Arsenal’s start to the season is remarkable but can we go the distance?

What Arsenal have done so far is remarkable! by Konstantin Mitov
Well, lovely Arsenal people, we will be top on Christmas. Take a moment to appreciate that. On a day when it’s all about love, joy and ultimately sharing, you can share with your Chelsea mates a 16 point gap in the table! 15 with Liverpool, 11 to Man Utd, 7 to Spurs, and 5 with Man City, not that there are many of their fans to do it with, but sharing truly is a marvellous thing.
We have amassed 37 points from 14 games, our best start in the PL ever! That doesn’t mean we’ll win it, even though history is on our side, with every club that’s managed this many points at this stage of the season eventually lifting the title.
But the PL is very different from what it once was. People only look at City, who by the way had 32 points after 14 games last season as well and still ended up winning it with 93 points, but other dangers lurk in the seas.
Newcastle, even in the early stages of their oil transformation are doing incredibly well. Spurs are punching well above their weight, playing poor football, but somehow still getting their best start to a PL season. Despite their struggles, Chelsea is a team that spent 270 million this summer and United who are doing well at 5th at the moment are also north of 200 mills spent.
Point is, it’s a monster race. Long gone are the days where two teams like us and United are way better than everyone else. Put aside the top 6 + Newcastle, teams like Brighton who are run extremely well can be a problem, Villa have a squad full of talent. Even newcomers like Fulham and Brentford from last year can give you a game and no points are certain.
All this makes our achievement so remarkable. Unfortunately it’s only November. The title is handed out in May. The elephant in the room question is, can we go the distance? Our starting 11 is very good, but do we have the squad to go all the way?
I personally believe there are a few decent backups – Tommy can over both RB and CB if needed, Tierney is a potent LB and Fabio Vieira is player who looks much better when put in our starting 11, where he is surrounded by better players.
But still, there is no player who can play a lone 6 like Partey does in the side. Jesus works really hard for the team, but his lack of goals need to be compensated by others, which again makes it remarkable how we’re the only team that has scored in every game this season.
Saka and Martinelli also have no backup. I know ESR is injured and Reiss did a fine job against Forest, but if we truly want a title charge, I think cover for Partey and a striker and maybe even another winger and we’re truly set. Players like Zaha and Tielemans are ones I’d take in a heartbeat. An Ivan Toney or Trossard would be immense!
Rumours suggest money will be made available for some reinforcements in January. I do not rule out us doing like last January and taking a look at the long term, rather than the now, but I’d just love it if we spend wisely and go for it. Number 14, iconic…
Dare you dream it?

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  1. Going for Tielemans in January would be difficult to justify, considering that he will be a free player in summer. Pursuing Zaha, Ivan Toney and Trossard would be extremely expensive, as they are key players in clubs fighting for relevance this season.
    I think that only a bargain signature will take place in January if any.
    With the team we have we can be within the top four this season. That was the goal from day one.
    Trust the process. Opportunities to reinforce the team will come plenty next summer.

  2. I’ts ok saying we can be in the top four this season ( I’ll cry if we’re not) and top four was the goal from day one, (IMO every teams goal from day one should be to win the league) trust the process and we’ll have opportunities to reinforce the team come next summer. This season is here and now, we’re points ahead of everybody, this is a golden opportunity to win the league. Next summer might be a whole different ball game. We may strengthen the team, but so might everybody else. I say go for it while we can.

    1. Spot on rob49. It’s the here and the year! We go for it. We are top, playing amazing football. We got the chance to run away with the title, we grab it.

    2. All correct 💚✅✅✅. Other teams will also want a better start in subsequent seasons but “the bird in our hands right now is better than the bird in the bush of next season(s). Go for it MA & Edu

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tielemans joins us in January since his age and price tag are good, but I don’t think the others will come

    I bet Arsenal will sign some relatively-unknown players from Spain, Portugal or Brazil in the summer

    1. Gai,
      Mudyck is a kind of wild players Arsenal need to compete with Sara who is getting kicked often. I also feel Zichenko might be able to passuade him since the Boy like Arsenal. I feel we don’t need Tielesmans badly he is not a outright DM I think Danilo of palmeras is better in my opinion he is skillful and very agile.. I am confident Arteta knows what he wants.

      1. Sylva, Mudryk would most likely compete with Martinelli on the left wing if he comes. I guess Arsenal would just extend Nelson’s contract instead of signing a 50+ M LW

        I wouldn’t be surprised if we sign both Tielemans and Danilo, to replace some of our midfielders

  4. Yes we can go the distance and by the look of it I anticipate a bold attempt is in the making and I will tell you why.

