Arsenal’s Transfer Conundrum – The Deadwood need to be sold first….

Arsenal’s Transfer Conundrum by Lloyd
To many fans, it may seem pretty straightforward for the club to just go out there and splash cash on areas that need to be improved in the team. However it is not as simple as we think.
There are two factors that need to be considered that will enable us to bring in new players. First is the players that need to be sold or taken off our books, And secondly, the money we need to make from player sales, to boost our spending. Let us look at these two factors.
1. Players that need to leave
AFC has has a list of players that could leave this summer. Some of them have contracts that have come to an end, and others still have a few years left on their contracts.
Players under contract :
Bernd Leno – Goalkeeper, contract expires 2023
Alex Runarsson – Goalkeeper, contract expires 2024
Hector Bellerin – right back, contract expires 2023
Pablo Mari – Centre back, contract expires 2024
A. Maitland Niles – Midfield, contract expires 2023
Nicholas Pepe – Midfield, contract expires 2024
Lucas Torreira – Midfield, contract expires 2023
Reiss Nelson – Midfield, contract expires 2023
Players Contracts expired:
Alexander Lacazette – Striker
Contracts terminated:
Pierre Aubameyang
Sead Kolasinac
Players sold:
Konstantinos Mavropanos
Matteo Guendouzi
When we look at the list of players who are out and those who still need to leave, we can no doubt see that they have been taking a huge chunk of the wage bill. So the only option we have is to sell those players.
2. The selling of players
This is the main factor that makes the club’s transfer business so difficult. All of the players except for three on the list that need to go have contracts until 2023, bar Runarsson, Mari and Pepe 2024.
There is a new trend especially among these overpaid players and their agents to run down their contracts and leave as free agents. Greedy agents are now expecting bigger signing on fees if their clients are free agents. We have seen this greed get worse and worse. Also these overpaid culprits won’t leave because they have to settle for less salaries and this is why we are battling to get them off our books. They will rather run down their contracts than be sold. It leaves the club with no option but to loan them out.
The lack of player sales has a huge effect on our transfer business. We need to wait and see what moves these players make before we can sign on additional players. With Lacazette and Aubamayeng gone we will definitely bring in two or three players, but we will not be able to spend much because we have not had income from those departures. The power is in the greedy players and agents hands. We also have to abide by the Financial Fairplay rules, otherwise we could be banned.
As for the rest of the players on the departures list, they will be making sure that they leave their business right to the last days of the transfer window with loan deals to frustrate our transfer business. If these players are patient we will be more patient until they all gone.
So relax Gunners, it’s going to be a difficult and long wait for us while we are held at ransom. But all things come to an end good or bad.
Kind regards
Lloyd Schatz 

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  1. We need a new transfer system! Maybe players can sign contracts at teams that don’t own them but a fee based on the wage is paid to the owning club. Agents should be expelled or paid for by the player such as a solicitor would be to draw up contracts etc. Maximum rates etc set by FA or whomever

    1. I think all transfers should be for one season or half a season if signed in January. It will stop summer transfer fees and the silly wages.

      Once a season is over a player can renew his contract or leave. Longest contract I ever had was 12 months, if o left I had to spend 3 months on “gardening leave”

      1. wages would get even higher in that scenario. 1st off transfer fees would be non-existent so the money used for that normally would transfer to wages naturally. Players would no longer have the security of long-term contracts so not be happy either and more inclined to take the highest offer available from whoever safely knowing they could move the next year no problem. Squads would change massively every year, would be total mayhem.

    2. Agents despite their rep do precisely what they are supposed to do look after their clients financial interest over the clubs, any player is free to ditch their agent if they feel they are not representing them, anyone else’s opinion on the subject is irrelevant. The bad rep they have is because they look after players over clubs so no clubs fans are ever going to be a fan of an agent. Obvious.

  2. Ask Edu who caused it. Signing average players and giving them huge salaries

    No wonder Cedric is not interested in leaving and wants to play a second role to a player far his junior

    We’re lucky the man who was instrumental in recruiting Edu was sacked. Raul Sanhelli was on his way to bankrupt Arsenal like he and his cronies did to Barca.

    They were the ones who bought Oepe for 72m

    1. Except Runnarson, other players you mentioned above aren’t bad as back up.
      Taveres is better than what we saw from him in the second half of the season.
      Remember his performance earlier in the season, which made a lot of fans to trust him ahead of KT

      1. Sometimes, it is just sometimes better to have a clue about what you are talking about!
        One of the main problems in football today is the fans who try to destroy their own players after one or two games!
        About Runarsson, the post has a lot of things I agree about (the agent part). But, like so many, they think all cases are the same, which is not valid!
        He made a big mistake in the game. It is part of football to learn; you make mistakes. But you learn from them.
        Like Tavares, Runarsson, and more players, you need to learn and train how the game is in this or that country.
        For example, in Portugal, most teams use wingbacks for attack ideology, not to be so much defensive.
        Most countries defend them but do not put them as a thing to attack for keepers.
        All these things take time to learn and be ready for. As true fans, we need to support them and give them reasonable time. Not 1-2 games! It is clear that Tavares lost a lot of his self-confidence, feeling the pressure from his own fans. And I have in mind that this season, most of it, was the first in a very long time that we were real fans!
        I understand that few people here know the career of Runarsson and the character. A player that has been in EM and WC squad.
        That is understandable, but even so, we need to breathe and think rationally.

