Arsenal’s summer plans: who joins, who stays, who leaves?

It doesn’t take too much research to realize that Arsenal’s 2021-22 season wasn’t their best. Despite high hopes fans may have had, it looks like we’ll have to look at the 2022-23 season to see our dreams realized.

As with every team, Arsenal is looking to make some lineup changes for this season. Hopefully, this will help improve their performance over the next few months. 

Arsenal’s next season, like every club’s, should start sometime in early August. If you’re looking for a way to wait out this small period of time, you could always come back to keep up with Arsenal news and transfers. You could also visit the Casino Hawks website for some fun!

Today we’ll offer an overview of some of Arsenal’s announced summer plans. Which players will be leaving and which will be staying with Arsenal? Find out below, but take note that some of these are only rumored and may not be realized!

#1: Gabriel Jesus’s arrival

25-year-old Gabriel Jesus is preparing to come to Arsenal after spending 5 years at Manchester City.

The Brazilian has had an interesting career as a forward with Man City, having scored 95 goals over 236 appearances. This is an impressive number for the player and only serves to inspire hope in Arsenal fans following his transfer.

It seems like Arsenal has acquired Jesus for a transfer fee of £45m – around 52m, which is a hefty sum compared to his original Man City transfer fee of 32m when he arrived from Brazil.

We’re sure that Jesus will continue his outstanding results in Arsenal and help bring the team to victory!

#2: William Saliba likely to stay

Saliba has been playing with Arsenal for the past 3 years, although he has been on loan for most of the time during this period.

Although he has only had one goal over 115 appearances, he still has time to prove himself in Arsenal, should he end up staying.

On the other hand, if Arsenal decides not to keep Saliba in the lineup, it’s no reason to fret. The French football player already has a few clubs interested in signing him instead.

Most notably, Newcastle and Marseille are in talks with Arsenal over the defender. However, whether he will stay or go still remains to be seen.

#3: Lucas Torreira leaves

Lucas Torreira has been a part of Arsenal for the last 4 years, and he has spent most of that time on loan for Atletico Madrid and Fiorentina.

However, it seems like this chapter of his life may be coming to an end, as he cites a ‘lack of opportunities’ in the club.

Overall, Torreira has spent very little time actually playing with Arsenal, and more time working with a psychologist in Spain through all these issues. It seems like being away from his family, the lack of playtime, and the death of his mother have all taken a serious toll on the Uruguayan midfielder.

When it comes to Torreira’s future club, it seems like Fiorentina is keen to sign him on a permanent contract but have now said that they can’t afford him. He has clearly made a lot of impact and he should not have any trouble a new place to play next season.


  1. I’m confused – this is just three of a number of topics, and jesus isn’t preparing to join, he scored two goals yesterday.
    I think we still need a first team CM/DM quite badly – tielemans still seems must likely – but judging by the reported links, edu/arteta are keen on bringing in another AM/winger to further boost the attack (an idea I’m warming to, actually, although I think a more withdrawn midfielder should be the priority)

  2. So, according to our “informed” JA admin , a player who has already arrived and scored twice just yesterday, is now “preparing to arrive


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