Arsenal’s transfer window business so far compared to our Top Six rivals

The current summer transfer window has only been open for a month, but there have been quite a few deals completed, including Arsenal bringing in four very good signings, but how do we compare with our rivals in the race for the European places next season?

Here are ARSENAL‘s signings with reported transfer fees….

Gabriel Jesus [Manchester City] £45m

Fabio Vieira [Porto] £34m

Matt Turner [New England Revolution] £5.5m

Marquinhos [Sao Paulo] £3m

Obviously we are keen to narrow the gap with our biggest rivals TOTTENHAM, and here is their position right now…

Richarlison [Everton] £60m

Yves Bissouma [Brighton] £25m

Ivan Perisic [Inter Milan] Free

Fraser Forster [Southampton] Free

Clement Lenglet [Barcelona] Loan

So, we have spent about the same as Sp*rs, but it remains to be seen which Brazilian was the better signing as the season goes on.

The London team that finished above us, CHELSEA, have not had any top players confirmed as yet, but it looks like Raheem Sterling will be announced soon. It will be interesting to see how they end up the summer with their new owner and the turmoil they went through after the Abramovich sanctions….

What about MANCHESTER CITY, who already have an awesome team, but have signed possibly the best striker in the world right now which is likely to be the bargain of the century…

Erling Haaland [Borussia Dortmund] £52m

Kalvin Phillips [Leeds] £42m

Julian Alvarez [River Plate] £14m

Stefan Ortega Moreno [Arminia Bielefeld] Free

I can’t see anyone taking the League title off them any time soon if they continue buying the best players available every summer, can you?

So let’s move on to MANCHESTER UNITED, who had a very strange season but have probably made their most important signing by bringing in Ten Haag to steady the ship, and although they have only bought a left back so far, I think the new boss is looking to clear the ranks first before bringing in his own targets…

Tyrell Malacia [Feyenoord] £13m

Jurgen Klopp’s LiIVERPOOL will be hoping to keep challenging Man City at the top of the table, and haven’t had such a bad start to the transfer window either….

Darwin Nunez [Benfica] £64m

Fabio Carvalho [Fulham] £8m

Calvin Ramsay [Aberdeen] £6.5m

So, there is still a long way to go, but looking at the comparisons, I would say that Arsenal have done quite well so far, although there is no doubt we still need a few more incomings to make sure we can challenge for every competition available in the coming campaign.

What do you think?


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      1. …and it’s not as if the very top players will remain available until the window closes..

      1. Instead of telling people to behave and keep comments like that out of this side you just doing the same and being passively insulting.. seen it many times now admin

    1. Not quite sure what Arsenal fans are expecting as
      far as players sales this window.. Only a select few
      teams in Europe have the resources to be financially
      aggressive in this window and honestly none of the
      following players will EVER attract there attention


      There will be approaches for each of these players
      toward the end of the window by teams sniffing
      around for a bargain fee that Arsenal may be forced
      to accept.

      I’d be surprised if AFC were able to exceed £50M for
      the lot.

      1. I think your assessment of the likely sale value of the 7 players listed is realistic in the present market.Apart from Leno, who has attracted interest from Fulham and elsewhere we may have to reconcile ourselves to loaning out the others.Personally I would not sell Leno who I consider to be our best keeper, particularly as my initial impression on Turner is not favourable.It is of course inappropriate to judge a player after one match, and hopefully he will go on to prove my concern is unfounded.

      2. Transfer Checker said Leno is a done-deal for £10 M fee, pending medicals and formalities

        As for the other highly paid players, I also predict their suitors would make some cheeky bids at the end of transfer window, to force Arsenal to sell

        1. Gai Liverpool sold William for $20 million! We are struggling to get half that price for Leno or torreira and sold mavro , guendouze much less than the market value. Something is deeply wrong on our transfer outs and clubs are taking full advantage.

          1. Neco Williams is a tall 21-year-old homegrown player with decent EPL experience, so the price makes sense. We sold Iwobi and Willock with much better prices

            Torreira/ Mavropanos/ Guendouzi aren’t homegrown and they were inconsistent in EPL, hence their low transfer values. The problem is we can only sell Leno so far

            This is where the agents’ roles are very important, to bring in some serious suitors

          2. @Kenya
            It’s not only Arsenal that are having these player problems..

