Arsenal’s target is the second dirtiest player in the Premier League

Moises Caicedo, a highly sought-after midfielder in the Premier League, has reportedly reached an agreement on personal terms with Arsenal for a potential summer transfer.

Despite failing to secure a move to Arsenal in the previous summer, the Ecuadorian international has continued to deliver impressive performances for Brighton.

Recent reports suggest that Caicedo has already agreed to personal terms with the Gunners, indicating the possibility of a move to the Emirates.

However, a new report from Birmingham World highlights Caicedo’s disciplinary record, ranking him as the second dirtiest player in the Premier League. In the last campaign, he accumulated ten yellow cards from committing 65 fouls, which puts him in the same category as Joelinton from Newcastle United.

If Caicedo were to join Arsenal, his presence in the midfield would add significant physicality and robustness to the team’s playing style.

Just Arsenal opinion

Caicedo has been one of the finest players in the Premier League since he moved to Brighton and we must act fast because he has other suitors waiting to lure him away from his present employers.

If we continue to push to add him to our squad, we expect the midfielder to choose us as his next club.

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  1. He would certainly give us the tough physical presence we need in midfield. With Rice too we would have a much more competitive midfield which we’ve been missing for years. Here’s hoping!

  2. I wonder if he will be the “mark one” version of Xhaka, if he’s accumulating that number of yellow cards?

    MA obviously sees him as a player he wants, so let’s hope he can distill the same kind of responsible attitude that the “mark two” version of Xhaka is.

  3. Maybe he prefers to wait until he gets home. Some players don’t like sharing a bath with the other players. I wouldn’t say that makes him dirty, just shy! Not sure about Brighton, but he would be happier at Arsenal as they have separate baths for each player.Strange Article about cleanliness!

    1. Out of topic!!! dirtiest in terms of rough play. has nothing to do with bathrooms.
      Try reading articles before responding

  4. If he’s so dirty, then it’s better to have him onside than against.
    He certainly took Martinelli out in a revenge foul.

  5. Arsenal should go fast and get him instead of relying on he wants and has chosen arsenal dat is what we have been hearing for days now

  6. I think environment and leadership in Arsenal would be able to transform him to better, zhaka was of that type and was accumulating yellows and reds but look where he is now

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