Arsenal’s Team Ethic is a joy to watch! But can Jack fit in?

Something definitely changed in January that got Arsenal started on their magnificent winning run. Many Gooners put it down to the fact that we started getting all our injured players back, but what was the real reason?

Having a fully fit squad brings its own problems, like getting the ex-injured players back on the pitch (i.e. Theo Walcott) but according to Jack Wilshere it is not upsetting anybody and the team are really playing for each other.

Jack was asked by if he thought that the team had improved since he went out injured in November, he replied: “Not just over the last season, I think it’s over the last few years that we have made progress,”

“We lost a lot of players from when I started in the first team, a lot of people said Arsenal would never come back but we didn’t listen to them.

“We kept going, added real quality, world-class players to the squad and the main thing here is the team ethic.

“You can see that we have a great atmosphere around, everyone wants to work for one another and we go into every game knowing we can create chances if we stay strong defensively.

“I remember when I got my first injury and it was the year when Cesc [Fabregas] left. We struggled that year at the start and it was tough to watch.

“It has been totally different this year – they have been playing great football and it has been a joy to watch.”

It is brilliant that the team is on a fantastic run, but the problem for Jack is that he will have to fight even harder to get any game time. Arsenal have soooo many talented midfielders that Jack will really have to show some special stuff in training for Wenger to find space for him in the team. Well, hopefully he will be fit and ready for the beginning of next season, when we need to start well and go on to remain unbeaten all season 🙂

Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. I think he has to be patient We’ve got plenty of options in central midfield all on a similar level when there playing at their best. I think he’ll get plenty of opportunities he just needs to be ready and be at his best when the opportunities come. He’s a top quality player and hopefully now he’s had whatever he’s has removed from his ankle that’s the last of his niggles because it’s been holding him back same with Ramsey I think his injuries and niggles at times restricts him from playing at their best with freedom. I think having Coquelin could help Jack also the takes the majority of the defensive responsibility in midfield allowing the more creative players to just play and that will benefit Jack.

    1. I Find it really funny how people just write players off, do nothing but call for the club to sign this and that player most of the time players they probably haven’t even watched and a lot aren’t as good as what we have. Rate everyone except our own players it really is pitiful. It’ll be the same people calling for us to sell Cazorla last summer and Ramsey then they start playing well and start writing other players off. I just don’t understand the need for it its like people have a need to have some sort of scapegoat in the team. Jack WILL get back to his best.

  2. I think Jack has got a part to play in our squad but in order to be first choice he needs to work hard to get his place back.

  3. No coincidence that again, arsenal can find no consistency until Walcott, Wilshere and szchezny are out the team! A few seasons ago we had the same thing with Wilshere, vermalaen and Ramsey! Wilshere is a curse to our team

    1. Haha and then it was almost as if Ramsey found confidence after playing week in week out and ultimately improved his game!! what was Wenger thinking!!
      and don’t get me started on playing Vermaelan instead of our only other option at the time… The walking on land Squid!! don’t know how Wenger still has his job…

      It’s funny how we’ve found one of the most consistent teams in Europe since January with those three around… How is it possible??

      1. Haha, so what’s was the cause of our problem? Ramsey was garbage and so was Wilshere! Who’s fault that they was in our first team? Wenger. Why wasn’t they loaned? No argument that Ramsey has improved, but they shouldn’t have been aloud to cost us points week after week in our first team! Vermalaen and the squid! Who signed them? Wenger!

    1. Haha still got talent and potential! he’s had that since the barca game! 5/6 years ago people! His not got any better and he should be in his prime now! Wake up, he offers nothing, no goals no assists, he doesn’t offer the team anything! Don’t say leadership either, give me £50,000 a week and I’ll be there leader. We really don’t need him, if Man city want him, then rip there hands off!

  4. He used to play well with Frimpong in the youth set up and a lot of his good games last year were with Flamini whereas his worst were more probably with Arteta. He seems to thrive on playing just in front of a pure DM and now we have Coquelin so who knows, may be he will.

    Personally I don’t think he is anywhere near Ramsey or Cazorla (as a CM, which isn’t even his position).

  5. Defend well and you still have a good chance of reaching next knockout stage in teh 2nd leg, thats what we saw in UCL this evening. Did Athletico go all out attack looking for a goal at the end? No, they still attacked but not with defence on the halfway line in 90 minute.

    This is something the Arsenal team haven’t learned for the past five seasons. It’s not about trying to win the tie in the first leg, its about not losing the tie in the first leg.

