Arsenal’s transfer demands causing a problem

Tuttosport, as cited by the Mirror, reports that Arsenal’s insistence on adding an obligation to buy at the end of a loan agreement for Lucas Torreira’s transfer is a clear obstacle as he looks set to leave the Emirates.

The Uruguayan doesn’t feature in Mikel Arteta’s plan for the new season and he looks set to leave the Emirates.

The Gunners are fielding serious interest from Atletico Madrid and Torino this summer.

Both teams want to take the midfielder on-loan, Arsenal isn’t against that but the Gunners want to add a mandatory purchase option at the end of the loan period.

Both clubs want the option to make the transfer permanent to be optional and not obligatory.

Arsenal is looking to bring in a new midfielder among their summer recruits as well and they want to secure a transfer fee from any move that takes Torreira away from the Emirates, the report claims.

Arsenal wants Thomas Partey and they had been hoping that they can use Torreira as a sweetener in the move for the Ghanaian, but Atleti wants both deals to be separate as they insist on the Gunners paying Partey’s 50m euros release clause. 

It remains unclear if Arsenal will eventually give-in and allow Torreira to go without a commitment to buy or if they will keep him instead.

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  1. Having followed the betting market on partey and aouar the last few weeks they have been trending at about 1/5 on so the interest was obviously there ,now having looked just they have both go back out to 1/2 on which to me shows that the twitter brigade have jumped the gun by saying that we have signed them as betting firms very rarely get these things wrong ,I could be wrong that and so could they but that is my take at this minute on both of them targets .

    1. I think apart from the fact that we have been interested all through summer, their team needs to sell likewise

  2. Torreira and guengozi….two young lads with lots of potential, removed by Arteta leaving us with this less than average midfield…..this is the great coach everybody love…..btw we might get results but we play horribly

    1. ‘lots of potential ‘ isn’t what we need presently. We need players that can make quick impact and both are far from our 2 transfer targets.
      I dont know how difficult it is for Guendozi to apologize, but if that simple gesture is too much for him to do, we don’t need arrogant overhyped player like him, obviously why no real bit has come for him so far, as for torreira, his problem started when UE gave him more advanced role, and now he seems to be lost

        1. Haha I knew you would be in agreement 😛 I suppose your watching the game Sue ? Werner off the mark then, took him long enough 😂

            1. Haha yeah good strike 🥅 his next goal against us on boxing Day ? 😆 Sue what would you do if you tuned into sky sports this week and in the yellow bar breaking news Delli Ali having medical at Arsenal ? 😂😂

                1. Haha your face would be a picture Sue 😂😂 after last night I would probably be ok with it 😂😂 do you think he’ll go to PSG ? Jorginho to us or them ?

                  1. 😂 I can’t see us going for Jorginho, Kev… reckon that’s all media hype. Looking like Aouar is coming.. imagine Ceballos, Aouar and Partey 😍 Wow!!
                    Wouldn’t be surprised and he can bleedin’ stay there 😂

  3. I think both Torreira and Guendozi has 2yrs on their contract, it doesn’t make sense to loan out now and be sorry in a yr time when the players has all the negotiation power. If those clauses are not imputed, we will have to loss him for free in a year time

  4. I think we need new players like four players if is possible let him sell pepe i dnt like that guy from the very first day he came to arsenal we should have bought Everton at Brazil we need partly and aoura and two wingers who can dribble in n take any defence not people like pepe who can not move the ball

  5. Before he get those two players let him use ozil first give him a chance to play what has he done to you ozil know how to create chance very well

  6. Chels out Sue ? Oh that would be amazing 🤩 I can’t see Jorginho either Sue but he might be an alternative, I’m losing hope on Partey and Aouar we are less than a week left to go, do you think it will happen?

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