Arsenal’s Top Five FA Cup goals – What are yours?

Tomorrow, Arsenal welcome Burnley to the Emirates looking for our 14th win in a row in the FA Cup, as we aim for an historic hat-trick of trophies in the competition. The Gunners, with 12 wins, are the record holders and are hoping to increase our lead at Wembley in May, but which moments would you choose as your best ever in the competition?

FATV have kindly sent us this video of the choices of Robbie from Arsenal Fan TV, and I certainly have to agree with his first choice in recent history.

Watch the video and see if you agree with Robbie, or do you have another memory that we have missed? Feel free to add any Youtube clips in the comments section and I promise that I will approve them all!

Players/Personalities Involved: Alexis Sanchez, David Seaman, Thierry Henry, Alan Sunderland, Santi Cazorla & Charlie George.
Video courtesy of FATV

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  1. If I remember correctly, this goal was in the FA Cup…Bergkamp’s wonder goal at Newcastle.

    It was one of the best goals I’ve ever seen from a technical point of view. The way he flicked it perfectly around Dabizas, span around the other the way and calmly slot it under the on rushing keeper. Legend!

      1. Danny Welbeck against Manu was my favourite, not only was it at Old Trafford, he celebrated as well! Now the Manure fans know what it feels like when RVP celebrated against us!

      2. Yes you do soopa. When you celebrate your birthday you are living in the past, if you celebrate Christmas you are living there too.

        Out of those goals it’s hard to choose between Henry and Cazorla for me. The excitement and energy rush from Henrys goal was madness. On Cazorlas goal I remember turning around to my sister and saying if we don’t score before half time it’s not looking to bright, then that screamer looked in the moment it left his foot ..awesome goal. Ill go with Cazorlas seeing as it was so long since we won anything and it was a huge moment.

  2. so mertesacker is only facing a one match ban…..huh?

    Lets all watch and see if wenger got balls to put him on the bench against shane Long or sadio mane

    And subsequent games ahead!!!


  3. You know it may not be in the top 5 or even top 10 but Danny Welbeck’s goal @ United was a recent-ish goal that i will never forget

    Knocking United out of the FA Cup @ Old Trafford with a goal from their former player (who was a United fan) LOL

  4. Ramsey’s winner against Hull to complete the come back and eventually breaking our trophy drought!!!

    Had we not won that game I wonder where we would have been right now and whether Wenger would still be at the club. Screamed like a mad man when that one went in. Never seen Arsene so happy either, tie off, shirt un-tacked and people grabbing him and patting his back from all angles. Memorable match.

    Not the best goal but my pick because of its significance.

    1. I agree with that being the most satisfying goal,
      from the Golden oldies lol ?
      Bergkamp’s goal against Newcastle was a masterpiece!
      But Sanchez’s Rockets against Villa, were different class!

      No doubt that no one will forget the Giggs goal against us,
      Where our muppet’s made it look better, by backing off of him! ???

      1. The reason why our defenders made it look better was because that was the best back unit in the division and probably the world.

    1. True!!!

      I wonder whether players like Carzola and Kos would have stayed or whether we would have looked more appealing to the likes of Sanchez. It definitely took the monkey on our backs and we have been improving ever since.

  5. @007 yeah those are the reasons too for my fav goal but… for me it wasnt the one from ramsey but the one from cazorla 😀 for me its probably the most significant and awesome goal atleast in the last 3-4 years… even though the ramsey-goal was the winner, that goal didnt really shock me.. it was almost comint but for me the comeback goal from cazorla which started it was sooo important and passionate.. i cant describe the moment when that freekick went in… it was almost like in a hollywood story.. like the goal movies 😀

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