            Man United are struggling to make any money from their deadweights. They are letting some players go for free..

            Look at Spurs, Conte just a massive statement by leaving some of spurs most expensive out of his pre season squad
            Ndombele – £45 million
            Lo Celo – £45 million

            Chelsea are definitely going to make a massive loss of Lukaku. They spent about £97 million.

            This is the problem with today’s overpriced/ overpaid players, you run a very high risk of making massive losses on them as they are overly priced.

            Look at Raphinha. How the fck is he worth £60 million?
            How is Lisandro Martinez worth £45 million?

            Pepe for £70 million? Since when? We used to get quality players like Henry, RVP, Adebayor for less than £20 million. Nowadays you have average players going for between £40-£70 million.

            Mcguire worth £80 million? Grealish worth £100 million? No wonder players that cost fortunes are being given away for free or for near to nothing..

            1. I’m honestly curious as to the effect of inflation/inflationary pressures on the transfer market. I live in Southern Africa where fuel prices have just about doubled in the space of a year…is fair to apply some of the same economic principles to player values?

        2. I hope that they’ll insert a ” bonus” payment in case Fulham manage to stay up,say a million pounds!!

      3. That’s a bit pessimistic outlook on their value, granted it is low. But some of them will cost more than 7 million.

        I think 60ish million for the lot is achievable IF they manage to sell the lot.

  1. So far, so good.

    I’m not 100% convinced by Spurs’ activity. LIverpool’s could turn out to be the canniest of the lot, with Nunez the big signing and some smart under-the-radar signings for small fees.

    Getting Salah back under contract is the big unknown – if he ends up being the latest flop on big money it could all go wrong for them. Very few players live up to ultra-high wages – and he’s no spring chicken.

  2. Liverpool aquisitions the best. Perfect amount of fine tuning for them. Spurs potentially good signings ,espescially if Conte can get their attack back to its best. Chelsea, only done one thing, so eh. City, i’d be a bit concerned about losing both Sterling and Jesus in the same window. Their signings are good tho. Arsenal, still gaping holes in the squad that need attention, but good business so far.

  3. Man City is head and shoulders above the rest, that team they are assembling is frightening.

    It’s the share coaching style by Jurgen Klopp, why Liverpool will be around when the league is decided next year.

    Contrary to popular ranting, we are not doing bad in the market, an additional of two bold sisigning could take us close.

  4. Since Arsenal have signed the 4 new players who are mentioned in the above article posting. I think Arsenal have all of a sudden become over-linked with new player signings during this current summer transfer window in the transfer rumour mill.
    For, so many as 9 new players are currently being linked with Arsenal for their signings this summer as of today Sunday. These new players are: Lucas Paqueta. N’Golo Kante, Sergej Milimkovic-Savic, Edon Zhegrova, Alex Grimoldo, Lisandro Martinez, Raphinha, Youri Tielemans, Gianluca Samacca and Victor Osimhen as far as I can remember.
    Apart of N’Golo Kante and Youri Tielemans. I think Arsenal are said to have submitted biddings for 7 out of the rest of my above 8 listed players to sign at least 3 of them, a leftback, a rightwinger and a defensive midfielder all this summer.
    But of another top quality striker’s signing of a no.3 striker this summer? I hope Arsenal will do this no.3 striker signing this summer because it’s very important to have in the team. So therefore, let Arsenal to do it unfailingly imho.

  5. Out of the 4 players signed we know for sure only Jesus will be starting and that was a position that we needed to fill .
    We really need to get what ever players we are after ,in sooner rather than later .
    If we aren’t signing anyone else then I predict a season like the last 2 .

