Arsenal’s Theo Walcott finally gives up striker dream

Theo Walcott has finally given up reservations of becoming an out-and-out striker, by requesting to be considered a winger at Arsenal once again.

The former Southampton youth product joined the club back in 2006, and there had been reserved hopes that he could follow Thierry Henry in transitioning from a winger into a striker.

Walcott himself has said on many occasion that he sees himself as a forward, and wanted to play there as his main role, but has now succumbed to accept that he may be better suited to the wing.

He said: “I want to make my position on the right – that’s where I know where I am now. I’ve told the manager that I want to be known for playing on the right again, although I can play up front,” Walcott, who has scored 85 goals in 334 appearances for Arsenal, said.

“I want to know where I want to play. The manager has said I can play up front. It depends on what game it is. I know I can do a job up front as well as on the right.”

The England international missed out on his place in the European Championships this summer, due to his lack of form, and has now come out to praise the appointment of Sam Allardyce into the England fold, whilst claiming everyone is on an even keel now.

“Sam Allardyce has come in and everyone starts on a clean slate,” he said.

“I’m excited to see what he is going to bring. He gets the best out of his players. He knows how to get results.

“His teams were always difficult to play against. That is what you want going into an England team. You want England to be difficult to break down.

“I’m sure he is going to get results. At times, it is not all about pretty football.”

Will Walcott find his best form once returned to the wing? Will he earn a regular starting role this term? I personally prefer Iwobi in the side

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  1. I believe that Beijing all stars are looking for an overpaid right winger with name recognition but limited footballing ability … fingers crossed

    1. Hahaha…….. Not if Theo’s agent Emperor wenger fail to agree on the deal

      u can continue keeping ya fingers crossed on that one

    2. Here’s me wishing Deadline day were tomorrow…..

      So we’d know if wenger is actually interested in bring anybody in and the waiting game will be over


  2. citeh have completed the signing of 20yr old Leroy sane for an insane (yet sane in today’s market) fee of £37mil

    while we dither over the Mahrez and Lacazette deal (if only we are actually in for em) & are quized with the idea of relocating walcott to the wings..


      1. I TELL YA!
        You actually beat me to it.
        I’m looking at City and I’m thinking..hmmm, what his Pep tryna do here??
        I envy them for getting Leroy Sane and Gabriel Jesus ….in the same window??!! I mean WTF??!!

        We must respond by bringing in Draxler, Mahrez, Lacazette, Icardi and Messi.

    1. and stones will join in soon for 50mil

      while our money is sitting duck somewhere in a swiss account &Arsenal be wearing poverty Like our Last season 3rd kit


  3. feel like swearing everytime that chief opens his mouth.

    ive lost all hope in china….all hope is lost.

    1. hahaha……..muff……. And did anyone notice the chief didn’t really have much to say bout Arsenal

      cept England, Allardyce ….start with a praise for Allardyce to get a raise in the england national team…

      Woohoo English players will always be english players

  4. Oh Theo. You have finally realised you ain’t a striker….During that time players like Iwobi and Campbell have progressed to an extent and honestly he ain’t a starter no more on the flank.. .

  5. In time Theo will come and tell us that he sees himself as a right back..In truth, at best he can be a ball boy..his speed can be useful when retrieving balls to avoid time wastages

  6. The comments don’t show respect at all.I’ve always said there are some players at Arsenal who need to leave so they’ll be valued because even if they do something good it won’t be appreciated and they’ll still be judged ignorantly.We all know the players I’m talking about and they are about six.Is this not the same player who has scored 85 goals in an injury hit and inconsistent career?Oh! please he should be sold but give him a break.

    1. Give him a break??????? are you kidding me???
      He had his chance and has consitantly failed to make an impression he has always lacked the ability to put in maximum effort and he should be sold immediately he maneuvered himself into a possition whereby we will NEVER be able to sell him and he moons around the pitch when he does play like he’s not really aware of what is really going on.
      He gets 130 grand a week and for this what does he do ?????
      We wont ever be rid of him and we have to pay his wages its a despicable situation for a club that Balks at offering the asking price for players it really needs.
      Theo has been with us for ten years and all he’s done is grow a beard !!!!
      so dont give me all this “Give him a break” cobblers when are players like him going to give the fans a break and do what they are paid for??

