Arsenal’s TOP MAN gives fans EVEN MORE reason to love him!

Not only did Alexis Sanchez win over the Arsenal fans with his brilliant debut season as a Gunner, he won over the football media and a lot of fans from other clubs as well, highlighted this week when he was voted as the Premier League Player of the Year by the fans.

Coming from the Catalan giants Barcelona we knew that the Chile international was going to bring great technical ability to north London with him but I think it has been his attitude that has been the most impressive. His burning desire to win linked with a never say die mindset and a willingness to work his socks off all over the pitch and not just look for the glory of goals have made him understandably an instant fans favourite.

So we Arsenal fans really did not need any more reasons to love the guy but he has just given us one anyway. Reminding us at the same time that our BPL rivals Liverpool were desperate to include him in the deal that took Luis Suarez to Barca, Alexis has spoken about his decision to choose Arsenal.

And as revealed in a Daily Star report, Alexis has never regretted that decision. The fantastic forward declared that it was not the London life that lured him to Arsenal as claimed with a large handful of sour grapes by Brendan Rodgers, but the club itself.

Alexis said, “The reason why I moved to Arsenal is because there were a group of young players with the ambition to achieve things.

“I thought that Arsenal was the perfect club for me, the perfect club to win titles and compete in every competition.”

And so it is proving, just as Alexis was the perfect player for Wenger to add to his young and talented squad. Let’s hope that we continue to grow together and make another FA cup trophy just one of many top honours…

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  1. I wish more of our players had the same heart,passion,desire and will to win like Sanchez we would definitely win the EPL

    1. I love the fact that he plays with a smile on his face, something you don’t see too often now days *cough* Sulky Sterling *cough*. You can tell football is this guy’s soul and heart!

  2. The man is class, he needs to accept he can’t play every game for us. At the moment he looks tired and worn out.

    He is one of those players leading by example and he has been admirable this season. I hope he scores a brace in the final.

  3. This guy brings tremendous to our club, especially in this summer’s transfer market.

  4. Did you guys see the video of those Chelsea fans celebrating and putting Chelsea FC shirts on our states at the Emirates?

    I could be acid but I wont. Why? Because our pedigree is far higher, they don’t have legends or statues of their own and if you check the videos closely they’re all old, fat and ugly.

    It show you can’t buy class, even with lots of Russian money!

    1. @No10
      I saw it on Facebook. It pissed me off until I saw the caption about them not having their own legends…

  5. I wonder where we would be without Sanchez.
    He was, at one point of the season, “a one man show” , “a one man team” (remembered those first 15 games of the season where we won only 5 and Jack Wilshere was strangely Wenger first choice as number 10…!!!!).

    I just wonder what will happen next season.
    He is off to the Copa America and will be on his knees at the end of it.
    I just hope give him at least a month to relax because we definitely need him in top shape. He is one of the only world class player we have (with Ozil and Koscielny).

    1. We need to give him a break after the Copa America and maybe just call him in for the big games the following month. Light training duties too please!

    2. “I wonder where we would be without Sanchez”. I don’t know whether you mean that as good or bad thing. Translated it means “wow, this guy does make a difference” and I only see this as a positive. Other will turn it on its head and start the “one-man team” jibe (as the media tried to imply) but when his form dipped we managed to keep winning and pretty much stopped that one in its tracks.

      Agreed re: Copa America but I think there are players out there who are able and willing to do the 50+ games a season. You think of the likes of Messi and Ronaldo – there is no fuss at Barca and Real for these two. Think Alexis has an engine and durable physique comparable to those two. Even when his form dropped I did not notice any drop-off in effort – “burn-out” started to get wheeled out as an excuse but I’m not convinced on that one.

  6. He is classy like Henry and if Alexis sticks with us and wins trophies, he will get a statue one day too.
    Lets see Alexis lift a trophy in his debut season on Saturday.

    All Hail King Alexis

    1. Go Chuba! He has the physical quality to be a great striker. I hope that Sanchez fighting spirit rubs off on the other players.

      Let’s stay cool, take our time, dominate and win that 11th cup!

  7. I know they are different players in different roles but cannot help but compare AS to MO. AS has the gusto and ability to change games unlike IMO Mesut. He has improved greatly (MO) but he has not lived up to his name (and I don’t mean his price).

    Not a ozil hater, it’s just apparent when you look at the impact AS has had compared to AS.

    Still glad we have them both. ESPECIALLY Alexis!

      1. Ozil is pure class. I would not diagree that he has underperformed in his two seasons at AFC but when he turns it on he is just a different level.

        Sanchez on the other hand delivers in terms of what he brings. What he does in tangible. Sanchez is probably the player the epitomises what Arsenal didn’t have for over a decade whereas Ozil is everything that Arsenal did have but on a higher level.

    1. Tend to agree but you have to admit AS is the exception to the rule about settling in and first season syndrome etc. I haven’t done the research but I expect there would be a compelling case for AS being one of the fastest, most impactful PL big-name additions in history. Mesut is following the more usual path and it took 30 or 40 games and in to his second season before he established any sort of rhythm or consistency. I know not everyone is enthralled with him, and I am not making assertions that he is directly comparable (nor us with Barca), but there is something of the Iniesta about him in terms of quiet, effortless class and being involved in nearly everything we do. Those looking for the hight-light reel moments are getting frustrated but when you look at the stats he is nearly always the most involved player in terms of touches and movement. He is undoubtedly a one of a kind player – almost ghost like in everything he does.

  8. lets spend some money and get Isco from Real….

    Sanchez Ozil and Isco

    formidable attacking trio and together with the new spine signings we can win

  9. When you think about it, it is a question of perception. DiMaria came from the same team and for a significantly higher fee yet, even though Ozil had a very good world cup to follow his season, does DiMaria get treated by the same standards? Just to highlight – a near £60m purchase was benched. On the other hand Ozil played out virtually every game of his first EPL season and all we heard were sighs from the commentatir very time he made a simple pass.

    The flip side of that – imagine what it took for Sanchez to get noticed. If he would have done that as an LFC or MUFC player they would be on his jockstrap.

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