Arsenal’s summer clear-out begins at last

Before the summer transfer window even opened, Arsene Wenger admitted that he would have to trim the squad in the coming months, hopefully for us to make room for some more top-class arrivals at the Emirates. “We are not in the need of absolute change,” Wenger said . “We have a strong squad, we have some strong young players behind. It is difficult to say at the moment. We are not close to signing anybody. We have a very big squad, so we need to lose some players as well.”

One of the first to leave simply must be Lukas Podolski who has no chance of ever playing in the Gunners first team again, and despite the German international saying last week that he would be returning to Arsenal, it would seem that he is definitely trying to find another club, where he might actually get to play.

Now it is being reported on ESPN that he is considering a move to Turkey with Galatasary. Podolski said: “I grew up in a Turkish area and know a bit of Turkish. Champions League football is a must and Galatasaray have made a lucrative offer.”

That must be music to Wenger’s ears and hopefully the start of his sales to try and bring in some cash to add to our transfer fund. David Ospina and Joel Campbell are also expected to be sold for a few quid, but who else is Wenger likely to sell to make room for our new arrivals?

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  1. No ospina we want you to stay. Arsenal can’t find a club that wants wojciech on loan or what?!

  2. Podolski, Campbell, Ospina and Flamini out.
    Sanogo on loan again (if he fails again, sell him)
    Cech, a DM (past caring who as I only want them to cover Coquelin) and maybe a world class attacker who becomes available late in the window.
    Also, I’ve finally placed who Coquelin reminds me of. Go and watch a few of his YouTube videos and then watch a couple Makelele videos. While Coquelin is obviously not on the same level yet, the playing style is pretty much the same. Throws a tackle in, composed on the ball and has a good range of passing.


  4. Podolski, Campbell, Diaby should go… If we get another Dm’ we should also let Flamini go. I’ll keep Arteta for just one season..Rosicky is dicey’, I wanna keep him but if he won’t get game time and If he wants to leave to another club for game time, then we should respect Him’ the same way Cech left (that is if Rosicky wants to go)….I actually like Ospina (who doesn’t after his performance last season) but I remember on this site last season some fans wanted us to get another GK after games to Monaco (1st leg), swansea game at Emirates and so on…..I want us to keep all goalies but that’s not gonna happen. I don’t wanna sell Ospina but I feel He deserves to be a starter in some clubs that needs a goalie. We have Cech now, another DM and striker will be enough. I feel Wenger might get a DM and that’s it. Well, He knows best.. Vidal maybe??? We shall see….

  5. The only problem there is that Silva is likely to replace Poldi. Not that hes no good its just that hes hardly what we need quality wise. Be interested to see if Diaby or Flamini will leave, would be big indication for bringing in another. Akpom Sanogo too, would probably indicate the same.

  6. Podolski, Campbell, Wellington Silva and Sanogo should be sold, whilst I would love to see Diaby getting a new pay-as-you-play contract. Also I’d say loan out Gnabry, Jenkinson and Szczesny, shouldn’t be too hard to find suitors within the PL and maybe getting a little loan fee on top of it.

  7. Ryo has already left thats good news.

    Flamini, diaby, poldi, ospina, campbell should be sold

    jenko, sanogo should be loaned

    a dm should be bought (krychowiak)

    a striker (lacazette/icardi/bacca/benzema) or winger-striker (griezman/reus/muller) should be bought

    if someone else is sold, replacements can be bought

  8. Flamini, Arteta, podolski, sanogo, campbell, Mertesacker, and either ospina or sczeszny. All these players should be sold as none of them would get involve with the team again if Wenger brings in new players. Mertesacker will get slower with his age.

  9. Gk – cech/shez/martinez
    rb – deb/bellerin
    cb – kos/mert/gab/calum
    lb – gibbs/nacho
    cdm – coq/krychow/arteta
    cm – rambo/wilsh/zelalem
    cam – ozil/santi/tomas
    lw – alexis/silva
    rw – ox/theo
    st – lacazette/giroud/welbeck

  10. Add gnabry also as a winger

    that makes 24 above 21 players, with 15 non home grown players

  11. All I want to see is a top class goal poacher, and a backup/replacement for le coq.. Then again I will only consider next season a success if we beat chelsea at home & away.

  12. For next season we are gonna require to buy a cb and a *drumroll* CAM!! *wenger smiles*

  13. @handsome gooner,
    So u would rather keep szes instead of ospina? Y because szes I’d homegrown? How abt the fact he’s amongst the worst keepers arsenal have ever had? Absolute tripe he is ospina is way better on all accounts even if he is a few inches shorter.
    Bacca most realistic option

    1. I am keeping shez not because i want to, but because most likelx he will stay.

      Havent really heard any recent shez to fenerbahce rumours, have you?

      1. Krychowiak and lacazette are the players i want and have been linked with us rarely in the recent times

  14. OT: schenederin(wrong spelling i guess) signs for man u! Hope am wrong?? We need a dm back up maybe we could not assure him of a first team football #sighs

  15. Arsenal will have to
    release players on a free
    or sell for a pittance
    other wise no one one will
    take players off our hands
    because of their high wage demands.
    Podolski 90 k p/w Campbell 40 k Flamini 70 k
    and Rosicky 70 k fall into this category.
    Nobody will ever want Diaby’s brother Sanogo
    so we are stuck with him till June 2017.
    Wellbeck Wilshere Chamberlain Gnabry
    Gibbs Chambers and even Walcott are part
    of the sub standard but can’t sell
    must have Home Grown quota.

  16. I guess that people saying Ospina for sale haven’t seen the games v Brazil and Argentina. Or that they didn’t see that when Ospina took charge we looked solid defensively.
    Or that they just follow the flow.
    Because that home grown BS I am sure wenger can sort it out with all the players we Ve bought (like wojo) when very young.

    1. Yeah that double save in the first half with Di Maria (? maybe Aguero) than Messi missing the header made me proud he’s currently at Arsenal.

  17. Arsenal should not sell Ospina. He was bought as back up keeper and he showed to be much better than scczezny
    We should keep Ospina and send Sczezny out for loan for a season

    1. Ospina is the one leaving and no matter how sad it makes us you cant change it

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