Arsenal’s team spirit can make us Invincible again!

The young defender Calum Chambers has been playing like an old hand since his arrival from Southampton this summer, and he thinks he has slotted in so easily into the Arsenal squad because of the togetherness of the players.

He said on “I’m really enjoying my time here,”

“Everyone has welcomed me really well so I’m really enjoying it.

“It’s been quite a whirlwind of a few weeks. I’m taking every day as it comes, just concentrating on what I’m doing next. I’m really enjoying it here and everyone has welcomed me really well. I just want to play the best I can and show everyone what I can do.

“We’ve got a lot of quality players here. The team spirit is really high at the moment so I think we can do well this season. We’ll go into every game and give it 100 per cent, and with the quality in this team, we’ll hope for a result in every game.”

Team spirit and shared confidence is the key to any successful side, as much as the quality of the players,so if Arsenal have got all three of those qualities than we can expect a very exciting year ahead. And as Calum said – let’s try and get a result in every single game.

The Invincibles Part Two!!!

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  1. Looks a decent player. Can’t judge him yet from just a few games but hope he turns out reliable and very consistent. Goyg

  2. Like the optimism but keep dreaming. Without a striker who scores in pretty much every game (henry) the second coming of the invincibles seems near impossible.
    We dont have that.
    But i do believe we can win the league!

    1. No great striker (Henry, RVP) No great DM (Viera, Silva) No League trophy for 10 years.

      This is the reality, We have a much, much better squad now after Ozil and Sanchez but we still have MAJOR holes in the team and EPL championship is still one or two players away.

      If we think that DM duties against the likes of Liverpool, Chelsea, Manu, City and even Everton can be handled by Arteta or Flamini we will be sorely mistaken.

      1. Agreed. Viera and silva would handle toure, fernandinio, matic ect.. Flamini and arteta arn’t of the same quality.

      2. Spot on Jimbean. But there is still time. I’m not actually too worried about a striker, but the idea of another season without a DM really frightens me.

    2. yesss… without a true goalscorer its impossible… its fine now for giroud becouse he score that third super goal but we will see as the season goes if we stuck just with him what kind of comments he will get here… we need someone who is agile, who can make chance on his own, god one on one, score with left and right, someone like cavani… giroud is very good but just as a super-sub… we will see when whole team play very good and he misses the chances agaist big teams… you all will say sanchez is superb, ozil also ramsey etc… but giroud what a waste of time… we dont need at the moment marco reus becouse we are full at the middle, we need dm(william carvalho) and striker(edinson cavani)…
      ps. even if we bring marco reus, giroud will play as a number one striker… so we need striker, not LW becouse we have players and lot of them who can play LW very good… we need striker!!!

      1. What happens if #17 gets 23+ goals this year ,along with #14 getting 18+ goals this year, along with #12 getting 22+goals this year. Now #16 goes wild and gets 16 goals this year, while #11 finds space behind #12 and chips in 12 goals this year, #19 #10 AND #22 each figure in 18 between them. #28 #27 and #15 all figure in 13+. While that left footed sledge hammer #9 bops in 8 by himself.#4 and #6 and #21 say it’s their turn to change a game and get 5+ goals between them but our wide players #3 and #2want a goal every now and then so they chip in 5+ and the captain #8 hits 3 from the spot while #20 breaks free for a few runs down the middle and gets 2. Can’t forget #7 providing a well placed goal every so often maybe 3 and by the numbers that means 148 goals which should take the place of a 30 goal alone striker. Forgot #24 he might surprise.

        1. brilliant… but it all depends on whether #14 can recover from injury, #12 stops shagging half of London, #17 can adjust to the prem, #16 can replicate last seasons form, #11 doesn’t miss a few crucial pens, #19 #10 & #22 step up their performances from last season. #28 #27 are basically a lottery can’t expect much but #15 could be a dark horse. #9 is likely to be leaving the club and all we really need from #4 and #6 is to stay healthy forget about goals

      2. Well dont get me wrong. I dont think cavani is nit suited for arsenal. I would love to have lewandowsky or a falcao. ( Anyway none of them are available)But it is a damn truth that we are not going for a striker this window. So then why wasting time!! I have high hopes for the current squad. Better than last season. With bit of luck with injuries i’m expecting epl crown this season. Invincibles are not too far…

      3. Did you just said Cavawhat???? I bet you watch him over the weekend.he is another Tores in the making

    3. I think Sanchez will be the dedicated striker.
      when he was voted ‘most promising player’ he was playing as CF at Udinesse, Barca moved him to the wing but he is so fast and can get past players in close quarter scuffles he will always be a danger on or around the box.
      I believe we have our 30 goal man already.

      I have seen Debuchy pick Sanchez out a few times already as he waits inline with the last defender for a run, reminds me of how Henri would wait for those long balls and run with them.

