Arsenal to open new season on Friday 13th at Brentford – Unlucky for some?

Arsenal’s season opener moved ahead

After rumoured bids from Arsenal for top players like James Maddison and Ben White, there was one more bit of news that emerged yesterday that stirred up conversation among Arsenal fans on on a Friday evening.

Their opener against promoted side Brentford is moved ahead to August 13th, 2021.

The former Championship side will play its first ever top division game since 1948. With the coronavirus cases on a constant decline in the United Kingdom, the Bees will hope to have a jam-packed Brentford Community Stadium.

Some section of the Arsenal fans were apprehensive about the update, as Arsenal will now play on the anecdotally unlucky day of Friday the 13th. That’s the day when superstitious fand would avoid playing live casino games or walking under ladders!

The Gunners have a tough start to the 2021/22 campaign with games against Chelsea, Manchester City and North London rivals Tottenham all coming within the first six game weeks.

Arsenal cannot afford a repeat of last season, where they waited till the end of the transfer window to sign a pivotal player in Thomas Partey in the squad.

Mikel Arteta has already stated that he would like the club to finish the summer business as soon as possible, so the new incomings have plenty of time to gel up with the club’s style of play.

After a slow start, the wheels appear like that they have started to move with the Gunners already bidding for Brighton and Hove Albion’s Ben White and Anderlecht’s Albert Sambi Lokonga.

They are confident of wrapping both deals this month, which is a positive sign. However, the off season work would be far from over by those two signings. The club also needs strengthening between the posts, at right-back and most importantly at attacking midfield.

But with more than two months of transfer window still remaining, Arsenal fans would hope that the club complete the moves for all of their top priorities long before the season begins. It may be to Arsenal’s advantage that they have very few of our stars playing at the Euros or the Copa America, so Arteta should be able to field a strong side from the players that have had a full pre-season, so surely we should be confident of starting the season with a confidence boosting-three points, and hopefully Friday 13th with be unlucky for Brentford and not the Gunners!



  1. Matthew says:

    Yea,bring it on…4-0 the arsenal

  2. gotanidea says:

    Forget about the superstitions. Arsenal just have one month after Euro to do their summer transfer and pre-season, so whoever deals with those stuff at the club must work quickly and decisively

    1. Sue says:

      Hi gai 🙂 You mentioned Azeez the other day and I’ve just come across this:

      Just been asked about Azeez, so worth mentioning again he’s not out of contract this summer.
      I know that’s what it says on Transfermarkt, but he has a deal until 2022 with an option to extend to 2024 #AFC (Dan Critchlow)

      So that’s good news!

      1. gotanidea says:

        Hi Sue, great info. I’m glad Transfermarkt is wrong about Azeez’s contract

    2. PJ-SA says:

      They could be acting quickly and decisively now, like other clubs. The Euros is no excuse.

  3. jon fox says:

    Footballers are notoriously superstitious when going through their rituals pre match and they are harmless enough, even rather quaintly charming, some may think, myself included.

    Having been born on the 13th, I take the view that it is a lucky number for me but unlucky for everyone else who has ever come into contact with me. Not ENTIRELY serious of course but neither is it entirely tongue in cheek!

    Anyway, enough of this essentially nonsense and on to more serious topics( how I can ever stop my cat scratching the sofa for instance! Killing him seems too drastic, even for me) I should have named him “Kroenke” when first having him and then perhaps killing him would seem very attractive .
    Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth , where, whilst on this site, I usually live, though rarely when off JA, it DOES SEEM as if we are about to be given some serious team strengthening funds by my cats alter ego, Kroenke, at LONG LAST. So who knows; I may even end up liking Kroenke!
    Anyway, I have always loves spuds; mashed and roasted natch!

  4. S.J says:

    Jon. This is the first time, I am seeing some humor in your comments. That’s nice.

    1. jon fox says:

      Thanks a lot SJ!
      It will doubtless surprise you and most others but the zany nonsense you read above is actually the REAL me. Just not on JA, where I am deadly serious about our team and all that concerns it.

      Away from this site though, I am known among all my family and friends for my off the wall humour, zaniness and rhetorical flights of fancy. Some things in life are not as they appear at first sight!

      1. Glorious says:

        Great then

  5. Kobin says:

    Okay then let’s go all Freddy on Brentford and welcome them with a real Premier league whopping. 6-0 to the Arsenal!

    1. Sue says:

      Freddy? What about Jason 😄

  6. gunnerforlife says:

    Friday the Aug 13th does not matter. What matters is how well Arsenal strengthen the team in the summer and how well we play next season. Top 6 is a minimum.

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