    2. You have left Raul Sanhelli out of the equation
      Edu was responsible for bringing Cedric and Mari in on loan. RS is responsible for signing them in the close season on enhanced contracts. Very close to their agents…….

    3. They are on small salaries and I expect Runarrsson to be our 3rd choice keeper this season whilst we send 3 or 4 young keepers on loan. All 4 of them cost small amounts too.

      The biggest mistakes of recent years were giving Ozil and Aubameyang ridiculous contracts, spending £72m on Pepe.

      But they were also outweighed by getting over £125m for Chamberlain, Iwobi, Willock, Walcott and Bielik.

  3. In as much as I agree with some of this statement but when do we stop making excuses though??
    Suddenly we realized we need to sell before we can buy. Did we gave last management and the one before this excuses. Or it didn’t apply to them??.
    The amount of excuses that has been for this management is unbelievable.
    Are we the only one running a football club??
    The only team with deadwood, only team with egoistic players, only team with toxic players, only team with young squad, only team with a project, only team with a culture and traditions. Only team rebuilding, the list don’t just stop..
    The excuses keeps coming up, and I wonder what it will be for next season.

    1. I don’t know maybe you are new on this platform but as for me, this kind of excuses is usual here and in most arsenal opinion platforms.
      So snap out of it. You are right we are not the only club with ‘deadwood’. In fact, the owner and the board has taken a huge loss since last 2 summer, this is very unusual during Wenger era, as he will somehow raise the players sale value or hypnotise us to believe the player is not bad but the reality is that, we sign average players mostly, the prove have shown from our team performance and even when they leave they hardly perform

  4. The League could introduce a law saying that from next season only free academy players can be signed and a 10k p/w salary cap for new players will be introduced from that day forward . Of course this won’t because replacement leagues would start immediately. While there are billionaires, tv rights and higher standards of living world wide the massive transfers and salaries will simply keep rising. Only a total world economic collapse or fans giving up following football could change things. As it is the super league begins the season after this one with a ten game guarantee CL format. Money dominates professional football its just the way it is.

  5. Wasn’t the point of decimating the roster in January to free up wages and money for this Summer’s business?

    Deadwood indeed; Mari 14 million wasn’t it? Cedric staying and getting overpaid, extended ElNeny, Nketiah offered 100k a week, not to mention the returning players.

    Once upon a time could have sold AMN for 20 million, now lucky to get half that.

    Arteta has cleared out some deadwood, but then replaced with his own.

    1. Tbh, am baffled at the decision to keep AMN, Bellerin and Nketia when we got concrete offers for them.
      Bellerin at £25m was a bargain we rejected the offer from psg
      And AMN offer from wolves, am not sure how true that is.
      Elneny and Nketia contract is reasonable imo

      1. Why, because it suits your point of view? Isn’t Elneny deadwood? Perhaps Nketien can prove me wrong hope so.

    2. Trimmed the wage bill and it was widely reported we had money to spend in January but choose not to hence the Vlahovic bid(I personally didn’t believe it though) so when you add that to whatever the budget is this summer we should have a healthy amount to spend plus player sales. So I don’t think it is unreasonable for us to expect at least 5-6 new signings minimum, which we need to compete on four fronts next season.

    3. Us need to exercise patient until this summer transfer windows is opened on June 10th.
      When Arsenal will conduct theirs business to buy some new players and sell those they considered are surplus to requirements. And also off-load some other ones to the loan market.
      So therefore, let’s hope and wish Arsenal to be very successful in their deals making during the summer window as they make them.

  6. This is people reacting to one person’s opinion stated as fact.
    Until it comes from the club I would not pay it too much attention.
    Besides, every club has players like those listed here and it won’t stop them from signing new players in the summer..

  7. How VERY satisfying to read such a well thought out, well written and above all such a REALISTIC article from the fine brain of Lloyd
    So much spot on detail and all of it true, though sadly so in many ways, as it shows only too graphically how the morals of many modern players and their appalling agents, are actively working AGAINSTthe intereses of the clubs who have paid them so well and the fine fans who invested their love and emotion in them. This is precisely WHY I DO NOT SHARE the common fan affection for MANY of todays players.
    To my mind, UNTIL they have long proven their dedication and given their all- and consistently so – to the club that pays them such huge and obscene wealth, albeit indirectly, via us fans devotion, then I do not become fond of them as I used to routinely do , back in the days when players were honourable and never PONCED off our club.

    YES, THAT MEANS YOU OZIL AND YOU TOO AUBA, you self centred, idle mercenaries! I have no time at all for such as you!