  3. I am sure every FC fanzone
    in the land is full of players
    management and fans
    oozing confidence, Joie de vivre
    talley ho chaps 🙂
    “We have the players the unity the spirit etc etc.
    This is our year the bad days are behind us
    the trophys are finally within reach
    time to make the final step up to glory” Lol.
    I know because my fav div 2 side
    Accrington Stanley are predicting big things this term lol.

  4. Woah hold your horses there! ‘The Invincibles’ was just about achieved with players that would probably be £100m galactico signings if they were present in todays football. That team fielded 11 world class players regardless of injuries. Truth be told we only really have 6/7 world class players (and a lot of very good players) at best, and whilst todays football doesn’t require 11 galacticos in the starting 11, you still need a strong backbone.

    We have the GK (arguably, he still needs to up his game to be considered world class), CB’s & CAM… but the CDM and ST aren’t there yet. Granted it’s not easy finding a Gilberto or Henry in today’s day and age, but we will need to establish some serious talent in the centre of the park and up front first before really start using the word invincible again. I honestly doubt that the PL will see another golden trophy due to its increased competitive nature, but who knows…

    1. Couldn’t agree more. There will never be another golden premier league trophy. The Invincibles were truly incredible and are one of the best teams in football history. Pace, power, flair and a hunger to go after every game like it was a cup final. We will never see a team as good in our lifetime in my opinion.

    2. And lets face it, the PL winners up until 2005 really only had to beat one main rival to the title. 92-97 was all United apart from the Jack Walker Blackburn blip. 1998-2004 was flip a coin time between us and United. Chelsea and Utd really only had each other for 6 or 7 years until City waded in with the petro-dollars in the last 5 years. The five teams who have a reasonable chance of winning it now have 4 stern rivals to deal with. Gonna be tears and fallout in most of these teams in the coming years as only one can win it.

  5. The team seems to be playing with more flair and pace and Wenger seems to be happy again. Martin Keown said that Wenger looks 5 years younger and he’s right. The FA cup and Community Shield seem to have been a therapeutic experience for the whole club. I think we still might sign another special player as well. Everyone can see that we are a team on the up again, with the money and quality players to really compete. Players across the world will want to get involved in the exciting project. Would love Wenger to stick to his policy of grabbing young, world class players and go and snap up either Javi Martinez or Pogba. Both would remedy our midfield issue and would also be a huge message to the footballing world.

  6. But we have heard about the
    the 2nd coming of the Invincibles
    these past ten years from every one.
    Fabregas Nasri RVP Cliche Song
    Toure Adebayor Girvinho Chamakh
    Park Ryo Bendtner Santos Arshavin
    Jenkinson Vermaelen Senderous Mannone Viviano
    Monreal Vermaelen Fabianski Frimpong Denilson Traore
    Djourou Squilacci Wilshere Diaby Chamberlain
    Ramsey Ozil Podolski Mertz Kos Gibbo Reyes Eduado
    Sagna Szcz Flamini Coquelin Arteta Rosicky Gnabry Sanogo
    Zelalem even the peanut seller man, heck even
    Kim Källström predicted EPL and ECL glory in January 🙂
    Now its Ospina Sanchez Campbell now Champers
    assuring us the EPL is in the bag 🙂
    Hope springs eternal so fingers crossed
    this REALLY is Arsenal’s season. Lol.
    Mind you until Hafiz gives his blessing
    might be wise to keep the Champers on ice 🙂

  7. The upcoming Barclays Premier League will be more keenly contested ever than before. The length Man U, Man C, Liverpool and Chelsea have covered so far in strengthening their squads, is a bit scary. Arsenal too have equally strengthened but are yet to match the overall strengthenings of the big four in my own view. However, the boss said he will still strengthen his squad. I hope he dose it in a way that will edge out the others with the additions of one or two top quality players to his squad. Invisibility could be reached with the right quality tops, right coaching, unique style of playing, super defending, players unity, determination and belief. I believe Arsenal have all these qualities. If they are short in any, they should get or Acquire it as quickly as possible.

      1. What you think United and Liverpool squads are way out in front of ours? Not serious are you? City have strength in depth in striking dept only in my opinion – I said a long time before the CS final that I could not see their strength in depth elsewhere in the team. Chelsea look good but not quite as impressive as people are making out when you scratch beneath the surface. Costa is untested, could be brilliant but what happens when he is injured. 36 yr old (now injured) Drogba and a misfiring Torres as back-up? They have a similar CB situation to us, two first X1 shoe-ins but not so great if one gets injured, especially Cahill. Also just lost their all-time top goal scorer (sort of underlines Chelsea’s atrocious record with strikers post-Drogba when a central midfielder is their top scorer) – can CF fill that gap. They are also more heavily reliant on one player, Hazard, for their flair than most other top teams.

