Arsenal’s starboy Saka is England’s Man Of The Match for the 9th time

Bukayo Saka, what a talent! The Arsenal star man has once again proven on the biggest stage in England, at Wembley, that he is ready to be the next big thing for the Three Lions.

If you still don’t believe it, In a Euro Qualifiers clash between England and Ukraine, Saka took it upon himself to make sure his side won the match, setting up Kane for the Spurs man to break the deadlock, before he himself netted a stunner from outside the penalty box.

Saka is a natural, and for some who thought he only flourished in Arteta’s system, shame on you: he is also balling on the international front. As seen during the World Cup and even this international break, the 21-year-old has made England’s right wing his own and may continue impressing there for years.

Notably, in his 26th England appearance, he bagged his 9th International Man of the Match award. Is there anyone as good as Saka in his position?

Whether it’s an Arsenal shirt or an England shirt, the star boy continues to shine. When historians talk about the football played this season, I am sure they’ll reserve a few lines to talk about how good Saka was this season.

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  1. Saka is amazing for a 21-year-old player. Foden is probably the only young English inverted RW who has similar productivity, but Saka is slightly younger, taller, faster and stronger

    I think Madueke can also be as good as Saka, if he can stay healthy next season. We’re lucky to have Saka and Cozier-Duberry as his understudy

  2. Now that he’s made himself virtually indispensable to club & country, I can only hold my breath & hope that contract negotiations are complete and he signs a six/seven-year deal within weeks.

  3. Even though Saka is arsenal through and through, I’m worried about his contract situation. If it’s not renewed after the international break, I feared we might lose him in the summer to those super teams: Real, Man City, Bayern, PSG, or Barca. These days is hard to tell whether a player will remain loyal to their club even if they wanted to. Agents are getting more and greedy. See the example of Mudryk who wanted to play for arsenal, but ended in Chelsea. The influence of either family member or agent played a major part in their decision, especially if the player is as young.

  4. Only Saka knows what he will do regarding his contract extension.

    Best thing Arsenal can do is show their ambition by assembling a team that is competitive now and for the next several years.

    Saka is already a keystone player at Arsenal, we can likely match any offer, and the squad looks competitive for next several years.

    Unless he wants a new challenge or different country, I’m not worried about him signing.

    Appreciate and admire him, but the club comes first, whether he stays or goes. Agents and money have changed the game unfortunately.

    That being said, I’ll put my money on Saka staying and probably the highest earner on the books. We’ll deserved I might add.

  5. Let’s hope that Saka will replicate his 3Lions top form against Ukraine at Wembley for Arsenal in their Epl home match against Leeds Utd on Saturday

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