Arsenal’s Theo Walcott urged to better himself with transfer move

Ian Wright and Darren Bent have both claimed that Theo Walcott should leave Arsenal Football Club.

The forward has fallen down the pecking order in recent years, and has been limited to only three substitute outings in the Premier League so far this term.

Walcott has been enjoying regular appearances in the Europa League and the Carabao Cup, but with the 28 year-old coming into his prime, you would expect he should be looking to play much more regularly.

Ian Wright has now claimed that he thinks that the England international should move on in order to continue his career.

“I think so, for his own sake,” Wright said when asked if Walcott should be looking at a transfer from the Emirates.

“I’m not sure where he can go now with Arsenal and he’s only playing in the Carabao Cup and the Europa League.

“He’ll want to finish on a high in respect of what he’s doing, he’s given Arsenal great service in the time he’s been there and for me he should move on for himself.”

Former England international Darren Bent also agreed, claiming he could find a new lease of life in new surroundings.

Bent added: “The freshness of a move somewhere else might be perfect for him. He’s been there for a long, long time now and I’m not quite sure how much more he can improve while he’s there.

“But you never know, sometimes you can go somewhere else with new surroundings and, all of a sudden, you can kick on again. Maybe that’s what he needs.”

Walcott is our longest-standing player, but his place in the squad is very limited at present, and now may be the best time for him to make way and allow some of the younger players to take over his role.

Could Walcott improve with a move elsewhere? Is the forward done with Arsenal?

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  1. Yossarian says:

    Yeah… Just like it’s working for the Ox…

    I like Theo’s pace and the goals he scores, and appreciate his contribution. Maybe he could manage another good season somewhere else before he retires from top-flight football.

    However, Arsenal can definitely afford to let him go. And rather like the Ox, I don’t think he will be missed that much either.

  2. Not Vanpayslip or that other guy says:

    Dude was wack, is wack and will always remain wack. Doesn’t matter what club he is at.

  3. Rkw says:

    5 years too late … Wenger’s persistence with this whippet has cost us a quality right side attacking option for years … And 4th place junkies have dredged up silly statistics to support him

  4. Sue says:

    I like Theo but he’s just not the same player anymore. He’s going nowhere at Arsenal, so yes I think he should move on

    1. jon fox says:

      Serious question: WHAT can you actually LIKE about him? His looks maybe? His politeness and mild manner in TV interviews? That he seems a good husband and Father and apparently keeps himself out of nightclubs and fights? All laudable but here are millions of men who can do those things too. We actually pay Walcott to play good football and give him £110,000 per week. Do you like this disgrace too? I liked him too , when he was 17. He is now 28, has wasted 12 years idling at Arsenal and it is a club scandal that so much time , energy and above all money and a club shirt has been wasted on this FAILURE, SORRY, I MEAN ,POLITE AND NICE BEARDED FAILURE! I hope you like this statement too, cos it is the plain truth! PS I would still like to know WHY you like him?

      1. Sue says:

        Jon he has scored a lot of goals for us… He scored a fair few last season. No I don’t fancy him, there was a time when I’d rather have him in the team than not but not anymore, he isn’t the same player. Maybe he should go to Liverpool as his Dad is a liverpool fan!

        1. jon fox says:

          Sue , you are clearly a real fan and I always admire loyalty when it helps Arsenal. But surely you must see that this tragically weak character player has just been holding back a real quality player in his place for many years past. I would say all his time here in fact. At 28, he should be at his peak but cannot get a start place. I remind you that ten years ago he scored a hat trick in an England away game but he settled, through weak character and weak body and huge undeserved wages, for a squad place and to stay at a well known club which has no real ambition to challenge at the top strata of PL and CL. HE IS WELL AWARE HE WOULD GET NOWHERE NEAR A PLACE IN OUR TOP RIVALS SQUAD, LET ALONE FIRST ELEVEN. He is lazy, hides and yes he does score some goals but just not enough and when not scoring , contributes virtually nothing to team fighting. He is a decent person clearly – no Joey Barton type – and I have given him every chance as have Arsenal but he has let the club AND HIMSELF,DOWN for a long, long time now and should and MUST BE SOLD . Had our club or manager had ANY ambition he would have long ago been sold. You know I am writing the truth. So I truly wonder why you say you like him , at least why , as a footballer?

          1. Sue says:

            Well maybe he should have moved on ages ago then. Can’t see any of the big teams coming in for him, but I’m sure West ham or West Brom will! Then we’ll have an extra 100k a week??

  5. SuperClaes says:

    Time to make room for players like Nketiah and Nelson…

    However we have a serious problem with his wages! Who is wiling to pay the wages he’s on?

    I can’t believe the kind of wages offered in the past to players like Jenkinson, Bentner, Gibbs, Denilson, Scillacci and now Coquelin as well as Walcott!!!

    BTW I really would have liked to have a look at Joel Cambell as left wing back. Now we are short and don’t understand our planning there as believe he could be real asset there….excellent work rate with a tackle in him as well as fine technique.

    1. Turbo says:

      Agree with most of these points, esp. the last bit about Campbell. For few years now I’ve been kind of hoping we either play him more OR finally sell him so he can get a fair chance at a more regular run with a club, instead we’ve turned him into quite the world traveler yet still ultimately on the hook to us.

      1. Admin says:

        Campbell’s contract runs out next summer. He won’t be coming back…..

        1. Break-on-through says:

          Phew! ..bullet dodged.

  6. deji says:

    Walcott deserve our respect for his loyal & committed efforts to @arsenal all this years #legend #107 goals #move on

    1. SuperClaes says:

      Agree as we are shouldn’t slate him but hope sincerely Wenger will move on as well by selling him or even ruthlessly push him out!

      Do I trust him to do so? NOOOOOO

    2. jon fox says:

      Committed ? Walcott? To what? To getting filthy rich and staying idle at our expense perhaps. If you really think this feeble idler has now or ever been truly COMMITTED, then I suggest perhaps you should also be committed!

  7. the barrel says:

    Just sell Walcott to any EPL team, you will regret badly because few of our defenders can stop him. He will destroy Arsenal badly. How many wingers scored 107 goals in EPL. This hate for Walcott is not justifiable. Walcott is better than Ozil, Ramsey, and Giroud.

    1. jon fox says:

      The Barrel, or if I may use your real name, Mrs. Walcott, you write great fantasy. Ever thought of writing fantasy or comical books, like you have done with your statement that feeble idler Weed Walcott is better than Ozil, Ramsey and Giroud? In fact , he is about as good as my granny, dead for the last 12 years and therefore hard to distinguish, beard apart, from Walcott who has been effectively dead as any use to our club for 12 years also.

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