, are scoring more, and are tougher to score past.

Arsenal have obviously demonstrated that this time around they are in the title fight to win, picking up 31 out of a possible 33 points in their last 11 games. Mikel Arteta has done an excellent job with this Arsenal team; he’s made us believe we can win the Premier League.

That said, they still have 7 league games to perform at their best, but do their impressive numbers in 2024 suggest that we may hope for the best?

Daniel O

Life is good for us Arsenal fans!

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  1. Our astonishing 2024 form has propels us into this ding dong battle with the champion and pretender

  2. In all likelihood there is only one scenario we win the title. We must win every match from now until the end of the season.

  3. It’s not how many goals we’ve scored, or how many clean sheets we have had, it’s if we end up with the most points in the PL – that’s why we lost the title last season.
    Great stats but they won’t mean a thing if we finish one point behind city/pool.
    That’s why we have to get maximum points and I don’t care if we let goals in, just outscore out opponents… simple really!!

    1. Ken
      Hey if we finish one point behind Liverpool or Ma City at the end I personally won’t care because this is the most exciting season in the last 20 years. I am absolutely glued to every single game. Can you imagine the last time I cheered Man United?

      1. I’d rather city and pool play the most wonderful football on the planet and win every game, while we just win our games Pat.
        Surely we’re not going to blow it two seasons in a row… and I bet you WOULD personally care!!

        1. Ken , the way you have phrased your post leads one to think you have overlooked goal difference, which though good ,is not as yet uncatchable.

          You want City and Pool to play the most wonderful football on the planet? One question. WHY???
          I want them both to lose every game, even though it wont happen

          But to WANT them to play “wonderful football” seems a strange thing for a Gooner to wish! Explanation please!

    2. Wining by out scoring is no good for the heart ken
      Normally the team with the best defense goes on to win the league
      We are by far the best team right now and sprinkles with goals
      I like it just the way we are
      Clean sheet peppered with 3 goals up the other end. Let’s not change things right now.
      7 to go and we are still right amongst it. When was the last time we could say that

      Upwards a d onwards

  4. I did too pat. My heart was broken when that chicken head gave away that stupid penalty! That was my first time cheering for Man U.

  5. “It is funny that in December, some said Arsenal struggling to score goals was going to be their major undoing in the title race.”

    Were you following Arsenal matches in December? We lost silly points against Aston Villa (0-1), Liverpool (1-1); West am (0-2) and Fulham (1-2)) in a space of just one month and not mentioning the PSV case (1-1) ….. and you call sentiments fans had about this torture funny?!!

    Of course, since the winter break, there’s been a remarkable improvement in scoring that can only make all of us really proud gunners. But to say concerns about our woeful performance in December was funny isn’t just right?

  6. Tyndale, My heart bleeds for you as I share your own distaste for words used completely incorrectly. I always have used and constantly urge English as first language speakers to write what they mean and not to use words so blatantly incorectly.

    I do, naturally, make allowances for those whose mother tongue is not English.
    Instead of “funny,” the correct word to have used would have been such as “frustrated ” or “disappointed” .

    But he used “funny”. Sigh!

    Disappointing, isn’t it!!

  7. Enjoy the ride, i’m confident Mikel and the boys will ensure the trophy’s ribbon is laced in our traditional colors with our name on it and lifted over each and every of our player and maner’s head. This is our year, COYG!

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