    1. I was composing my own article on the same subject as this, when I then read Lloyds fineand factually detailed piece- with which I agree 100% btw – and so I will take a slightly different tack when my own article on this subject is published ,hopefully tomorrow.

      I will try to avoid copying Lloyds spot on comments, even though they were already in my mind when reading his fine piece.

      1. Speaking of deadwood the greatest of them at our club is Arteta. He was as a player and now as a coach. He couldn’t even get the best out the players you listed as deadwood that includes the one signed under his watch like Mari, Sami, Tavarez and most he met at the club. Under a decent coach Martinelli and Pepe would have be a very good players. I remember when Feyenoord coach criticized what kind of training Nelson was taken through at our because he couldn’t believe how unfit he was. Few months with him, he got more out the boy. Hypocrisy is where we are as club. Our eyes will soon clear.

        1. Couldn’t agree more. Well said. If we judge (and we should) by what he has achieved so far he is the biggest deadwood we have at the club.

    2. Long but pointless post when you consider the poster is an ardent supporter of Arteta who earns more than a champions League winner, a more talented, more established and more experienced manager who is Tuchel.

      If you don’t call out Arteta improved and lucrative contract compared to what he has achieved so far then you are just a hypocrite, unsurprisingly so.

      Don’t give me the process and future potential of Arteta. No one has seen or certain of that future. We real realists (you are not included) judge by the past and the present.

  8. This is just an assumption.
    Most players on the list could be sold for reasonable amount, they are not that bad .
    I don’t think we should sell off Pepe though
    I’ll rather sell Holding to Keep Mari and Saliba
    We can tell Torreira, AMN, Bellerin, Leno, and Nelson agents to find them another club, it should not be difficult to get them sold if we are not to greedy. A fee around £10 for each of them, they are still young and valuable

  9. Besides the players mentioned above, Arsenal should definitely sell Cedric and Holding too ,as they’re not good enough, while promoting Norton-Cuffy(rb), Ogungbo (left-footed cb)and Rekik (cb) to the first team. In doing so, the wage bill will be reduced further and funds from their sale would help in acquisition of better quality players to strengthen squad. On another note, l would rather Arsenal bring back Gnabry for a fee of 34m pounds and pay him 250,000 pounds weekly, than buying Jesus from city for 50m pounds and paying him 200,000 pounds weekly. Arsenal should buy smart, (wf)Gnabry 34m pounds, (Lb)Hickey 17m pounds, (dm)Danilo 21m pounds and (cf)Scamacca 43m pounds. That is 115m pounds only to strengthen the team. Partey has been a liability because of his frequent injury problems,and his high wages (250,000 pounds weekly) have not been justified,as performances have not matched the quality and consistency expected and Arsenal should consider selling him(29 yrs old) if the offer is right. He can be replaced with 22yrs.old Chieck Doucoure for 17- 21m pounds. Partey have not played a full season for Arsenal since joining without being sidelined for long periods of time off the field because of a recurring injury. In fact, this season he has missed 14 premier league games and that’s not good enough. Arsenal needs their most expensive and experience players on the field of play more often than not. He has cost Arsenal champions league qualification.

  10. So it seems that, if a player signs a contract that is mutually agreed by both the player and the club…. then fulfills that contract, before deciding he wants to move on (for whatever reason) he suddenly becomes a mercenary?!?!

    What a load of rubbish!!!

    How many on JA have worked for a company, who trained them, agreed a salary, were looked after, then received a better offer after being headhunted and bettered themselves?

    It’s every person’s RIGHT to work for whom they want and every employers RIGHT to decide if /how they keep said person.

    When did the club think about the rights of so called “deadwood” players, other than to get them off the wage structure?
    Can we honestly say that our fans and / or the club have treated certain players with the respect that they should have received?

    Too many bleeding hearts on here and, perhaps players who have, or are in the process of leaving, think that they have also been ill treated and would class the club as “deadwood” after going on to make a success of their careers?

    So easy to denigrate others with this classless “deadwood” title – let’s hope the company you work for have a little more class if they decide you don’t fit into their future plans.

    1. I’d like to ask KEN how many non football company employees he knows who earn many tens of thousands of pounds each and every week? And how many does he know who earn over three hundred thousand pw and who DO NOT EVEN GIVE THEIR ALL for their employer?
      I am over 70 and in my long life I have not personally known – as distinct from being aware of their existence- even one in that bracket.


      And they earn them from the ordinary working class, often hard pressed financially fans, who willingly give their love and devotion to even those who can’t be “arsed” to give 100% every time.

      UNLIKE ordinary company employes in non Prem fotball employ

      In my book, THOSE players need calling out. Even what are commonly called in fanspeak,”deadwood” or “dross”players, (words that KEN himself uses, albeit in ironic criticism of fans who disagree with his own view)earn tens of thousands weekly, such as the honest, hard working Elneny for instance.

      IMO, if we ordinary folk cannot call such multi millionaires in their twentiesand thirties , “deadwood or dross” then we are being denied free speech.