      1. He was highest goal scorer and second highest goal scorer for 2 different seasons(21 and 15 goals respectively). All of you haters rever Freddie Ljungberg who played similar position but scored much less goals for similar number of years (71 in eight years). Besides he was less injury plagued than Theo. Like Walcott, he wasn’t really a great dribbler either. His style was very English. I know you will jump and tell us how much more hardworking he is but will also be the ones to shout goals are all that matters not hard work. Theo may have his weaknesses but the fact that Arsenal hasn’t won the league for the decade he’s been here means that he and many of his team mates are judged more harshely than some of their predecessors, who individually, didn’t do more than them but played in more successful teams.

    2. What about Walcot giving us the fans a break after years of waiting in vain in anticipation of his accliamed potential

  7. Theo and Bellerin on one flank is disastrous, unless of course Theo’s spell on the sidelines has also taught him a lesson or two about tackling and tracking back..To be fair to him, if he can rediscover his finishing ability, he can still be lethal from the wing as was the case in 2012/13 or there about..cant seem to remember when coz it was so long ago

    1. 1 year in 10 he was the real deal

      why would u care the 140k isnt coming out of your pocket…so its easy come easy go

      hes had his shot, get rid and dont care where he goes

  8. Pay players on Performance.
    Players should get a
    10k p/w base salary.
    +20k per start or 10k per sub
    +20k per win or 10k per draw
    -20 k per loss.

    1. Yeah mate i’m with you!! God forbid the players who actually are the biggest part of the sport for clubs like Arsenal that are a global brand actual pocket the majority of the billions of dollars the sport generates….
      There should be waaaaaay more money going into the pockets of the owners and the shareholders…. Seriously mate, where do you come up with this stuff!

  9. Now after Theo’s recent statement

    Its bye bye to the Mahrez/draxLer deal

    I bet it has only waxed in more “Faith-in-walcott” in wenger L()L

    on a serious note….i dn’t really care if Theo leaves or not provided there’s mahrez/ draxler and Lacazette doning the Arsenal shirt, plying their trade and complimenting the team excellently

    1. But…Theo is on monstrous wages..inorder for us to afford Mahrez or Draxler wages we must push Theo out..we simply can’t afford to have him on the bench.

      1. I imagine that whoever “thumbed”you down is Theo secret Lover lol
        whoever you are you are as deleuded as wenger with respect to Walcott
        He’s lazy and scared and not quiet as talented as he thinks he is and he should be sold or let go as he’s a cost to all of us and deliverers NOTHING!!!!!!!

  10. After waisting everbodies time with his constant bickering to play as our top striker then this? At this stage he still getting to realize his best position on the pitch? Nah! It’s about time we offload him, to give room for a truly effective winger and the growth of Iwobi!

  11. Walcott is seeing the youngsters improving around him and some have gone beyond him , whatsoever confidence he had has been beaten into the ground, injuries, lost of confidence and the fear of being injured again, has called walcott to regress instead of progress.

    Its even worst now, arsenal being link with Mahrez, Drazler and Lacazette means that if arsenal actually signs one, they would have been guaranteed a high percentage of starts, further reducing Wacotts playing time.

    Walcott has three options.

    1. Stay and fight for his position without fear
    2. Find another club that will offer him more playing time
    3. Sit on the bench and soak up the sun and rain with pay

    My choice is one, because i think he can still offer goals to the arsenal cause once he is over the fear, i doubt he will be seeing much game time, although i am not Wenger, but we must keep all our weapons for the long season

  12. Let Walcott start with a different dream, away from Arsenal.

    O.T. whenever a premier league club comes knocking the price goes up. I hear that Valencia wants 35 mil for Mustafa. I feel that is way too much. Plenty of other defenders available though. I do believe that might go all the way to deadline day.

