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Arsenal’s three month transfer saga finally confirmed

Kelechi Nwakali Arsenal

Announced in January – signed in March!

This must be the longest transfer saga in the history of the Premier League, as the Nigerian youngster Kelechi Nwakali has now confirmed that he has signed a long-term contract with Arsenal. The 17 year-old was the star of the show as he led Nigeria to victory in the U17 World Cup last summer, and the Arsenal backroom boys have been trying to secure his signature ever since. As usual it takes the Gunners longer than anyone else to get a work permit, and Wenger actually thought it would all be finalised before the end of the winter transfer window. “The talks are progressing well,” Wenger said in January. “Do I expect them to be done this month? Yes. Of course, there are work permit issues and medical issues, because they have to take medicals. But it is progressing well.

“We identified Nwakali as the player of the tournament, basically, and as a top player. We will see if we can manage to get it over the line during this transfer period. [If we can], we will do it. Chukwueze is [signing] as well.”

Arsene Wenger will be very pleased with this cheap signing, as he will hardly have to win the jackpot on the Zuma Slots to cover the compensation the club will have to pay Nigeria’s Diamond Football Academy for his signature. Wenger may have expected the confirmation in January, but at last eight weeks later the 17 year-old has himself confirmed the deed is finally done. Nwakali was quoted as saying: “I just came back from London, I have signed a five-year contract with Arsenal.

“So many teams were interested in me but it has been my dream at a tender age to play for Arsenal.”

Nwakali won’t be joining the club until the summer as he doesn’t turn 18 until June, but with his talent he could easily be fast-tracked into the senior side if he continues improving. This is definitely an exciting one for the future!

15 thoughts on “Arsenal’s three month transfer saga finally confirmed

    1. don99

      In an interview he said he chose Arsenal coz Arsenal gives chances to youngsters, everyone comes coz they can play, grow then leave to get trophies somewhere alse, they don’t say I chose Arsenal coz they win trophies and I wanna be part of that. Just how our beloved club is taken as a stepping stone. And we keep buying for the future, the future that never arrives coz Wenger is all in for money and very less success (Wenger trophy)

  1. Trevor

    I have to agree, exciting one for the future. In Africa alone to be one of the best youngsters says allot but this kid was the player of the whole tournament. I’m sure he must have a big future ahead of him, whether with us or at some other club. He looks a clever player, very controlled, and I’m glad we have him. Now all we need is some signs that we have been targeting the right type of youngsters, ones that will go on and make Arsenal great again. Bielik, Iwobi, Adelaide, Willock, I expect to see a bit of each of them next season. It looks like Iwobi may get an early shot like Fabregas did, maybe not quite as early but it is big for a 19/20 year old to make it at Arsenal. Bielik, I expect to be fighting with Elneny, Coq, Cazorla and a new arrival. So it is tough for this kid, well it better be because I wouldn’t be happy if we took a gamble on the kid being back up to the other three. Similar story for Willock, because we need proven quality. Adelaide however, he is gifted and could surprise like Iwobi. Maybe surprise isn’t the right word but you know what I mean. I expect some of our youngsters to make it, but we need some early birds, like with Fab.

  2. Trevor

    Also what I realised with our youngsters. This is the perfect opportunity to put things right, what I mean by that is to instill a workman like attitude in them while they are young. Groom a future leader, they are at an impressionable age, so send Parlour, Keown, and Dixon down to find the most suited and then work with them. Put allot of work in, if we could get these kids absolutely hating the taste of defeat well then we might have a shot. Instill a hard to beat nature first and pretty football second sort of standard. This is something along the lines of the la Masia I believe, I reckon Bayern and Juve do it too. Juve always make great defenders, Bayern well I hardly need to explain. We all know about Barcelona. I heard our u21 manager speak about what’s expected of youth football, and I didn’t like it. He said, and he says it allot, the main thing is how they/we play. The result is second to the way we play really, because they need to know how to play good football to make it at Arsenal. I can see he has a point, but competitiveness is football, without the competitive edge “football is childsplay”. This reminds me of that dumb PE teacher who would say – why can’t you just play without keeping any score. We need to properly give these boys an education, what they learn now sticks with them the rest of their lives.

    1. SoOpa AeoN

      probably cuz they wanna market their talents and haven’t started seeing 140k per week!

  3. JAmerican

    Seen on multiple sites regarding Arsenal that there’s quite a few folks wanting us to sign Lukaku. I’ve been picturing him with us and for me it’s actually an exciting thought.

  4. lupus

    Arsen should have gone to Specsavers,how difficult is it for £100,000 a week player to hit the goal week after week. Poor things apparently their minds are in the wrong place.
    See the backs are playing the old pass the buck game. passing to each other or failing that, pass back to the goalie to lose possession. If your going to loose possession the backs might as well just boot the ball up field themselves.
    Clinical finishing,
    A midfield that will not let the other forwards past,
    And a defense that is a smart defense.
    and failing all else a team that will play at the same pace as the last 15 mins of the barca game , in every game they play,
    we are loosing because there is no urgency in our game ,its as though they are at the training ground.

  5. SoOpa AeoN

    and it takes a good 3months to complete the transfer of a 17yr oLd kid……. Says so much bout Arsenal Transfer dealings under this pathetic management

  6. gmv8

    More cheapskating won’t go down well ATM.

    Lets be clear Stan Kroenke hasn’t put a penny into Arsenal. He has 4,146,140 Arsenal shares which he bought at roughly £10,000 each. They are worth £15,670 now. So he has made over £23.5 billion purely in Arsenal shares alone, if he were to sell now. Not content with that, he has screwed an additional £7m out of fans pockets, for “advice”, which he doe not even have the decency to elaborate on, does that show you the sort of man he is?

    Any money spent on players like Ozil and Sanchez has come from Arsenal funds made from marketing including ticket sales, TV rights and the loan and sale of players. It has nothing to do with any funds from Kroenke, and although he says he remains disconnected from Arsenal affairs, apart from when “advice” is needed, according to Nasri, it was Kroenke who was forcing Wenger to sell him to a direct rival. The club would be better off without “advice” like that or not having to win trophies, and certainly should not pay for it.

    Anyone who thinks Stan Kroenke is anything other than a rip off merchant only interested in himself, needs to take a long hard look at the immense profits he’s made out of Arsenal compared to what he’s put back in, a big fat 0.

  7. Ozzy AFC

    so this kid will be the reson that we dont buy in a marquee striker for the foirst team then?
    sorry to be all negative but we all know where this signing , as good as it is will lead
    Benzema will be out of Real madrid this summer and Ibrahimovic is looking to come to the premier league BUT will we be involved in getting either of these world class strikers??
    OHHHH NO not a prayer as we now have the next Thierry Henry, like we did when we signed that useless twat Walcott.
    same day same sh!t same old story same result

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