      If their feelings are hurt, then imagine how hurt are the feelings of WE WHO PAY them,albeit indirectly, so much!

      Esp when they do not produce the goods. AND ESP WHEN THEY CAN’T BE BOTHERED TO EVEN TRY PROPERLY! No wonder KEN and I see things so differenntly.

      The irony is KEN descibes himself as a socialist and I describe myself as a liberal minded valuer and protector of free speech and the right to use it!

        1. DAVI, What I and, no doubt others too, note about your posts is how brief and lacking in any substance they are. You actually almost never have nothing to say of YOUR OWN and so you belittle those like me who do and can use words to say something meaningful, just as I AM DOING RIGHT NOW.

          So I issue you this challenge; just for once, find something original and substantiveof you own and talk about it on JA. iT CANNNOT SURELY BE TOO DIFFICULT FOR A “GENIUS” LIKE YOU. Can it!?

      1. The greed in football is rife. from top to bottom and the agents are right in the middle. There was a time when players had jobs and played for their local clubs because of pride and passion. Maybe it’s about time some of these over-bloated egotistical footballers were paid on performance? I’m sick of some of these free-riders who demand high wages and game time. Yet, they have no allegiance to the badge. Only the fame and fortune whilst putting in average performances.

      2. It has NOTHING to do with their salaries – it has everything to do with their value to a club.

        Why are we, reportedly, offering Jesus a £180,000 a week?
        Because that is what the current market determines he is worth and if Arsenal don’t offer him the going rate, plenty of other clubs will.

        The club then offers the player a contract that they deem acceptable and the player decides if he will accept it.

        The contract is, say, for three years and then both parties decide if they want to continue or go their own ways.

        It’s not rocket science, in fact it’s quite simple.

        However, if one party decides to renage on the contract, they are in the wrong and, quite simply, our club has been doing a lot of this lately – more so than ever before.

        What on earth this has to do with anyone’s political beliefs, I fail to understand.
        Pay the person the going rate, honour the contract and review when the time is up.

        If the employer has made a mistake, are they “deadwood” employers?
        If the employee has made a mistake, are they “deadwood” employees?

        It seems that Jon is upset that footballers are paid enormous amounts of money – but feels that MA can succeed without paying the going rate!!! Yes, that really does sound like a liberal dreamer.

        1. Oh and by the way, it was Jon himself who first used the word “dross” when describing players (he’ll probably deny this or say I’m using it out of context ( as he also called Arsenal fans/supporters who didn’t agree with him “dullards”.

          As a self confessed realist and educated man, I wonder why he has to stoop so low, when discussing points /articles with fellow Arsenal supporters?

          If I was to stoop to his level, I would class both of us as “Pig ignorant” but I actually enjoy the thoughts of fellow Gooners, even if I don’t agree with them.

          1. Yes KEN I HAVE OFTEN USED THAT WORD DROSS! Though I will have to take your word for it that I WAS THE FIRST, though I think it most unlikely, as unlike SHAKESPEARE, I have never invented words.
            NO DOUBT YOU MAY HAVE AT LONG LAST, actually read my posts standing up for free speech and against tyrannical wokery? CARE TO COMMENT ON THAT SPECIFICALLY
            And if possible, without further direct personal insults to me, as you have been specialising in these last few months since we finally fell out for good. WE BOTH KNOW THAT UNDERPINNING ALL OUR MANY DISAGREEMENTS IS YOUR LIFE LONG LOVE AFFAIR WITH Wenger and your flat refusal to ever admit he was sacked , while you maintain he, ahem “resigned”!
            AS A REALIST, I for one, CAN separate my admiration of him as a man from his lesser skills in his last decade as our manager. You cannot , it seems to me, save only his last two years, when even you accepted that he should have gone then.

            WOKERY IS TYRANNY, KEN!!

            1. Jon, as I never knew Arsene Wenger until he joined The Arsenal in December 1996, your “”lifetime love affair with Wenger ” statement once again shows how OTT you go, when trying to belittle someone.

              After watching AW’s last two years, then UE’s year and a half, followed by MA’s two and a half years, I have realised that I was tooi harsh on Le Prof – as the vast majority of realists are also beginning to realize as well.

              As I have asked many times before, can you give me just one example of anyone being “sacked” three months before they actually left – still performing the same duties – recommending their successor to the owner – receiving a 60,000 farewell salute and the one and only gold trophy?

              I’ve been in the unfortunate position of sacking people… sacking them on the spot of course, not allowing them to continue in the position that caused the sacking to take place. Have you?

              However Jon, why does my personal opinion cause you so much aggrevation?
              I don’t dwell on your opinion that he was sacked, simply because it’s an opinion that, over time, hasn’t affected what’s happening at the club now.

              I must say though, you believe in your right to freedom of speech, but have a problem with my right to have an opinion.
              Surely, in this great country we live in, both are of equal importance? I certainly believe in both.

              On to the use of “dross” and “dullards” – I’m surprised your so hesitant to acknowledge your responsibility regarding their use.
              I jusr regurgitate them, in order to remind others what you think about fellow Gooners who disagree with you much and players who you do not respect – surely you don’t have a problem with me using your words?