    1) We have a hungry gaffer, who’s appetite at such a tender age is unprecedented.
    2) The gaffer will see this opportunity as a glorious one, not a miss opportunity.
    3)Our first team or second only to Man city,in terms of the cohesion and team balance.
    4) The team harmony and commadre is second to none..
    5) History is on our side,
    6) Youth is in our favor.
    7) Three smart acquisition in January and we are a proper top side.
    8)The gaffer has prosecuted the case convincingly for a war chest in January.
    9)The gaffer has master the art of the mind games from two of the best in the world,Wenger and Pep.
    10) The mind games when playing first or second after our rival does not affect us anymore, due to the mentality instilled
    11) Josh Kroenke will prove consistent and firmly back the gaffer in January.
    12)The two or three new signing coming in January will significantly improve the team in terms of squad depth options in playing style.

    So I strongly recommend the gaffer to strike the rod while it’s hot.

  5. I appreciate your response, Rob. But let me explain further my standpoint.
    I would be the happiest person in the world if we win the PL next year but breaking the bank in January will not certify that goal.
    We also have to see how the board and owners probably think. Arsenal is a business; the objective of any owner is to invest to increase the business market value. Winning the league now will not have a great impact in the club market value (ask Leicester). The market value increases by steadily becoming a club that reaches the Champion League over many years in a row. And that requires investing gradually and wisely.
    If they magnify the investing in January, there will be less funds to invest in the summer, which is when you can get more value for your money.
    A realistic investment in January would not be on buying the star player of a competing club, but to get someone or two with Danilo from Palmeiras profile, a young and ascending defensive midfield that won’t cost a fortune.
    Also, the first team players are also firm in trusting the process. How do you think they will react if THEIR process is broken by the hiring of a player that will take them immediately to the bench? They would definitely think that the club process and their own professional process are not aligned. Demotivation could spread out.
    Just giving you something to chew on.

    1. Hi Can fan, thank you for your response. I’m afraid I don’t have a business head so I can’t comment on the financial side of things I am only going by my supporters head as I want and feel we’re in a position win the league from here. Nobody knows what’s going to happen next season, especially now we’re going into recession. As regarding demotivation how the players would react to being benched, that happens all the time, surely that’s what drives them to improve their performance, any player should know they’re part of a team ( until a better offer comes along). Buying a couple of new players doesn’t automatically mean others get benched, I think everybody knows if we get two or three bad injuries we haven’t got cover. Do we blow our chance of winning the league for the sake of waiting until summer. As I said It’s only my opinion but I still say go for it.

  6. I believe if City beats us to it, it will be due to our lack of quality in depth. Our first team are excellent. But we lack depth in a few areas

    1. Yes Stephanie, it’s either we add up or the bench steps up. The rather have disappointed so far so additions MUST be done to make our dreams a reality

  7. You ain’t comparing Leicester with Arsenal can fan. We got 13pl titles! Our market value can’t come even close to comparison. We are miles ahead to be honest . Competition in a top team is a must so as to bring the best in every player, young or older you must warrant you inclusivity in a team. Implying that relagating the starters or rather youngsters to the bench is not certain so long as it’s a fair competition on who starts.

  8. Squad depth and consistency will be the key to last the distance. That said, I would like and hope that the following signings are made in January:
    Marcus Thuram-striker
    With the above 3 we are set for a title chase and they would add real quality to the side. I would love to have Madison and Tielemans in January but I think that will not be possible. Arteta has made it clear that Arsenal will bring in only those players who will increase the level and I think the above 3 signings will certainly do that.

  9. To not take our position seriously and not sign 3 top players in January, would be negligence. We ARE top of the PL, and that means this may be the best chance we have or will have of winning the PL. Next season things may change. Right now we are TOP and we need to consolidate. If we do not buy top players in January, injuries and fatigue WILL affect our chances. If we deal with our lack of squad depth by buying 3 top players, then we may REALLY win the EPL…..but……next season who knows….things change. Concentrate on winning the league this season that is actually happening.

        1. A few YES, but not a lot. My point is that we HAVE had a few injuries, and played every three days, but not only have we handled it we have won enough games to be top of the League.

          1. Pat
            Still 24 games to go, most of the season The team are doing great, so it’s good to look at how we can stay there. Just a couple of top players signed to keep us there.

  10. I think a lot of folks are sleeping on ESR and impact he can make if he comes back fighting fit. Can’t wait to see him with this team.

  11. I don’t see any point for Arteta to buy any backups. I would prefer him to buy a bigger talent than the first team players. Let them compete through hell and fire to earn the first eleven spot. Let the so-called backups to be the challengers. Knowing human nature, healthy competition is imperative to keep team quality high, no matter who it is. Mykhylo Mudryk is gonna keep Martinelli and Saka on their toes. Buy someone to face up to Partey in training. Get a couple of robots to lock heads with Xhaka. Another brilliant technician to bully Odegaard. Football players are living in their own economic and social bubble, so challenging players will keep fans morale on going. No one is indispensable. That’s the journey to a premium club.

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