    1. Dan kit am worried as well, but then we still got time to acquire new signings. Most if not all our acquisitions have been seemingly replacements of players left or released. Infact we haven’t adequately replaced them. Jesus – auba, laca-? Maquionos? Who we are told is for the future. Viera- guendouze, with the increased amount of matches next season I don’t think we have the required squad depth to sustain us throughout the season factoring in injuries, suspension, rotation etc

  6. Its an ok window so far and some teams windows look better than ours, but let’s look at the whole picture. Last season we lost out because the squad was light at the end. As we are at the moment we have 4 new signings. However, we also have Bellerin, Saliba, Mari, Torreira, Nelson and Balogun which with 5 substitutions makes our bench stronger than when we had Swanson, Awe, Bierich, etc.

    Yes we need to improve our first x1, although I am not sure who you would leave out from this line up?
    Tomiyasu White Gabriel Tierney
    Odegaard Partey Vieira
    Saka Jesus Martinelli

    Smith Rowe

    1. I am not sure that is our best bench, but as it stands that is our best x1.

      I don’t know who people want to leave out of that starting x1, but whoever they leave out will improve our bench.

    2. Vieira is a poor poor defender, regarding tackles and interceptions. He’s a 10 for his passing, creativity, and goals. He would be a disaster playing in a 4-3-3.

      Remember how porous the Partey-Odegaard-ESR midfield was? It would be worse with Vieira; at least ESR puts in the occasional tackle.

      I’d imagine Vieria would be mainly a sub to create chances until he settles in the PL, especially with the physicality.

  7. As KEVIN sensiblt sadi, at th very top of this thread, all comparaisons with thr window having so long to go ARE INDEED POINTLESS.
    Disappointingly, KEVIN WAS RUDELY SHOT DOWN BY Ad Pat and another poster.
    I say they are both wrong and KEVINS IS PLAINLY THE CORRECT POST.
    Most wise Gooners on here will easily know that JA, is just like the “feed me” plant in “Little Shop of Horrors”, demanding articles, no matter how premature they be!

  8. Windows are either closed or open so while the windows is ajar let’s see what the breeze brings in shall we..

    So far though, it’s ok though, Jesus could be our saviour:) not only in the goals, fight and experience he brings but how that will galvanise the team and encourage other young players like Martinelli, Marquinhos, Saka and ESR etc ..

    We really do need to sort the mode field out though as Xhaka and elneny just don’t cut the mustard im afraid. Not if we actually have any loftier aspiration than recent season showings.

  9. So far I would say a b minus for us … one of 3 key positions filled very few moved on … everyone points to the blindingly obvious point that the window is still open but we have targeted 3 names (4 if we recall the debacle of the last window) in the sense that genuine bids appear to have been tabled .. rather than endless fodder suggested in the so called press … and looks like we will get just one of them which is hardly encouraging!!

  10. We have done the best business so far, GJ will keep us on the edge of our seats for the full 90 + minutes, Fabio for the EL, Turner for the cup games, rotation and keeping the squad fresh, we have done brilliantly. Halland and Nunez, good players, will know their outcome once they kick a ball in the unforgiving EPL. But as usual, Klopp selects the right players. If we can sort out one MF player then we are ready for the challenge. IMO, Xhaka should be relived, 29 and will not get better although improved, but not top 3 standard. Off loading players should be our prime target now.

  11. If we are talking about purely now, the N17 imposters are somewhat ahead of us. Seeing that we will probably be challenging Chelsea and The N17 Imposters, it will be important to be strong enough to challenge them and do more in this latter part of the window. There has never been a better chance to challenge. We could, if we get our final couple of players such as Paqueta, and Grimaldo, be the third team in the EPL.

  12. If Chelsea sign koulibaly, compare the 3 best centre backs at each club, are we lacking in that department?

    Certainly ours is the least experienced.

    Stones Diaz Laporte
    Konate Van Dyk Matip
    Chalaboah Silva Koulibaly
    Dier Romero Lenglet
    Saliba White Gabriel
    Varane Maguire Lindelof

    The reason I say this is I strongly believe that the other 5 of the big 6 will be playing 3 at the back next season. Most will play 343, unfortunately I don’t see us being able to play 343 when we face them, possibly 352, but definitely Arteta ball 433 will not be good enough to compete.

  13. But based on the current staff this is the team that I think could compete with top 6

    Saliba Tomiyasu Gabriel
    Saka Partey Torreira Tierney
    ………..Jesus Martinelli


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