              Going back to the article now and the fact that players salaries are governed by the market place – would you agree that, for MA to succeed, the club will have to pay the market price, otherwise he is managing with one hand tied behind his back?

              Also, by calling players “deadwood and dross” and letting them go for free, while paying their salaries is undermining said players and the club financially?
              What, exactly, is the point????

              1. Ken As we are now at least actually debating once more directly and I at least still have a great deal of respect- as I HAVE ALWAYS DONE- for your honesty as you see it AND for you dedication and knowledge of our club and its history, much through personal experience, my long time attitude towards that has and will always remain unchanged, in your favour.
                That being said, my ongong beef with your interpretation of my posts is that I SAY YOU DO NOT represent what I say in full context and that you cherry pick quotes of mine without giving the full quote and true meaning. I find this puzzling coming from such a man as you and tbh, disturbing to some extent too. This is what TV/ Radio Journos and interviewers routinely do with major politicians when interviewing and is WHY those same politicians often appear evasive and cautious, when interviewed.

                But those same journos have an agenda of their own for trying to entrap politicians. NOT that I am trying to stand up for politicians en masse but I HAVE SOME sympathy with their plight and esp for those in high office and high shadow office too.
                It is cause and effect that promotes misunderstnding and suspicion- sometimes when there is no reason for suspicion- but it is still there. I think this an important point and see many parallels in our cut and thrust online relationship, which has had, across the years, many highs and lows.
                I would also add that I find very few, if any at all, other Gooners to whom I could ever write in this way, without being told I am boring them and to basically, shut the ****up”! I miss that feeling TBH,KEN!

                So the actual main beef is our different interpretation of certain words and phrases; what does and does not constitute actual abuse and where the line is drawn between fair comment and criticism , COMPARED WITH non legit comments and actual abuse. To write , as a very few have disgracefully done, that ” they hope Xhaka gets cancer or that they hope his wife dies” and that sort of garbage is OBVIOUSLY ABUSE. NO DISAGREEMENTS THERE.
                But to call someones playingability- not their morals but their playing ability “dross or deadwood” is not abuse but an opinion, admittedly a forceful one But NOT abuse!

                I find this modern woke movement where group think is expected and demanded, to be anti liberal and tyrannical and I STAND FIRMLY AGAINST IT Ken.
                Just this last weekend, I emailled Ad Pat to say the same thing to him when he once again censored my remarks. I am and have been for some time. as you once were too, I recall, close to leaving JA for keeps and unless I CAN SPEAK MY TRUTH FREELY, see no point in remaining.

                When a man even older than I, meaning you Ken, seems to be turning “woke”, then I TRULY despair of ever finding a common meeting point, though I still hope we can but much doubt it !

                I see no meeeting of minds likely on this Ken, as we come from different perspectives and each will steadfastly maintain he is right and the other is wrong.

                I am trying, as ever, to be as honest as possible with my views. If you knew me personally and had known me as such for many decades as my Sue has and other close family members and friends do, you would know how IMPORTANT speaking/ writing the TRUTH as I see it , is to me.

                You are surely, by now , as aware as I am myself that mere peer popularity is , by comparison to personal honesty, not of overmuch importance to me.
                One of the reasons I so admire MA is that I see his ruthless, perhaps even stubborn streak, when sticking to firm principles and I much relate to that quality. He COULD, but chose not to, have let Guendouzi get away with his brattish behaviour. He COULD, but chose not to, have let Auba get away with constant lateness and lax discipline.
                Indeed , on Auba for a while, he DID turn a blind eye but learned a lesson to his cost, that you cannot long term allow such behaviour. MANY DISAGREE BUT THAT REMAINS MY VIEW AND ALWAYS HAS AND WILL.

                If you have any comments or solutions, I AM KEEN TO READ THEM.

                1. Jon – sorry that I haven’t followed up on this article, but the one where you asked me to read this has taken over!!!
                  I’m not sure what you mean by taking your words out of context, as I read all your posts and articles and digest them.

                  Words such as lazy, mentally frail, dross and other words you use to describe players, cannot be explained as just referring to their playing abilities – at least not in the way you attack them so personally.
                  The same goes for those on JA, who have a different opinion to yourself – you become VERY personal and, from my perspective, I find it really disrespectful to fellow supporters.
                  If I take your views out of context, it is not intentional.
                  However, it has given you cause for concern, so I will double check that I’m not doing it.
                  Speaking the truth is a value that we share, likewise our opinions and the right to express them – and being able to agree / disagree being of equal importance.

                  I hope this gives you an insight into why I challenge you so often, not because of any personal animosity, but because of differing viewpoints.

                  As for JA, I find the site very addictive, but do skip some of the articles after skim reading their content – not because of the writer and content itself, but becauss it’s irrelevant to me personally.
                  There are some really diverse opinions and I continue to make it my No. 1 blogging site for Arsenal news and views.

                  Onward and Upward as AB says!!!