    1. Why is it way too much? Is everyone forgetting the BT sports deal that has boosted every PL clubs spending power?? are you forgetting that we have money we dont spend now…what about the extra money comming in now?? where IS that going??? If we were already running a club that was financially in the black at long last where is that money going ??? Id like to know how much extra the BT sports deal has brought in and where its going cos so far AFC have been very quiet about it havent they ?

  13. Walcott’s comments towards ‘Fat Sam the new England man’ were kinda ‘bumlick’ and interesting! As he has a sly dig at Wenger and the style of football that he plays.

    The truth is, Walcott would be more effective playing at a club that plays the long ball strategy, in their counter-attack and Leicester City would be the ideal place for him.

    The only way that Arsenal will get Walcott off their books, is to sell him cheap (£20 million) to compensate the buying club from his high wage demands.

  14. I think Theo was a solid winger (before his knee injury). He was key in RVP’s record year for us and is has many of the attributes needed to be good winger. He has/has speed, decent cross, decent finisher.

    The thing is it seems he has played with the hand break on after returning from his knee injury. If Theo could reach his old level on the right wing I would take him in that position over any other player we currently own with the exception of Sanchez.

    Ramsey has done his best to turn himself into a winger but just doesn’t have the instincts and prefers to cut inside rather than try to get behind defenders or make it to the by-line. We all know that after striker we are the thinnest on wide players, that’s why some dream of Mahrez or Draxler (ain’t happening me thinks).

    Whether Theo will get his chance or whether he could reach his old level is a different question, but at the moment he is a bit useless to us since he failed to shine as striker and to give him a chance at winger (in absence of a sale) would not be a bad thing IMO.

  15. Theo is an expensive failure and to keep giving him the chance when he has repaid the clubs faith with being a bottler and acting as if he’s a lazy git (watched him a number of seasons ago against Blackburn away and all he did was run up and down the wing without even calling for the ball to draw defenders away from the centre)
    I hate to say it but in my mind Alan Hansen was right when he said that “Walcott has not got a natural footballers brain” It infuriated me at the time but its been proven to be true I feel he’s been collecting his money for too long without a result to justify keeping him in our employment. How many of you guys could keep your job at top wages for that long without showing some results ???
    Walcott is a Wenger Child as AW does the same thing but has shown marginally better results over the last ten Years

  16. I don’t care if he wants to be a winger or makes £140,000 per week (actually i do care, that salary is nuts) but we MUST still get Mahrez or Draxler as well as Lacazette

  17. Who does he think he is?. He gets his pay rise but asks for striker role too. Now that he has failed he says no I want to play on the wing. A manager makes the decisions, you should be just happy he keeps you around and plays you wherever, not to mention the money. Theo sounds like he is a spoiled little brat, and maybe that’s all that Arsene created for him.

  18. Cambell is the most underused Arsenal talent-

    He passes better than Theo, more creative, tackles better, tracks back, assists, and can score goals. I put him, Iwobi, and Ox ahead of Walcott – and he earns the most of all of them

  19. We have in our possession one of the most over rated (especially over rated as he might the worse player in the squad first team and youth included… A total liability) and overpaid football player in the history of Arsenal football club: Theo Walcott.

    I wonder why he is not just trying to play in China…?? It should be a good alternative for him.

    Now he wants to play on the wing again… May be “the deluded one” will grant his highness wish.

    It would be great to get Mahrez, so we won’t have any English player on the pitch… All of them or most of them are clearly over rated and over priced, especially the ones at Arsenal…!!

  20. Perhaps 5 league goals in 28 appearances last season has finally convinced him. He can be a clinical finisher at times (usually when his contract is up for renegotiation) but TH he aint, Pace is the only thing he had in common with Thiery and that slot the ball home across the face of the goalie timed goal Henry made such a brilliant career of. He’s a 15 goal a season striker at best.

    The problem Theo has is now he’s been found out up front he’s got nothing left. He’s a rubbish winger. Having said that there are plenty of clubs in EPL that would be able to get the best out of him as a counter attacking striker. So thanks for the whatever Theo and good luck for the future

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