  8. We can win trophies but forget invincibles

    Think about it.
    No equivalent to Henry and Bergkamp
    No equivalent to Viera
    Defense is very good but not great.

    To come close we need
    1. Top striker
    2. Top Defensive Midfielder
    3. Top Defender

    This would come close

  9. Team Spirit is all well and good and great to see but I still say Arsenal are about 3 players short
    of becoming Premiership Champions. Great win in the Charity Shield but it will be different in
    the Premiership every games will be hard to win. What we need is a DM, a Left Back and a top class Striker.

        1. Hahaha Hafiz Rahman is a very mad guy pulling peoples leg miss your guy Haywill the Dog head

      1. Well that is 7 of the 11 replaced – just as well go all out and get a GK, CB(2), CM and ACM as well.

      2. , right wing? …….Walcott ,Sanchez ,Campbell , gnarby ,Ox . Sorry I just realised you must be having a laugh . Loool

  10. Team Spirit is fantastic but you still need talent and hard work.

    1. Striker position is weak for us
    2. Defensive Midfielder is weak
    3. We need another top CD
    4. Box to box we are awesome with Ramsey
    5. Wings we are awesome with Walcott and Sanchez
    6. CAM we are awesome with Ozil and Cazorla as backup
    7. Goalkeeper we are very good with Szczesny and Ospina
    8. Defense is very good

    We are nearly there. We need CDM, CD and St or LW

  11. Without a 25+ goal striker and a quality DM, our hopes of winning the EPL could be over by January. I still feel we can do better in this transfer window. Chelsea and City still stronger IMHO.

        1. Come on Twig you know better than that. If you mean 25 Pl goals, which I assume you do because that it is point being discussed, then they are not are they? ED has got 26 Bundisliga goals once 6 years ago for Wolfsburg and never more than 16 in PL. SA has never got 25 league goals in his life, in any league. DC’s best was 10 goals in 6 seasons before his “freakish” 27 la Liga goals last year. Chances of him getting 25 PL goals remote imo.

  12. We have a very good squad and it would obviously help if we had a 25+ goal scorer but I think we have more goal scorers in Horus squad than anyone else in the league. The biggest thing holding us back is the lack of a true enforcer DM bossing the midfield. Another top quality CB would also very quickly improve our defense. I love BFG but if we had say Hummels & Kos as our CB pairing and a CDM like Carvalho, Kondogbia, Schneiderlin or Sven Bender I think it would all be in place for us to lift the BPL and CL trophies.

  13. More and better transfers this season. An absolute pleasant surprise in young Chambers. More healthy players than ever with Walcott working his way back. Our Germans who won the world cup are back in training.

    Arsenal just earned 2 trophies in the space of 2 months including a win over the league champs. A great stadium and the most loyal coach in Europe. All this and confidence oozing from players in the team.

    What is the fan response here? Everything sucks. Arsenal are not good enough. And our top goal scorer is viscously attacked in every posting.

    Talk about pessimism and ungratefulness. The overall attitude among some fans is beyond embarrassing.

  14. are you guys high? Out teams not good enought? Out of 150 top journalist the top 11 players in their positions in the epl where voted. Ozil, alexis, Ramsey, debuchy and kos started. That’s 5 arsenal players!!!! There where 4 city and Rvp and fabregas….the worlds recognizing our strength….and so are our players…we jus need our fans on the same page.

    No other supporters can even diss Giroud infront of me without me blowing a gasket . And that’s how it should be

    1. Where did you see that JStarrr? Who is the LB in that team – can’t be Kolarov or Clichy surely? Like to see the formation as well with Ramsey, Fabregas, Ozil and Y Toure (I assume) in it. And Debuchy ahead of Azpilicueto and Zabaleta?

      1. JStarrr – seen it now! You weren’t kidding were you – 3CMs + Ozil AM – not much width??!

  15. Four ‘haters’ met in a bar Sat lunchtime. They decided to do a jigsaw. Much later, just before MOTD started, they let out a huge cheer and ordered champagne. The barmaid asked what all the fuss was about. One of the ‘haters’ pointed to the jigsaw box and said “See what it says here – FROM 3 TO 5 YEARS – and we did it in less than 11 hours!”

  16. I agree with most of the supporters here. We are close to being a ‘great team’ again, but we still need to sort our defensive capabilities out. We desperately need a quality, powerful, alpha male sitting DM. There will be many games that Arteta, Flamini and Wilshire are not collectively strong enough against the big boys. Calum is a future star but not the answer to the alpha DM. William Carvalho in particular and Sami Khedira are big MEN who can dominate through power and have meaningful distribution skills. While there are too many strong squads around for us to be ‘invincibles’ again, with a quality DM and a strong CB (Fabian Schar?), we will have everything needed to win the league. Without the DM we may be a little soft against some teams and will probably miss out.

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