                    I must say KEN, I ought to be very flattered at how much my posts concern you and interest you and how you so very often(far more than I do in fact) parrot my use of “dross and deadwood, dullards”). It has come to a point that I see them almost as your words , rather than you simply parroting my own use!,

                    But hey, I see we are at least talking again. Til the next time, (he added with a sincerely meant “sigh of regret at our constant arguments”!)

        2. I have never disagree with you sir but I will on this statement….Why are we, reportedly, offering Jesus a £180,000 a week?
          Because that is what the current market determines he is worth and if Arsenal don’t offer him the going rate, plenty of other clubs will….. it is not the current that determines that it’s arsenal desperation. How much wages do you think Mane will be on if he plays for us or Diaz. I’m sure Mane will be on Auba wages or close and Diaz will be on what we are willing to over Gabriel. Both those players are on 100k and 56k respectively. I hope your day was great sir.

          1. And to think we’d just lowered the wage bill (for a couple of months anyway 😂). We just can’t help dishing out these champions league wages!

          2. Adiva, I am agreeing with you,, if your post was directed to me.
            If it was directed at JF, I fully understand you.

    2. Spot on, that why players should only get a season long contract, maximum. Most people on here are given 4 weeks notice and probably asked to leave immediately then stay at home until they are allowed to join a new company.

  11. Every team has this problem. But, please don’t call players deadwood…it is extremely disrespectful to people who have in most cases have given their all for the club. That they are in a position where they don’t fit is part of the game…but it is unnecessary to slate them like this. And, it can only diminish their valuation on the market so it is a self-defeating thing to do.

    1. May your day be blessed.
      We all know some players are average and won’t take us forward.
      But with this management, the are labelled as deadwood.. so demeaning
      They all celebrate the fa cup and community won by the deadwood.

  12. I believe that calling players “deadwood”is harsh,they may not be good enough for Arsenal but definitely for some clubs of decent levels.the same thing with “greedy”players, people like Hector (recently said that he’d do everything possible”again” to stay with Betis even if it means taking a financial hit)Laca have shown that they are ready to take a pay cut to join the clubs they really want to play for.anyway instead of waiting for the last few days of the transfer to still end up with very small fees,I would love for the club to accept that they won’t get the fees they would like ASAP ,move these players on and then reinvest even the small amount made from players sales and make room for others.

    1. The term Deadwood was used at many a company I have worked for. It was basically for people that just used to do the bare minimum to keep their job. In some cases that could do far less than the minimum if they brown nosed the manager or wore short skirts. No I’m not being sexist, but we have all experienced those things happening.

      1. I’m surprised to hear that it used in a lot of companies.i have to say that I had a different definition of the word “deadwood”,a much negative one.

        1. Siamois, BUT UNLESS I AM MISTAKEN, YOU ARE FRENCH, so presumably would not have the same understanding as a first language English speaker would, as to the true meaning of “deadwood”!

          1. Definition of deadwood as per “The Collins Dictionary.”

            1. Dead trees or branches.

            2. Useless person –

            Obviously point 1 is invalid.
            Point 2…are we REALLY saying that any one of our players can be described a useless person?

            Not for me, I’m afraid, but that’s my personal opinion.

          2. My understanding of the word deadwood as per Ken’s post was/is number 2 when applied to a person,as in for my English,even though I speak it as 3rd language, believe it or not ,it is way better than most English speakers.i moved to the UK(London) in 96 to join my then (British) girlfriend and know the mother of my 2 children, so your argument that I don’t have the same understanding of English as an English speaker, doesn’t apply to me and I am not boasting but thanks for your concern Jon.

  13. With Trusty, Saliba, Mangalese, Tomiyasu, Holding and White, our CB position is well equipped for next season.

  14. For many fans of big clubs the starting point for transfer discussions is “let’s pretend we have lots and lots of money”. Rarely if ever is the question of how much cash the club actually has asked. Fans of smaller clubs seem to have a better grasp of finance and of course City and Newcastle really do have an unlimited supply of cash. Other common assumptions are that if a club wants to sell a player someone else is obliged to buy him and he’s obliged to leave.

    1. No Newcastle do not have unlimited funds.they must observe FFP rules like any other clubs.anyway as Howe said recently,this is not a revolution but evolution with an eye on the future.i expect him to make so astute signings once again.

      1. City’s high price lawyers have already seen off EUFA once over FFP. There’s no reason Newcastle couldn’t do the same.

        1. I could be wrong but City were found to have followed the FFP rules, that’s the reason and not their lawyers.

    2. jod, your last sentence is 100% accurate and the way our club and a section of fans treat some of our players, devalues them even further.

  15. Edu just isn’t cut out for English/European football imo.. the man is hopeless with scouting/choosing players and even worse when it comes to giving them large contacts and trying to sell/move them on!!! Wish we had proactive owners that would do a bit of homework before hiring idiots to run our great club. We need to rename our stadium to the “Arsen Wenger” Emirates Stadium and get that great man back in as Director of Football and watch him take us to that next level we need to be at, something that should’ve happened long before he was made a scapegoat to the BS owners we were forced to inherit and turning a lot of fans against him. I pray for the day we make amends and deservingly immortalise this great man who put us on the map and revolutionised English football for what it is today, dominant.. great and the envy of all leagues around the world!!!!