  6. Wilshere is so badly injury prone he
    will be available for 5 games
    then be out for 10.
    Ramsey Wallcot Chamberlain Gnabry
    are similar some even worse.
    Ozil missed 4 months this season and last season.
    Sanogo one game in 25.
    Diaby one 70 min game in 59 which guarantees
    him another years contract.
    Injuries are Arsenals rotation.
    But it seems to work top 4 EPL last 16 ECL
    which after all is the clubs stated goal

    1. oh wow david thanks for the history lesson!!
      I’m actually kinda grateful you’ve stopped referring to them as ‘injury wrecks’ and now it’s just ‘injury prone.’

  7. Wilshere needs to fully concentrate on his football and work harder. He is talented but just lost his way

    Next season play him in League Cup and FA Cup matches until he improves

    I’m not sure what his best position is anymore: DM, box2box, attacking midfielder??? However, he will have a lot of competition with the likes of Coquelin, Ramsey, Cazorla, Rosicky, Ozil, Arteta, Diaby.

    Needs time to prove himself. I think he will come good.

  8. Not sure where he’ll now fit. Positives he has grit and edge that we donthave in abundance, he also has good vision and feet. Negatives he lscks a good engine and pace. He’ll be a good fringe cup and sqaud player/leader next year enabling him to prove himself to wenger once more. Off topic I so wish we had varane what a young prospect and with so much pace. Watching the madrid cl game and imagining how lost theo would be on this stage 🙁 in answer to a previous article yes I really like gnabry he’s physical, quick and works hard for the team.

  9. ECL quarter final time.
    Arsenal has not won the ECL
    in the 60 yrs the trophy has
    been held. Arsenal is a big club
    in England but a mediocre side in Europe
    similar to Valencia and Schalke.
    The club believes it is too expensive to build a team
    capable of winning the ECL because the odds of winning are so low.
    Can’t argue with the financial logic because its true.
    Only one of the super rich clubs will win
    this term, many are out already.
    Making the last 16 gets you money, keeps most of your good players.
    You can attract some good players ok may be not the best players
    but good enough to be competitive in all four competitions.
    Its the Arsenal participation model.
    Play to a high level , make money
    trophies are welcome but not expected.

    1. Wait until next season and you will be proved wrong. There is no place in our team for negative thoughts. GOYG

    2. True we have not won the ECL in 60 years but bit of perspective. Qualified for the old EC format twice in 37 years. Did not qualify for UCL 1992-1997, another 6 years. So our true record in the competition is runners-up once in 20 attempts. Not good but doesn’t sound quite so bad.

      Personally I think there should be a very real distinction between EC winners and UCL winners. L’Pool bang on about their 5 ECs but if anyone takes the time to look back over the EC it really was a shocker in terms of the quality. Only 3 or 4 teams each year who could win it, 12 or 13 absolute no hopers, straight knock-out stretched out over 2 legs so no single leg FA cup type shock results, total of 8 games to get to the final, sometimes only 6 with byes. I used to watch Liverpool with awe in EC – the penny only dropped years later. In 1977 they reached the final by beating Crusaders (semi-pro Irish outfit), Trabzonspor, St Etienne and FC Zurich. The other years were similar. Jeez, you get harder league cup draws than that. UCL on other hand is a monster, 13 to 15 games, way, way more quality depth and 31 big clubs that fail every year.

  10. Wilshere will come good, his injuries has stopped him progressing. He needs few games on the pitch to get back to his best. Arsenal will always have injuries so therefore he will get opportunites to play. He will also have more chances to play if Arteta, Flamini and Rosicky go.

  11. Goodnight all I leave you with a great quote.

    Work hard for what you want because it won’t come to you without a fight. You have to be strong and courageous and know that you can do anything you put your mind to. If somebody puts you down or criticizes you, just keep on believing in yourself and turn it into something positive.


  12. he has to go even Oxie will.find it hard to play…..with incoming players in the summer…..there are no place for deadwoods

  13. Just saw new photo of Sterling and Ibe smoking shisha. I hope Wilshere doesn’t join these two for a threesome. I don’t want to see photos of Wilshere, Ibe and Sterling in a threesome sucking on these dirty pipes. Don’t need distractions from football

    Wilshere doesn’t need more bad press and smoke in his lungs. Needs to concentrate on football and also his health.

    Btw, Sterling with the legal highs and now shisha should stop Wenger from going for him. He I’d still a quality player but Wenger probably will be unlikely to proceed. One would think the £50 million possible price tag would be enough lol.

    1. if by spending 50m on Sterling could strengthen the team…why not???

      go for Sterling…he will make a good team mate for Wilshere…English Core!!

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