    1. Edu is not scouting, Arsenal have virtually abandoned that approach, by getting rid of most scouts. They now use the system adopted by most top flight teams across Europe. They simply speak to agents, watch videos, study statistics, then occasionally send someone out to watch them.

      Let’s face it you don’t need to scout the top players. I think anyone knows Haaland, Mbappe, Vlahovic, Lewandowski, Benzema, Ronaldo, Messi, Gnabry, Kane, Salah, Mane that’s just a few top strikers from the top of my head but you get my drift.

      1. Yes, but he was so disrespected by a group of fans, he has said he will never return and who can blame him?
        I only hope that he will relent when his statue is unveiled.

  16. ffp is a mirage!

    Dilly dally is the AFC way in the transfer market.

    Tick tock tick tock…

    Have we sold anyone yet?
    We are still in a covid market, inflation is rampant, no one is buying right now……


    Club will plead poverty or spend foolishly.

  17. Speaking of deadwood the greatest of them at our club is Arteta. He was as a player and now as a coach. He couldn’t even get the best out the players you listed as deadwood that includes the one signed under his watch like Mari, Sami, Tavarez and most he met at the club. Under a decent coach Martinelli and Pepe would have be a very good players. I remember when Feyenoord coach criticized what kind of training Nelson was taken through at our because he couldn’t believe how unfit he was. Few months with him, he got more out the boy. Hypocrisy is where we are as club. Keep blaming the players. Our eyes will soon clear.

    1. Adiva, you obviously have a peculiar way of judging “deadwood” if you think MA was / is in that catagory.
      He was a very decent and hard working player, who helped us maintain top four status, won fa cups and CS’s.

      His managerial results, though not of the same status, still cannot see him being classed as “deadwood.”
      He’s learning on the job – the problem is, should he be doing it at The Arsenal?

      1. I have never really seen any players as a deadwood. These are people who are good at what they do otherwise they won’t be playing professionally. I’m just pissed off by those Arteta fans who blames everyone else and call them name but him. It takes a lot of dedication and qualities for them to get to where they are if they aren’t good Arsenal won’t buy them to beginning with. How many of these players left us and be without a club. How many of them left us for a better clubs and won what we fans are dreaming of. Giroud has won everything after he left us. Even Bellerin won cup on his loan. Those players were qualities before they came to arsenal and that is why I believe we bought them. The coach needs to do his job or be shown the door. My other post was a response to your comment sir.

        1. Well the Adiva, it seems we have much in common, apart from MA’s playing career and his time as our coach / manager.

          So I’m confused sir, what exactly (apart from Arteta) are you finding wrong with regards to my comments?

          1. It about the wages sir. When you said we are offering Gabriel 180k in wage as it is what current market determines. Imho, we are offering that much because that is we can use to attract him. He won’t get that at mancity if they extend his contract. Aside that I have always in agreement with every of your opinions.

            1. Now I see where your coming from – thanks.
              My point is, if we don’t offer him that kind of salary, other clubs will…. so we have to go along with the market trend, something that JF cannot seem to understand.

                City can of cours e easily afford to pay more and do so.

                1. Bexayse they are a better run club Jon – would they (reportedly) offer Nketiah £100, 000 a week or a trainee manager £8, 500,000 a year for example?

                  1. COULD NOT AGREE MORE ken That they are a far better run club, and that means the WHOLE CLUB , not just the team, is surely a given.
                    Our owner ,it appears ,is worth MORE than FSG, yet IMO and I suspect yours too, MOST of our long term problems stem from KSE’s lack of knowledge and also lack ofinterest in association football at all and also our clubs attempts to win silverware.
                    Way back in AW s time , as I have repeatedly said but which I do not retract(unlike some others,I DO NOT MEAN YOU) nothing fundamental for the better about Kroenke has changed.

                    Unlike some, I am not sold on Josh being our saviour. And why not? Cos he does not hold the final purse strings and that is THE WHOLE POINT!

  18. About Nelson true story!I mean if Feyenoord found him unfit, what does it say about our training methods?also once he was up to speed,the improvements were clear to see,he was playing regularly,scored few goals and got several assists. another full season on loan with the same club might be the best option for him no?

  19. Deadwood need to be sold first! How many times have we heard this tired excuse? I’m sure other clubs are facing similar challenges but they to find creative ways to overcome them. Durand’s comments above are spot on; a complete failure of leadership at the highest levels of the club, as far as I’m concerned. No more excuse, please. Management MUST accept responsibility for their failure.

      1. What evidence do you have to suggest they will succeed? Europa qualification? Is this the main reason for leaving Highbury?
        I could start compiling a long list of recent failures (e.g failure to get top4, failure to sign a striker in January, failure to get a reasonable return for our “deadwood”) but I detest the label: Mr Negative.

  20. Us Gooners can cause à problem in the team for Arsenal atimes. And when the problem backfired. Us will keep quiet to not accept been responsible for the problem caused.
    I say this because I remember when Nuno Taveres was playing well in the team in the 1st half of last season when he was introduced. But out of no where came those serious complains from the Gooners to Arteta asking him to drop Taveres for Tierney who has been sidelined but has recovered.
    Thus undermined Taveres good performance that was going fine as he played. And with those complains coming in number, Arteta was forced to take action to please us by yielding to our demand.
    Those complains garthered momentum to reach the climax when Arsenal was to play against a big club side. And Arteta acted.

  21. Has the club shown they have not failed in the last 4-10 years onward???

    You know, about the time the club left Highbury, stan the maN bought the club, and the three ring circus began…

    You mean those little failures…..

  22. True, football agents are constituting a problems for Arsenal more especially in new signings of contracts with their obscene contract negotiations for their clients.
    One such case us shouldn’t forget easily was when Arsenal wanted to sign Hossein Aoura two summer windows ago
    But his brother who is his agent scuttled the transfer of Aoura to Arsenal been completed.
    Reports have had it that Aoura’s agent his brother demanded a £10m payment to him from Arsenal as his own cut of the deal. But Arsenal reportedly rebuffed him and the transfer became dead in the waters.
    This same scenario is appearing to be playing out as Nkethia delaying Nkethia is delaying the signing of the new five year contract deal of £100✓w wages and a £5m sign-on fee which Arsenal are reportedly said to have offered to him to remain at the at the club.
    But according to reports, Nkethia is said to be asking for a £10m signg-on fee. Meaning his agent will take £5m and he Nkethia will keep the remaining £5m to himself?
    But if Nkethia considers the new 5 year length of the contract staying at Arsenal which the club has rewarded him with. For his 5 goals in seven starts which helped Arsenal to secured participation in the Europa League Cup competition next season. But, he should just sign the five year contract without wasting more time.
    For, Arsenal have taken a huge gamble to do him a big favour. And on his own part, he should reprocicate the good gesture done to him by Arsenal by signing the contract immediately if he loves the club as they love him.
    As time goes on and if he does well in his performances for the club scouring goals regularly for the team. Surely, Arsenal will further compensate him with an improved contract extension.

    1. Eddie Nketiah is too small to earn 100,000 per week. He has not justified that amount of money. Talk less of a 5-year contract.
      If he demands an increase in salary, then we would be talking of 150K or 200K. Hmmmnn.
      This is laughable.

  23. Am watching less and less, or just living my life and enjoying other pastimes.

    The futbol is horrible to watch under Mikel, only a handful of matches over his 110 game tenure can I say I am out of my seat.
    More often than not, let down BIG time everytime we need a win, except for the FA Cup Win, brought to you by defense and Auba.

    Sadly, only been cheering my club since the 70’s so what do I know.

  24. 3 things

    (1) many of the players on the aforementioned list were totally mismanaged, whether as rostered players who weren’t placed in the shop window enough and/or sold on for a pittance of their respective values by our current regime

    (2) if we supposedly need to address our outgoing concerns before bringing anyone into the fold, how was it possible that we the monies required to pursue Vlahovic in the last window…either they were lying about our winter window intentions or they’re full of shit now…I guess there’s a 3rd possibility too, both are true

    (3) until this organization starts conducting themselves in a professional manner, on a consistent basis, I will remain justifiably skeptical about all things Arsenal-related

    1. Your point 2 is a really good one and completely negates the author of the articles thoughts and reasoning.

      Also, I would suggest that the removal of the so called “deadwood” has happened, with the loan deals and the one significant sale of Chambers.

      That being said and taking into account the amount of money spent and players brought in, why are we still looking for excuses / reasons why we are still outside of the top four?

    2. TRVL4ever, Good point.
      I think, the Transfers and Recruitment department needs to be held accountable. Either they report to someone higher or they set measures or standards to judge themselves after every transfer window.
      They should analyze themselves after every failed transfer or loss of transfer value of a player.
      If not, we’ll keep running in circles.

  25. It’s really sad, but we could say the same every year…get rid of the deadwood get some quality in.

    History has proven that with those in power the correct decisions to make this club competitive let alone successful on the field will not be made.

    Kroenke has an investment and no love for football or Arsenal and Edu and MA have failed to recruit sufficient quality, discard and not reward the ‘dross’ in a timely manner (thanks JF) and have been unable to form a cohesive unit and system of play.

    And they will be allowed to do so until the Cows come home whilst SK remains at the helm.

  26. Players and Their agents are breaking their clubs,
    These are the rules I think it’s fair for both parties.

    1.. No player should earn no more than 100 grand a week.
    2.. No player should cost no more than 50 million..
    3.. Any player under 21 should cost no more than 25 million.
    4.. Any player who won’t sign a new contract can be sold when their contract runs out.
    5.. Any players over 30 can only sign 1 year contracts…

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